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  1. Generally speaking I would agree with Vectra. I wouldn't mind reuse of certain "insignificant" maps. However, I would note a couple of points: 1. This only makes sense if all towns and locations have the same atmosphere and general tone... If you had a Japanesey town it SHOULD look different than a Forrest Town which SHOULD look different than an urban town, etc, etc. 2. I personally notice and appreciate when these locales have their own feel, but again don't mind if they are reused, since these locations are generally for a purpose of resting/restocking and not really for story progression often. 3. You can really change an indoors map by simply restructuring a few walls and moving around details pretty easily. That's my 2 cents. ~ Dinhbat3
  2. dinhbat3

    Randomly Learn Skills When Using Normal Attack

    Hey Geno, You could use the snippet found here: http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/17187-common-event-before-damage-script-mod-help/ This will allow you to run a common event before damage if you put the appropriate note tag in the skill. With this solution, you would need an atk skill for your enemies and a separate one for the player. How the common event should work is up to you based on what your needs are. At minimum it should do the following: 1. Randomize a variable so that only the right % of atks will proc learning a skill 2. IF the randomizer hits, then have it check the actor ID taking action, the actor level, the actor weapon type equipped, and the target ID 3. Set another randomizer to select which skill will be learned 4. IF the skill is not learned yet, then FORCE ACTION use of the skill and have the actor learn the skill 5. IF the skill is learned, then do nothing or have it roll again for a different skill That is the general idea at least. This is not a sophisticated solution, but you won't need to do much scripting with this approach. The main issues you might have are: script calling the correct ID's, targeting, and that it would be a cumbersome set of checks. Hope this helps! ~ Dinhbat3
  3. dinhbat3

    Gimmicky Damage Formula

    You can set a variable equal to a calculation if you want. you could easily do c = a.tp; a.tp = 0; d = ((4 * a.atk ** 2 / (a.atk + b.def)) / 2); d * c / 10 that would result in the same calculation as you had previously. The only issue is the limit of characters in the damage box, and the fact that the variable is only valid within the calculation. ~ Dinhbat3
  4. dinhbat3

    Gimmicky Damage Formula

    2 thoughts: 1. With 0 tp, your equation yields a multiplier of 3^1 = 3 With 100 tp, your equation yields a multiplier of 3^2 = 9 This means that the max you will get is actually 3x the damage NOT 9x the damage. There are other ways you can set up the equation to make it more impactful, but just make sure u test mathematically what it means. 2. Here are the base damages I came up with based on your equation: ((a.atk / 2) ** 2 / (a.atk + b.def)) Just some food for thought. You are on the right track, but need to figure out the best modifier that works for what you want to achieve. My example of 3 ** ((c +100)/100) was more just for argument sake, but there are lots of options and fun equations you can play with here. The answer is really a matter of how do you want it to scale, and finding the equation that can match that scaling. You can easily change the base of the exponent as well. If you want a 9x the damage at full tp you could simply do this: 3 ** ((c +100)/50) tp = 0 yield 9x tp = 50 yields 27x (which is 3x greater than 0 tp tp = 100 yields 81x (which is 9x greater than 0 tp and 3x greater than tp = 50) you would just need to make ur base damage equation a smaller number that will account for the higher multiplier. The scaling would be closer to what you want though. ~ Dinhbat3
  5. dinhbat3

    I need help with my intro event.

    Hey 1Girl With the way you are setting up the event, you won't get anything but a black screen. Here are a few important points: 1. Fade Out will create a black screen over any pictures - This means your pictures are showing, but they are underneath the blackscreen 2. The "Show Picture, Center, (0,0)" will make the center of the picture show at the (0,0) coordinate - The best case scenario is that u will only see the bottom right part of the picture at the top left of the screen - The "Center" option does NOT center it on the screen. 3. Your page 2 will not do anything since it requires action button to activate, so the event is not erasing itself. 4. To move the character to a new screen, you would use the "Transfer Player" function 5. If Picture 1 is going away at the same time that Picture 2 is going up you can simply have it Show Picture 1 - New Picture Name - This is not important, but saves you from needing to erase picture 1 only to show picture 2 - Basically it will replace picture 1 with your new picture and saves you 1 line of event as well as having to keep track of pictures. Overall you SHOULD do the following: 1. Turn ON player transparency at the start of the game via the System tab in the Database (F9) 2. Start the player on a blank map 3. Auto run the event with the pictures and text 4. Process your player name selection 5. Fade OUT screen 6. Turn OFF player transparency 7. Transfer player to the starting point 8. Fade IN screen My recommendation: I would suggest working on some tutorials as this is some of the basics of eventing. There are a lot of features and wonderful things the engine can do, so play around with it, make lots of mistakes and ask lots of questions. The tutorials are a great way to get started on some base knowledge though. Hope this helps. ~ Dinhbat3
  6. dinhbat3

