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  1. Just played in a restaurant in Montréal. Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen. :)

  2. Rhum and Coke & working a bit on a Battle Style Idea for ''Lazzamore''.

  3. Woooorking, overtime... bored.

  4. Philoup

    Battle style idea

    A.I. for your party members could be done. And you could set them at different A.I. style : -Healer -Defender -Support -Frenzy Attack -Observe and act ...ect I'll try to implement that in the sketch! For now I haven't done anything on VX ace but it's all starting to grow on paper.
  5. Philoup

    Battle style idea

    I think that your request may be done just by bypassing the regular Battle System and common event. The hardest part is the choice proposition : Exemple : -Attack -Run -Cast -Punch -Jump -ect... You wouldn't want the player to get lost in subchoice menu... So that's why you could fit a system of ''assigned'' number to Various action like -Button 1 : Use potion -Button 2 : Punch Face -Button 3 : Kick -Button 4 : Cast Fire So when you trigger the enemy with the ''Space bar'' or ''Enter'' button, you could make a ''Counter'' appear, and depending on how much time it tooks to the player to push his ''Action Number'', you put a Bonus or Malus depending if it was fast enough or toooo slowwww.. I think I could sketch something that fits your need, If it's something you're interested in, I can give it a try. Good making! PS : Nice Battle System Idea actually
  6. Taking a moment to work on a VX project :)

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    2. Allusion


      Lol~ The only other RPG Makers I've used are VX and the old as what one for PS2; 'RPG Maker 3'. Now that...was something. Still, it'd be cool if they released a 4th installment now, what with the PS network and DLC to look forward to. :3

    3. Philoup


      I'd like a RM on PS vita... lol but I meant RpgMaker VX Ace... :P

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      I used rpg maker 2 once, but the memory needed for a game was huge and I don't have the space for it

  7. Like you said in exemple number 3, it's maybe a pseudo time system but you can also see it as a ''Dynamic Time System''. For sure it will bring the game to a more interesting level. I'm 100% in for Dynamic System. Dynamic/Hybrid system are the best because the use reality concept but they are adapted to the game. Using concept of real life is good but if it's a reproduction, it can sometime fall into SIMS alike game... Not bad at all but don't think that's what where looking a here. You could use a real time system that flow independently of the player's act, but like TheHarmp said earlier, it can stress the player... that's why you need to find a good balance of ''Time Flow'' A good exemple is ''Majora's Mask'' Really like that game where you can fully stretch, compress or even go back in time. Time System are often complicated to design because of the ''Day and Night'' concept... Exemple : in a town you can have full of NPC but at midnight I'm not sure that the kid will still run after the dog until 6 A.M....lol To end, I suggest my preference as ''Pseudo-Time System'', they offer more possibility and you may use longer or shorter time length at different moment of the game. If used well, this can bring your game to a completely new dimension! Good luck and good making. If any advice needed about eventing, writing down event or eventing system, don't hesitate to PM. Cya!
  8. Currently working... until 4 PM... :(

    1. zalera_95


      Good luck man! have fun! :D

  9. Since it's for school and you have a limited time, I suggest you start by determining the lenght of the game. For a 5 months works and a first project... I suggest you go for a 1 hours Game with some extra explorations maps. To begin, maybe you should write a story... if you don't want to go on complicate, just create a town, a village or a place where action is taking place. You don't really need a ''plot'' to make a game. Think of Tetris... Once you know where the game takes place, you can start writing down who's gonna be the character, try using realy life people, it's funnier and you may even put your teacher in the game. Go simple with 4 or 5 Main Character... so it doesn't get too complex with Dialog, characters movement and Interaction. I strongly suggest you buy yourself a physical NoteBook with paper... it works really well. Once the characters are done, let the action begin : Dialog, fighting, puzzle, teleportation, exploration, buying stuff, trading stuff... feel free to make anything happens, since it's your first game, let it be as original as it can be. Idea you can use : Story takes place in your own bedroom. You're sitting in front of paper, computer.. and you're explaining with message box that you need to write and create your own game for school.... Alright, you need a paper, so get out of the house and make the player buy a paper... and a pencil... Go back to home... problem, no more light! Make the heroe goes in the basement of your house to get some oil for the lamp... or just some fire... In the basement you meet an old fantome... or a zombie... or just a talking rat... You talk, you talk, blablablaaa... He tell you that he'll give you what you're looking for but he's hungry.... Now you must get some food for that ''guy'' downstairs... and on and on, if you need more inspiration, just ask, maybe I can help you too with the events. I know there's tons of tutorials out there but sometime you don't want to read THE WHOLE book just to realise that the little girl had brown hair... As you saw it, the exemple I just threw was really Linear like. And my advice is that you keep it the most linear possible so you don't get lost in event, fork condition and stuffs that would ruin your first RPG maker experience. If you success at ending your first RPG project, than I garantee you that all your future project will have better chance to see the light. So in big : -Short story -Linear process -Simple Quest or Action -Limited characters and few NPC -Take lots of note on the sheet -DoN't over Brainstorm or it'll end in a storm. And last advice, if you need help, Direct PM to Philoup! Cya! Good luck!
  10. Philoup

