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  1. Looking for a way to reflect a portion of damage from a physical attack. I want there to be certain enemies where you take a small percentage of the damage you deal to them. Say you do an attack for 100 HP of damage, the character who attacked takes 10% of that, or 10 HP damage.
  2. Pathos Prime

    Enemy Revive Spells

    Is there a way to make it so a monster won't use an ally revival skill unless one of its allies is dead? Details: I have a boss that comes with two minions. He has a spell that removes the death state from these minions and revives them. However, he casts it all the time, and I want him to only cast it when his minions are dead.
  3. Pathos Prime

    Need Help, for Chain Events.

    Can we see screen shots of both events?
  4. Pathos Prime

    Map Escape

    Is there a way to disable an ability and grey it out in the menu if there is no "map_escape" tag on a map?
  5. Pathos Prime

    Fantasy Bestiary

    I know Shadowmaster's been gone for a while, but anyone know if there's a way to make this call an icon rather than a word? Like, instead of "Elemental Weakness: Thunder," have it be "Elemental Weakness:" and then the Lightning Bolt icon from the icon list. Also, is there a way to make this work with SoulPour777's Decimal Currency script and draw the "Gold" in $0.00 format?
  6. So I've got a movie I want to play. It's OGV, looks great, plays perfectly fine in MPC-HC. When I play it in the game, though, it cuts off, like, the last 10 seconds of it. The part that's getting cut out is just a still image on the screen for several seconds, if that might have anything to do with it. Can any of y'all think of a reason why an OGV might work perfectly outside of RPGVXA but not work inside the program?
  7. I'd like to tweak the TP system to do the following: 1. TP goes up by 1 point for each 10% of max HP damage the character takes. 2. TP goes up a flat 15 points each time the character guards. 3. TP does not go up for any other reason. I tried messing with the Game_Battler script, but I can't find anything in there that alters the amount of TP that goes up when you guard. I also messed around with Yanfly's TP manager, but that's kind of complicated and has a LOT of stuff in it that I don't need. Posted 25 minutes later Aaaaand I just remembered that "Attack" and "Guard" are Skills that you can mess with in the Skills menu.
  8. Pathos Prime

    Skills for a Cowboy?

    RPG Cowboy? The first thing that comes to mind is Irvine from Final Fantasy VIII. His special moves all revolve around the use of a gun, but with different types of ammo as his skill. I'd really tailor the class to however you're planning to use it in your story. Is he a "historical" type cowboy, with most of his skills in animal handling, with some self-defense gun skills against bandits? Is he a "TV western" type cowboy? A lawful-neutral "sheriff?" or a lawful "for the common good" mercenary type? Or a "stylized" cowboy "gunslinger" with almost superhuman gun control skills?
  9. Pathos Prime

    Random transformation

    Would this work? Set common event to parallel process. Label: RESET Set Variable (Time Span) to Random (Min number of seconds) to (Max number of seconds) Set Variable (Seconds Elapsed) to 0. Label: TIMER Wait 60 frames Set Variable (Seconds Elapsed) +1 Conditional Branch (Seconds Elapsed = Time Span) Conditional Branch (Character) is in party Show text: "POOF! Character turned into a bunny!" Set Party Member (Character): Remove Change Items (Bunny Key Item): +1 Jump to Label: RESET Else Show text: "POOF! The bunny turned back into Character!" Set Party Member (Character): Add Change Items (Bunny Key Item): -1 Jump to Label: RESET Else Jump to Label: TIMER I'm just not sure if it would trigger (and thus interrupt) during, say, cut scenes. Perhaps you could add a switch in there to turn the timer on and off when you need to? Say, a line such as Conditional Branch: Switch (Transformation) is OFF Jump to Label: RESET
  10. Pathos Prime

    Battle eventing

    This appears to be a script that will fix this little bug: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/7276-end-phase-triggers/ If you don't want to mess with scripts, I found this interesting idea: So, instead of "kill 10 kobolds" you could make the quest "collect 10 kobold skins" toward the same effect.
  11. Pathos Prime

    Time-Based Wait Instead of Frames?

    You just... kind of have to math it. 60 frames = 1 second, so if you want them to wait 5 seconds, that's 300 frames. 10 seconds is 600 frames. One minute is 3600 frames. If you're talking about syncing your game to real time, Vlue's Advanced Game Time Script is a good way to do it.
  12. Pathos Prime

    Trade 5 items for 1 issue

    Also echoing what The Harmp said. Control Variable [0001: Number of Ores] = [Ore] in inventory Conditional Switch: Variable [0001] >=5 Change Items: [Ore] - 5 Change Items: [ingot] + 1 Else Show Text "You don't have enough ore."
  13. Pathos Prime

    Passable Upper Wall Bug?

    This is intentional, meant to let you create two-floor maps where you can crawl up a ladder or something and run along the top of the wall.
  14. Pathos Prime

    Yanfly Ace Item Menu Help

    Beats me. Does the script have to be initialized? Try starting a New Game and seeing what happens.
  15. If you want the money deposited into your account AUTOMATICALLY, that would be kind of hard and require a bunch of parallel processes. If you can make it so talking to a person/ATM/some sort of action button event can give you your income, you can do it like this: For example: When you buy the hospital: Set Variable (Hospital) = GameTime.min? #This will set Variable (Hospital) to the number of minutes that exist when you buy the hospital. When you talk to the person who gives you your money: Set Variable (Hospital Money) = GameTime.min? Set Variable (Hospital Money) - Variable (Hospital) #This will set Variable (Hospital Money) to the amount of minutes that have elapsed since you bought the hospital Set Variable (Hospital Money) * 10 #This will give you 10G for each minute that has passed. Change Gold + Variable (Hospital Money) Show Text : "You got [Variable (Hospital Money)]G from the Hospital!