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  1. Lazzamore

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Yeah... I WAY overestimated myself here. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to bow out of this, I have too many other projects with deadline to make anything good for this, sorry guys...
  2. Lazzamore

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Hey, I have a question; I started digging into the coding of my entry, and I'm finding that I have to do pretty much the same things as I did on previous projects, pretty much the same way. Don't take this the wrong way, but would it be cheating to copy some relevant methods over from those old projects?
  3. Lazzamore

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Nope. Has to be made after contest start. Okay, what about using a game engine other then RM? My second idea is something in Unity, but it does say everything must be owned by me, with the exception of RM RTP. So is it okay to enter something using code/RTP from some other engine instead?
  4. Lazzamore

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Actually, wait, I need further definition on that: Say I'm painting something I already sculpted before now, could I submit my work just painting the sculpt?
  5. Lazzamore

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Anything?... I'd like to sign up for this, I have a art piece I'm making for another contest on another site, I think it will be pretty cool. EDIT: Actually, the way I said that sounds kinda bad. It's nothing NSFW, don't worry haha!
  6. Lazzamore

    I guess I'm back!

    Haha, It's good to be back! Thank you guys.
  7. Bear in mind, I'm not much of a Horror gamer, so you may take my advice with a grain of salt. Personally though, I think it's kind of hard to see, I found myself straining my eyes trying to make out details in the dark room (Which their are a lot of, good job!). This may very well be your intent, again I don't play many horror games. Just my two cents. I am making some graphics for my upcoming project, and I really can't decide about this color scheme. I'm going for brownish plains, kind of like Whiterun from skyrim. This is my result (not a finished level in the game, just a color-test):
  8. Lazzamore

    I guess I'm back!

    I wonder if anyone remembers me... Well, I'm Lazzamore, I used to be fairly regular here until life moved me onto other sorts of projects. Now I'm back into RM, and thus back here, hopefully to finish a game or too this time. I missed you guys!
  9. I have thoroughly read the help documentation on the matter, but unfortunately it didn't answer my question. I need to know what my tileset, Tileset 001 "Base" is instantiated as.
  10. Okay, I'm sorry for asking a question I'm sure is probably quite obvious, but I'm stuck. If I create a tileset; "Base", in the database, wouldn't it be an object in ruby? What would its name be, and how would I change the array @tileset_names at the index 5 to be 'B13', or otherwise the name of the B sheet I want to change the current one to be?
  11. Can you create tilesets using a script? I'm making a rogue-like space explorer and putting together tilesets as they are used, I.E. I don't have to pre-make them, would be extraordinarily helpful.
  12. Lazzamore

    Attainability or making your Dream Game?

    Hm, thank you, guys! I don't know, I haven't put my game on the forums yet, none of my projects seem to get that far. I will certainly think about what you guys said, though.
  13. Let's preface this: I have never successfully finished a project. I always get bored and move on to other things, or I decide it's simply to difficult for a solo developer at my level. That said, I really care about my solo project. But I have a good idea for a much simpler game. I'm still torn between the two; Should I stick to my solo project to the end, or put it off like all the others or something more attainable as a solo? My current solo project is an open-world Rogue-like in space. You will get to buy spaceships, explore alien worlds that are randomly generated, find caves and dungeons that are also randomly generated, fight pirates, and explore multiple branching story-lines. I could do this, or I could do my much more attainable second idea: A story-line driven game that pits you in a race against the villain. It's simpler to explain, at least.
  14. I'm starting a Collaborative game project in the Premium member forums. It is based on the principle of a lot of people giving a small amount of their time to make something big. Anybody here interested?

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      You should go ahead and start the first poll, that will get people interested. Maybe decided the genre of the game, or the kinds of characters?

    4. Lazzamore


      That's a good idea. I'll do it now.

  15. Lazzamore

    The Crow and the Behemoth RP (IC)

    "But I slept all night..." said Daniel, who seems pretty upset. "I'm sorry, I'll let you sleep..."
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