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  1. League of Legends definitely using its 100% lifesteal on me. Found some creative energy. Hopefully I can escape using this mystical entity.

    1. magic2345


      Creative Energy: "Let the force flow through you...!"

  2. Prepare yourselves. I haven't posted in a forum for over a year. So sorry if I break rules or make this post too long to read. @J0Pac: I like this map shot in general. There is plenty of potential to the events you could add in for the player here too. There's contrasting themes here, so it's hard to put a singular critique on this. @Cait: For a mostly RTP set, the map is looking good. Like J0Pac's map, I can't decide on a concise judgement because of the contrasting themes. Now here's my screenshot. Ready your weapons, and hack at it as much as you can. I need some any sort of criticism and perspective if you would please. Thank you all kindly for dealing with my ancient and dusty posting powers.
  3. Finished two graphics for rmvxace use and uploaded them.....I FEEL SO....PRODUCTIVE!!! SAVE ME VIDJAH GAMES! :o

  4. The developers of the RMVXAce engine have stated that they are currently developing a way to port to the android system. This was stated around March of this year...and the developer mentioned that they planned on released it 3 months from there. So.....A DELICIOUS EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR US PERHAPS? A meh source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/220700/discussions/0/864961629610046751/
  5. Working off college debt to get back into college. AND SO THE CYCLE CONTINUES.

  6. How odd. I never really considered graphically inputting bathrooms in my video game until now. The illusion and fantasy of a rpg-styled game makes me feel as though bathrooms weren't necessary. Thanks for the links grandmadeb!
  7. NS

    New guy here.

    Hello, and welcome to the forum Syrus. Over on the seat on the couch saved specifically for you, there lies a critical choice you must make. Pie or cake? (Or not-so-secret option # 3, which involves "Flipping their tables." ) I'm NS. Or just Nicolas Soulless. A reply to any post on this forum from me is completely random, and you'll wonder where the heck I was coming from. Seriously. On a sidenote - Don't worry. Everybody else here is completely sane compared to me. Enjoy your stay.
  8. NS

    Music by Geluf

    Wow. All three of these tracks are amazing. All of my 5 stars go to you. I couldn't resist the download button. So much for impassive training. I just had to add them to the music collection.
  9. NS

    XS - Teleport

    This script is very awesome. With a tiny bit of window base coding, I could add it to the main menu for easy access. Thanks very much Niclas for this piece of epicosity. XD My game has been dying for this.
  10. NS


    That's an epic reason to get back into chatting in a Rpg Maker community. Makes me wish I had a nice reason, but quite frankly, I just appeared primarily for.....YOU GUESSED IT. Resources. But I somehow got stuck on this forum. It's like glue. I keep coming back to it. And I think I'll be sticking around for a bit longer. Community appears very nice, and the opportunities posed by all the life on this forum gives it an appeal in contrast to the last forums I resided in which are pretty much dead now...(that, and I found a solution to a game-killing bug in a script, so I had a very strong urge to post its patch.) In any case, welcome to these forums. We're both newbies. Let's take over the world and paint it in a newbie accent. Nobody will ever know.... *Gets intimidating looks from all* *Poker face* ._.
  11. NS

    Volume Control

    Ah. Lol. No matter how much experience you have with programming, you will always fall victim to the tiny syntax error part every now and then. XD Glad to know it's working for you.
  12. NS

    Volume Control

    It seems to work perfectly on my project here. D: Are you running the trial version or full version? I'm running the full version here myself, and my project isn't bound to trial-rules, so I'm not sure if it'll work for the trial version... And did you place the script over main but under materials? (I know it's a noob question, but I always gotta ask these...I do this myself all the time, and I often have to troubleshoot myself with those.)
  13. NS

    Volume Control

    Lol. I know this is necroposting in general, but since there isn't a patch to this, I thought I could post some snippets here that can fix the BGS-playing problem... Highlight all of the code in lines 127-129, and replace it with this modified snippet. def bgs_play(filename, volume=100, pitch=100, pos=0) volume = self.volBGS * volume.to_f / 100 hzm_Vol_Audio_bgs_play(filename, volume, pitch, pos) Hit enter after line 213 of the code, and paste this in there. now = RPG::BGS.last Audio.bgs_play('Audio/BGS/' + now.name, now.volume, now.pitch, now.pos) if now Or you could just take the easy way out and download the text file for a simple copy-and-paste overwrite. Volume Control Patched.txt In any case, thanks for the script translation Elemental Crisis. And thanks Kal, for the graphical bars modification. This makes for a neat little addition to my project.
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