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  1. CardCaph

    Halloween Contest!

    count me in.
  2. hello, I've purchased your script (which works as promised), but when using falcao pearl abs, I came across this error after using a weapon with a graphic. Script '-Pearl Sprites' line 58: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method `/' for nil:NilClass EDIT: Never mind, Version 1.2.1 Fixes this. (Just goes to show you this script is growing every day!)
  3. CardCaph

    Somewhat of a rare and odd request...

    I appreciate the tip, but there's already topics that have already died about this. I'm not sure where else to go with this.
  4. CardCaph

    Simple 2 Player script development

    or falcao pearl abs liquid
  5. the xas system was so difficult to use.
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