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  1. Euphoria

    Euphoria - Alternate Currencies

    I had setup an icon option. It was working before... but I'm not sure if I made any changes to it after that update. It's been months since I've even touched Ruby, since I'm focusing on C++ at the moment. Once my classes end though, I will most likely return to scripting, and an exchange script is something I've planned on coding (but using the method mentioned above should work until then). If I have some extra time soon, I'll look into the icons! That is, if I have enough time to get readjusted to ruby... I'll let you know!
  2. Find the name given to the window in the script and type this within the same method as the window name declaration (Ex: HelpWindow = Window_Help.new), then after finding the method with that declaration you would type this: HelpWindow.opacity = 255 At least I think... My ruby is soooo rusty since I started getting into C++. I hope I'm not misleading you... And sorry if that's not the right answer :/
  3. Euphoria

    TSBS Dev Journal #19 Battle Camera! (part 2)

    I think he means just the battle camera without the battle system. Which would probably cause problems if used with other battle systems. I think... Anyways, lovely update. Looks great, sorry I've been sick for awhile and haven't been on much/able to test the newest version out, but from the looks of it, you've done an amazing job!
  4. Euphoria

    TSBS Dev Journal #14 Battler Rotate

    I love this! I had to pay someone to implement this into Symphony for me awhile back, glad to see that you added it!
  5. Euphoria

    First attempt at parallaxing

    I agree with Tsar! They don't look bad, but they could definitely be improved by filling some of the empty space! And unless your intentions are to keep an editor-made style of look, try experimenting with stuff! Like clumping different tiles together and maybe adding in some of your own stuff, if you are capable of that!
  6. Glad to see this is finally getting more of the attention it deserves (even though that means potentially more work for you, Theo :/ )
  7. Euphoria

    Euphoria - Alternate Currencies

    Thank you! Do comment and let me know what you think about it, and if you have any suggestions/complaints/errors! Always happy to fix things up for people.
  8. Euphoria

    Euphoria - Enemy Interaction

    I am planning to add quite a few new options to it in the near future, so just be looking out for it, if you're interested!
  9. Euphoria

    Euphoria - Alternate Currencies

    SCRIPT UPDATED: Alternate Currency's were not properly saving/loading before, they are fixed now in the latest download!
  10. Euphoria

    Euphoria - Enemy Interaction

    After using the commands, I don't think I know of a way to remove them. They only appear in the command list, right now, if an alive enemy is tagged with the interact options. The only other option for moving the commands would be to place them at the bottom, that is unless I were to overwrite the actor commands method, which would make the script less compatible.
  11. Euphoria

    Female Characters and the Roles they play...

    Interesting read, sounds like a pretty cool project, and I hope I can finish that script to contribute to it! I certainly failed so far to break the stereotypical female healer mold in my game, but if I implement my multiple class idea, she will also have a strong magic damaging class as well as a mildly strong sword/magic class. It's just hard seeing as most of my inspiration is drawn from games that do this repeatedly. But it's nice to see that you are changing things up!
  12. Euphoria

    Script Request, Scan/Libra

    Nvm, here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6192-scan-enemy/ Simple google search result.
  13. Scripts go under Materials, like above (Insert Here), but more importantly, they just have to be above Main Process. That call will take you to the original inventory, not the interactive one that Galv's script supplies. I believe that can only be accessed by a button and not through a call.
  14. I can see what you mean about getting sued. I was thinking that they most likely wouldn't get sued successfully. So yeah, they may avoid SBS's just to get rid of that nasty possibility. But if they thought that's what the majority of their customers would want, I think they might still do it. But an SBS is difficult, unless it's extremely simple, for most new users to set up. So we probably won't be seeing that unless it's optional. And I guess I did turn it into an SBS vs. FBS conversation, which was my mistake. I misinterpreted the original question. But I did also give my view of EB's FBS with a comparison to some of the better/best SBS's. I also didn't mean to sound like I was saying all FBS are bad. I've never seen the one you worked on, and for all I know, could fix the problems that I have with the DFBS, just like I think Soulpour's One Soul Battle System adds not only a cool new view from the front perspective, but some additional game mechanics that could keep some interest going in a one man battle system, assuming the enemies weren't boring. In the end, as long as EB leaves open the choice to script our own stuff, I'll be happy. And I wouldn't mind seeing improvements on the FBS, for the less knowledgeable game makers that DO have great ideas for stories and characters and presentation (and correct their own spelling mistakes!!!), but can't make or use a new battle system themselves. Then those games might get some more plays! I'm also open to trying out improved/new FBS myself, just because I hate EB's doesn't necessarily mean that I will hate all FBS right? I'll still probably prefer a SBS, but I could see myself liking some styles of FBS too. If I say anything else, I'll feel like I'm rambling on, so I'll end my post at that Edit: Ahh, I'll list my opinion on the faults of the DFBS in a quick tl;dr version: - The current turn management makes it hard to understand what's going on at times - There's a lack of animation and indication - actor side - that makes it hard to tell, without reading, who is getting hit by who - The HUD is boring - The battle log could be improved/removed and replaced - Actor representation in battles is lacking - ALL FBS SUK AN R 4 NUBS
  15. Euphoria

    Hello, Lads and Lassies!

    Welcome! I normally discourage Fan games, but it sounds to me more like you are making something more unique than most fan games, so I don't see a problem with that (in fact, if it's just inspired by FF, but in it's own setting and story, I wouldn't even consider it a fan game)! Good luck with your project and enjoy your stay here!