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    Visual Status Effects

    Didn't notice this one thanks I'll give it a look. Don't think this will stop my characters moving though when something like say a frozen state is inflicted on them. Is there anything I could use for this?
  2. Sorry for the late reply, was busy with other assignments so this got put on hold for a couple of weeks. Thanks alot SoulpourVII this is exactly what I was looking for you're the best
  3. I'll give it a try like that, the fact its only for phil isnt a problem as he'd be the only one able to equip the piece of equipment. Would I have to insert this battle event into every single troop indivually or is there a faster way of doing it? EDIT: Tried it doesnt work, nothing happens. This is what I did, although its probbably me doing it the wrong way.
  4. What I done doesnt work, is there something I'm leaving out?
  5. Not really sure what I'm doing to be honest, this is my first time using Rpg Maker am I on the right track by doing something like this though?
  6. Apologies for the double post, after reading the comments above the general opinion of most of you is to start the game, initially make it a relatively small world and add to it from there. Would a good idea be to create my gameworld map first, with maybe only town/dungeon on it and after that build on it a bit at a time?. I do have a rather large games design document written already as it was due before christmas, truth be told alot of it is just waffle but I do have stuff like 4-5 character backgrounds and a basic plot outlined within it so I kinda have my setting already decided it'll have a kinda medieval theme too it. So Ive got a lot of analysing done in that regard, its just a matter of jumping into the creation aspect of it now. In regards to ruby scripting how difficult would it be to alter the battle system in RMVX Ace to something similiar to the way classic final fantasy games look, a side view as opposed to RMVX Ace's default Dragon Quest style? Is there perhaps a basic one already made that I could make my own customizations too?
  7. Havent actually read any of the replies, just took a quick look before going to bed and noticed I had 10 replies lol forgot I made the thread to be honest Just skimmed through it though and it looks like theres some helpful posts there, I'll look at them more throughly tomorrow. I just wanted to thank everybody for friendly advice!
  8. Hi there, Im going to be starting a RPG game using RMVX Ace fairly soon for a college project. I do have some general planning already done such the plot for the game and the character background, I've also starting looking at ruby but coding really isnt my strongest area. Im going to have roughly about 5 months to complete this game and its my first time using RMVX Ace or any software like it so I have been looking at tutorials and such to get to grips with it, Im not expecting the game to be anything amazing when its finished but good enough to get a respectable grade in so I hope I havent bitten off more than I can chew in choosing to make a game for my project. I suppose my reason for making this thread is can anybody give me some pointers about how I should go about development, like what aspect of the game should I start creating first? perhaps creating maps first then moving onto something else or doing it all iteratively building it up into a larger game with each iteration. Perhaps theres some kind of roadmap for making a RPG that I could refer too? Anyway any advice would be appreciated thanks! Also apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place.
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