    Non combat/ little combat rpg?

    Great to read you. It will be my pleasure!
  11. Not a question of graphics I think... I know you're talking about ''what we like to SEE''' and in a video game it's really graphical... But it's not a matter of Crazy camera angle and stuff... unless you're not using RPG Maker or you're doing a big screen movie. What I think is the most important about the 30 first seconds of the game is to 'Fill' the mood. I mean : The Environnement, the music, the sounds, the colors, the light! You must totally catch the Player within the 30 first seconds unless he's gonna get lame and just skip that intro... (we don't want an intro to be skipped... that's too sad) (Maybe my explaination goes in the same way as Kidd the Maniac) I, the player, want to feel that something is going on. Really going on I mean. It's not a matter of ''ACTION''... unless it's an action game. If it's based on dialog and developping relation, catch me with some Scene ''ala'' Tarentino style. A good way to introduce a game is by thinking of the intro as if it's a movie. Try to get your inspiration in movies you like or you think would fit the ''MOOD'' of your game. Actually if the intro is too contrasting with the 'real beginning of the player taking action' ... maybe the player won't like it. But a contrast between the intro and the ''start'' may just unbalance the player and make him want to continue the game! Picking the curiosity is also a great way to catch up the player's attention. All about Catching up the Attention. Not needed to yell or scream or FLASH the screen... but you have to create a place, a mood, a feeling, an environnement where the player will feel something. It could be sad, really joyful, anxious, enigmatic, confusing!, annoying... disturbing or whatever but never let the player indifferent about the game... don't let the player get his own opinion of the game within the 30 seconds. He must not even think, all he needs is to travel 100000 miles and get really into the game! No matter what the graphic are likes... pokemon graphic, Final Fantasy 7 or Mist graphics... doesn't really matter. Well... I hope it help you. And before I forget, if your game plot is all written... than I think it's important that you leave some messages in your intro, some spoils, some hints. As subtile as you can get just to catch up the 'Subconscience' of the player. (I know it's a publicity tricks but it's something that people really like) Like Sughayyer said, (cause I read while I write) the AMBIANCE of the game. If you're ain't sure, I may propose you do a sketch intro, than an other sketch, than an other! And maybe you could make a demo of all your intro and make a poll for which one the Public did prefer. sorry my english really crappy... Really hope it helps you. I'll follow this topic for any news or comments, really interesting subject.
  12. Philoup

    Questions on Pokemon style game.

    Really liked those games too! I had a saved game of the old blue version with 150 Pokémons... around 200 hours gameplay! For your project, it's a cool idea and I know there's a Huge ''Scripts project'' build for making Pokemon game. It's really close to the Pokemon style game. There is practically ever functions in those scripts. Here you go my friend : http://crystalnoel42.wordpress.com/pokemon-for-ace-kit/ I think it's called the Crystal Engine... there's loooooootttss of stuff as you will notice, but seems perfect for what you want to do. I know it can be done without scripting but should take like... some years of full time programming/eventing and variabling! If it doesn't fit your need, PM maybe I can try to see what I can do to help you. Good making and see you!
  13. Going to bed? Not yet... still have a lot more to do. Anyway good night for some of you!