    Gimmicky Damage Formula

    Hey Murdertron. This seems to be more of a damage calculation/math question it seems if I am understanding it correctly. Your general damage formual shoudl be something like this: c = a.tp; a.tp = 0; Damage Formula * Multiplier - This sets variable "c" to equal a.tp - This also creates the use all TP by setting a.tp to 0 - You can now have a base damage formula and use the "c" variable in the multiplier to get your increased power effect All you would need to do is find the correct multiplier equation to accomplish what you want. In your example you used: ((100 + c) / 100) This would increase damage by a percentage, making the max damage 2x the base: TP = 10, it would give you 1.1x TP = 50, it would give you 1.5x TP = 100, it would give you 2.0x if you want it to be exponential, then the question is how exponential exactly? Remember this is the MULTIPLIER and not necessarily the damage. ​​I will give some examples: c ** 2 TP = 0, it would give you 0x TP = 10, it would give you 100x TP = 50, it would give you 2,500x TP = 100, it would give you 10,000x Now for a more realistic approach: 3 ** ((c +100)/100) TP = 0, it would give you 3x TP = 10, it would give you 3.35x TP = 50, it would give you 5.20x TP = 100, it would give you 9x Basically you can do it anyway you'd like just use the "c" variable in the multiplier appropriately. Hopefully that made sense and was somewhat helpful. ~ Dinhbat3
  7. dinhbat3

    Remove Equipment

    Soooo.. I am not entirely sure if I understood your request and also not sure if you solved this, but thought I'd try to help. I am not a scripter myself, but there are ways around without too much scripting. Assuming you are running this via an event, I would go about it this way: 1. Run a conditional check to see if the item is in an actors item slot first: $game_actors[x].equips[y].id == 275 ​ - x is actor ID - y is the slot ID (weapon = 0, shield = 1, etc) ​ - 275 is the ID of the item you want removed ​2. If it is true, have it remove the item. ​$game_actors[x].remove_equip(y, $data_armor[275]) - x is actor ID - y is the slot ID (weapon = 0, shield = 1, etc) ​ - 275 is the ID of the item you want removed This method however is most effective when the equipment is only equip-able by one or a small number of possible actors and you don't have TOO many equipment slots to check. It's not the most efficient I'm sure, but it should work. Hope this helps! ~ Dinhbat3
  8. dinhbat3

    Quick Time Events During Batte

    Helpful Info: There are a few scripts that get similar results that could likely be modified and worked into what you are thinking: 1. Galv's Timed Button Attacks + Yanfly's Follow Up-Skills 2. MogHunter's Chain Command The each have their pros and cons of use and would have to be tested for compatibility with any other scripts you run, but they could both potentially accomplish what you want. Personal Opinion: I think the mechanic can be fun and or interesting, but it can also be very cumbersome. Though it is different, it has elements similar to LoD, and though I liked the game, there were many times I just wanted to get through the battles quickly, esp with the random encounter rate. If implemented well it would certainly make battles more interactive, but at the same time, it can be a pain when you looking to get through content/trash mobs quicker. Hope this helps! ~ Dinhbat3
  9. dinhbat3

    Racing mini-game?

    No prob! Goodluck, and always feel free to ask for any help you might need. Lots of really helpful folks around. =D ~ Dinhbat3
  10. dinhbat3

    An SP Building Script?

    Answered in your other thread since I didn't see this one. I would recommend using a state so you don't need to code anything, and it is self sustainable in a single skill and a single state without needing to ensure all future skills/atks reset the counter. The downside is that you would need a separate variable for each character that uses the skill as mentioned by Harosata. **Edit** If you need more detail, I spelled it out on your other thread
  11. dinhbat3

    SP Building Chain Skill

    Hi HeroRuka, You can do this without any special scripts required. You do need 1 variable and 1 state set up though. Create the "Charge" Skill should do the 2 things: 1. Apply the state "Charge" which should have a 2 turn duration with auto removal at end of turn. - Round 1 ends at the end of the turn that the player uses Charge the first time - Round 2 will be the following turn and the player will now have the state active if they use it again the next round 2. The formula should be something like this: a.state?(n)? v[m] += x : v[m] = y - n = the Charge state ID - m = the variable where you are adding the increase amount - x = the amount it increases each time - y = the base amount that is healed (in your example 2) - Basically it checks if the actor using the skill has the Charge State ~ If the actor has the state then it will add X to the variable and heal for that much ~ If the actor does NOT have the state, then it will reset the variable and heal for Y amount For your example you explained: - Charge State ID = 3 - Variable used = 10 - Base heal = 2 - Increase heal every use = +1 Your formula should be: a.state?(3)? v[10] += 1 : v[10] = 2 Hope that made sense and wasn't too confusing! Good luck. ~ Dinhbat3
  12. dinhbat3

    Racing mini-game?

    You can create a parallel event that checks the player's X (or Y) coordinate and also checks the event's X (or Y) coordinate. Then have a conditional branch that checks if the player's X or event's X is equal to the finish line. Here it is in the editor: Depending on what you want to happen, you can easily change the results and processing that occurs. Hope this helps =D ~ Dinhbat3
  13. dinhbat3

    Help w/Damage Formula

    Hey Jinumon. I think the issue you are having is with the operators you are using. I assume the intention of (103^a.level) is 103 raised to the power of a.level? If so you would want to use (103**a.level)​. Double asterisk is the symbol for exponential in ruby. Did a test run: a.level = 20 (103^a.level)​ = 130 (103*a.level)​ = 2119 (103**a.level)​ = a really large number Hope that helps. ~ Dinhbat3
  14. dinhbat3

    contest The Timed Challenge

    Thanks for the quick play through. Sorry for the game breaking! After watching your play through I was able to correct those issues though. So that is VERY much appreciated.
  15. dinhbat3

    Love Land [Complete]

    Updated to correct some game breaking bugs! - Changed grammatical error during character selection - Added missing face set for random NPC - Changed lunch time events that were causing game break due to move route.
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