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  1. Just played in a restaurant in Montréal. Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen. :)

  2. Rhum and Coke & working a bit on a Battle Style Idea for ''Lazzamore''.

  3. Woooorking, overtime... bored.

  4. Taking a moment to work on a VX project :)

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    2. Allusion


      Lol~ The only other RPG Makers I've used are VX and the old as what one for PS2; 'RPG Maker 3'. Now that...was something. Still, it'd be cool if they released a 4th installment now, what with the PS network and DLC to look forward to. :3

    3. Philoup


      I'd like a RM on PS vita... lol but I meant RpgMaker VX Ace... :P

    4. magic2345


      I used rpg maker 2 once, but the memory needed for a game was huge and I don't have the space for it

  5. Currently working... until 4 PM... :(

    1. zalera_95


      Good luck man! have fun! :D

  6. Going to bed? Not yet... still have a lot more to do. Anyway good night for some of you!

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