  14. Philoup

    War vs. Fantasy?

    Opinions seems to be really divided, and that's good to read (see). But we can put the whole in an other angle by putting that in everyday life... Is War a nice thing in real life? Tons of innoncent killed... usually 2 clans fighting for territory, money or glory... or Conquest! We can surely affirm that War is REAL. War is concret and does exist... you know what's going on on our planet... USA, Russia, Arabic Countries... The worst war I think is Religion war... because they hide worst behind it. They hide secret alliance and corruption... All the times, the media as a hugly role to play... The Mass media determine who is the GOOD, and sadly who is the BAD. In a RPG I know it's totaly different : War is heroic War is romantic War is for the peace... And it's a bit true, there's no peace if there's no war, and vice-versa. I've talk a lot without even putting my own opinion. That's why I'll give it a try : I like war because I like Knights, Kingdom, Armies, Fighting, Glory, Winning, Romance... but I think that War is a subject more limited than ''Fantasy''. Fantasy is : Emotions Abstraction of War or Peace Blue, Red or Incolors Imagination Princess Hugly or Beautiful Sad or Happy True or False... I think, personnaly, that Fantasy is stronger than war. Fantasy is a ''Children'' subject if I can call it like that... and we ALL know that a Kid's mind is definitely most developped than an Adult mind, in term of Imagination... The only problem with child is that they need to develop their brain to express what they see in their mind... but the more they develop their little brain, the more they tend to be adult. That's why as ''Makers'', we must keep our child mind, like Peter Pan. And I'm sure that if we're here on a RPG Maker Community, that's because we have the power to do so! I don't want to destroy ''War'' as a RPG subject... not at all. But Fantasy as much more to offer. From what I think. Wo... lots of blabla! Hope it helps, my opinion is just an opinion, like every others. I liked reading all of yours too.
  15. Philoup

    A title would be nice

    You're always welcome! I'd like to follow the development of your game so if anything new comes out, PM me so I can notice the evolution of your project!
  16. Philoup

    A title would be nice

    I'm really happy to read your answer! Hope I can help in anything else! And thinking about it, your 2 party member combat makes sense. I often involve myself in really complicated Battle thinking of strategy... but often it can be reduce to simpler! And your Combo like you said ''Assassin, Black Mage' or 'Knight, Healer'... maybe it's an idea you should develop more! What about a ''real'' concret combo system... if you combine two classes togheter that fits well, they receive a bonus of HP or maybe they could both learn a skill that can be perform togheter. Some unlockable possibilty could be nice! An other exemple before I leave ;P An Archer or a Javelin Thrower with a Black Mage : The Mage could cast a spell on the Arrow or on the Javelin to Enchant it with the element! Or if it's a Healer/Cleric, it could cast a Holy or Curative magic on the weapons to hit ''undead' enemies. Oh yeah only ideas again but if you may use it, I'll be happy to have been of any help!
  17. Philoup

    A title would be nice

    Personnaly, I like crafting system really much. Just wondering, what kind of ''Battle System'' you plan using? Cause having all thoses classes will need a good battle system to support them. And if I can suggest you : Having party that can handle more than 4 characters would be nice. (There's pretty much simple scripts that may enable that fonction) If I can suggest you maybe a system as Dragon Warrior. It's a old school game but your plot about a King giving you quest made me thought of Dragon Warrior and I think that kind of mood would fit well your game. But in an other way, I'm thinking of good Tactical game such as Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactic or even Ogre Tactics which use perfectly the Classes system. Each character gains their own utility by doing a Grid Battle system. What's tricky about that is setting up the system and balancing each classes so they all have same amount of weakness and strong points. Just thinking about it, if you like old school game you should definitly download some Dragon Warrior songs to put you into the mood. It's a bit dark but maybe it can inspires you. If you can't find the Dragon Warrior just use the 'Ctl+F' function to search the page. Than type in 'Dragon Warrior' I'm not sure if you gonna like those sound track but hope it helps you. Yah, it's all in ''midi''. sorry about that, I re-read your topic and notice you already had a ''Battle system'' with the sprite battlers. I never saw it in action but I hope it'll fit your need. Maybe you could add some spice to your plot by creating an other character in relation with the King... We all know that a King is often just a ''Face'' in the political world. And sometime the real King is the guy being which control a fool like a puppet. Maybe you could create a ''Conciler'', an evil conciler that just always whisper to the King's ear some evil words and manipulate his mind like a crazy Hypno! Just ''shooting'' some ideas. I know your main question was : ''Find me a title'' and to answer you... I think the title is like, the useless thing of a game... Take the exemple of Dragon Warrior... there is Dragon Warrior, than Dragon Warrior II, next Dragon Warrior III and still on and on... until Dragon Warrior 9 I think.... But who gives a *** about that name? When I play the game, I really need to get into it. Don't break your head finding a complicated name for your game... It's just a detail I mean. I'd really like to help you with that but I don't have enough info about your game, I'd need like at least the name of the main character, or the main country.... maybe you're really good at writing games but the problem is like ''Naming'' thing... I had the same problem and found some tricks... I get my inspiration in games I loved. Exemple : Final Fantasy as tons of nice ''Name'' like ''Nibelheim, Fort Condor, Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, Rocket Town'' It's inspiring I guess... Maybe I can try out some name for your game : Why not : Destiny for a King Faith of Kingdom Last Faith Eternal Saving The Last Warriors Warrior's Destiny Warrior's Faith Hope theses ideas aren't too ''sucky'' and hope to inspire you! If I can be of any help except of my post, just ask me! Hope to see your game by 2015! Don't overpush yourself but don't get ''lame''. Lol Good luck! Catch up later!
  18. Philoup

    Non combat/ little combat rpg?

    Your idea is a good one. Why always violence and combat? I know it's so nice to grind a character until it can beats up the final boss.... but why always fighting? Lots of 'RPG' kind game are based on fighting. (personnaly I don't hate that) What makes a good game is often it's ''MAIN'' system... for tactical battle rpg, the main system is a tactical combat system. For Zelda, the main system is puzzling combined with hack and slash. Each Final Fantasy has their own ''unique'' systems. From what I know of thems. But have you ever heard of ''Grim Fandango?'' This is one of my favorite game. I know it's a 3D point and click kind of game and has nothing to do with RPG Maker VX. But what I'm trying to say is that the 'intrigue' and the riddles are the real fun of that game. I can also think of King Quest series, the ambiance and mood of theses game are amazing. It's still a point and click kind of game. I think that with RPG Maker, the possibilities are just endless and why using the defaults stuffs if a project may be fully customizable? I remember one of my prototype game ; I just desactivated the Common base ''Menu Call'' and create an event that detected the ''Button to call up the menu''. Once it was pushed, it was showing you some choice like : Equip, Items, Skills, Character...ect Once you selected a submenu, your main character was changed for a ''cursor'' sprite and teleported into a map associated with the submenu. To do so you can : A.be a real good scripter orrr B.just be really good with event, switch, variables and forks. Your game idea sounds really interesting and you should definitly put some time into it. If you need any advice, help or hints, for sure I'll be there to answer. I can't just talk on that topic like that and not even offering some help. I know my strenght and I'm sure I can help you with designing a ''pointage'' system to tell you if your ''Main Heroe'' end up being a true saint or just a horrible guy. It can be easy as : Setting a variable called ''Heroe Value'' . Then setting a bonus/malus depending on who you talks to or which place you visit. And if you want to add some complexity in your system, you may add some ''Validation of Truth'' which would force the 'Player' to validate information of NPC by executing puzzle successfully or by winning mini-game. Just saying... Don't hesitate on asking me questions and developping your project on that topic. I'll keep an eye on it and try to help as much as I can. Just to end on a really hopeful note : For sure it's possible and also would be really great to make a game without using Combat system. You could then replace Default Character Stats such as ''Strenght, Defense, Agility, Mind...ect'' for something more appropriate like ''Knowledge, Intellect, Honor or Reputation'' Only ideas! That's all for tonight! I wish you good luck on your making!
  19. Hi everyone, my name is Philippe! I'm french Canadian (Québec) but call me Phil if you wish. I'm 24 years old and I'm not having a professionnal carreer in the world of RPG making... sadly. But since I was 14 years old, I started writing adventure stories, songs and stuff. One day, my friend discovered something amazing... it was called RPG maker 2000! We so enjoyed the demo game and the magnific translation of Don Miguel!! RPG maker was such a beautiful and powerful tool for a kid filled of imagination like me! I played it for hours and hours and hours... and hours... until someday I thought it was a lost of time... Then went out RPG maker 2003 with amazing battle system! I started some new project and had funs for more years! Then... I stopped a while but never lost my love for writing and creating games. After that was RPG maker XP... then RPG maker VX... then the Ace. That's where I am now. As a maker, my weaknesses would be : -The rigor : I need to put more time and energy in developping my projects! (currently working on ''SERIOUS SERIOUS GAME'') -Coding : I'm beginning to code... as a Audio and Electronic Technician, I just started in the world of Prog... it's amazing and I'm currently learning the C for programming arduino console. -My english... not really bad but if I want to touch an English market, I need to improve my english and my vocabulary! -I love love love to work alone... -Finish fanatic of FF7... (yeah I know it's 'cliche' but what a ****** amazing game!) -I have a full-time job... yeah... Electronic Technician... My strong points would be : -My knowledge of Electronic and Music makes me a good ; ideas, puzzles and audio creator! -I'm curious so...I want to know or learn everything! -Sometimes it's a weakness but I have a HUGE/IMMENSE/VAST imagination... and often makes me act weird in society. -I'm a musician as a NOT full-time 'job'. -Fanatic of FF7 and Tactics game. -My audacity and originality : for ever I had a secret quest and it's to create a UNIQUE game... (inspired from tons of various systems to end up with a Unique Gameplay.) -Since I started with the first RPG maker tools, my knowledge of Variable, Switch and IF (fork condition) is over-powered! hehe. challenge me if you want. Okay! It's a kind of not so short presentation of myself but for about 2 weeks I've been dreaming of joining a RPG maker Community because my passion for Making was like pumping out of my heart! I'm really happy you can't believe!! Thanks for everyone to accept me, talk to me, answer me or even Ignore me! I wish to meet people with the same passion as me! Also I'd like to meet the real Genius of RPG making! (not playstation or nintendo...) but the NEW-AGE game maker. If we can call that 'Indy Game'' than let's do it! (blue is my favorite color) Don't be shy to talk to me, I'll try to take a look at the forums once a week or twice! OR maybe once a Day if my job let me!
  20. Philoup

    New member named Phil!

    Thanks everybody for the greetings! Currently working on 4 RPG projects. I'll try really soon to put some 'order' in theses by starting with a Huge Brainstorm! Really like to brainstorm my ideas in Notepad... then just take it home on a USB key or by emailing to myself! Well, we'll catch up later! Good night! @Jay Heartay : tu viens du Québec aussi? C'est bien de savoir ça!
  21. Philoup

    New member named Phil!

    It's pretty hard to tell, I'm in some kind of rock, prog, ambiant, pop, silly... you can have a look here : www.soundcloud.com/phil-jutras Thanks for asking!
  22. Philoup

    Hi there

    Nice to have a Digital Artist on the forum! Nice to meet you. I'm new too, you may read my presentation as soon as it's approve!
  23. Philoup

    Ohayo there !

    Nice to meet you. Tu viens de la France? Moi du Québec. Ça fait plaisir de parler à quelqu'un en francais... je maitrise l'anglais mais des fois je trouve juste pas le mot qui faut! Tu peux aller consulter mon 'topic' de présentation... quand il sera approuvé par les modérateurs! lol En tout cas, bienvenue sur le forum, moi je viens tout juste de m'inscrire... en plus je me suis inscris sur un autre forum de RPG Maker VX. J'essaie d'entretenir le même profil mais bon... j'ai pas juste ça à faire. Moi je suis bien habitué à RPG maker alors si t'as des questions! Au plaisir de te répondre!
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