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  1. hi im playing your first game and im a bit how i could say this, trapped i only have one combat supply i killed the slimes and the scorpion people and i am here to ask you if you can give me access to the data folder

  2. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    It has been a long time since I posted here, Sorry, almost no one posts here so I didn't check after 4 months or so. I'm afraid that I can't help with third-party programs. The editor isn't made by anyone associated with me or my game so I have no control over it. To make this game I had to edit and replace a fair bit of the base code, the save editor likely didn't know how to handle this. Other than that I have a small announcement to make. As of a few minutes back I have finally released what I expect to be the final version of my game! It can be downloaded at Itch.io https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia
  3. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    Ehehe~! Thank you, I was really glad to be able to release it! Even though I get so easily worried my work isn't good enough~
  4. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    As of today February 18, 2020, the demo has been released! It can be downloaded at https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/hearts-like-clockwork
  5. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    To breathe a little life into this thread I present the teaser trailer~! Also an itch.io page for the upcoming demo! https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/hearts-like-clockwork
  6. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    Ehehe~ Thank you~! Trying real hard to make something fun and cute, and Melonie's portraits helped so much there~ Of course because it's meant to be fun and cute doesn't mean it can't explore some darker themes, but all in all there will be plenty of sweetness~
  7. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    For the one or two people who may be lurking, I'm afraid I will have to delay the planned December release for the demo, as I didn't want to ship it with too many annoying placeholders! My artist and I have been working hard, she's been making many more adorable busts and I have been listening to the feedback from testers and fixing up a bunch of problems with the dialogue and difficulty (Turns out that the normal difficulty is still pretty dang hard for the average player!) After all I got to make sure the game has the
  8. KayakoChan

    A small set of RTP-styled Christmas objects

    Happy Yule yesyes~! If anyone has any ideas of objects that they would like added I can see what I can do and if it's within my ability~ I probably wouldn't be able to do anything complicated like a sleigh or Reindeer though, I'm not quite at the level yet!
  9. KayakoChan

    A small set of RTP-styled Christmas objects

    Hello all! I've been around here for a while, Mostly to share my two current game projects. However, while working on my new game, and building in a Christmas event that shows up during the December month I realized that most Christmas resources are no longer available. As such, I set out to make some of my own, Edits compatible with the RTP style. Since this is the season of giving I decided I should share them with whoever may find them useful. It's not a lot But it should still help make your maps look a bit more festive. 2 Christmas trees 2 Wreaths 2 lines of Christmas lights A set of Christmas stockings To use, Save this image into your project's "Characters" folder and make sure the name starts with a dollar sign ($) You can now put these in your map as events. You can credit me if you want, Either as "Kayako" "Kogako" or "Rin" but you don't have to! Have fun~! Happy holidays! and Merry Christmas to all~
  10. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    It's been a while, The demo is technically done, just waiting for art! It may be quite early but. I will wish you all a merry Christmas in advance~!
  11. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    Still making slow progress, My artist finished the first of the busts for the main character so I could put it in and see what it looked like in-game~ It's taking longer to make a playable demo than I thought but I will do my best to make it worth the wait~
  12. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    I keep forgetting to post updated here (Since the place is a little dead) Seems that I am making progress a bit more slowly than anticipated so I'm probably going to release it when I have all of Melonie's amazing busts~ Here's a preview of her Miku bust she did for the project~
  13. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Decided to clean up the current version of my game and upload it to take care of some known issues as well as add a few small features. I'm still missing some art so there's still a number of scenes I can't add in yet. But at least I replaced some of the placeholders~ Like the first CG that shows if you lose to Malayna~ Changes since last version: Added more 'feedback' to the first trial of the redemption arc. Replaced Malayna's generic "Demon's rampage" skill by a new skill "Meteor strike". Replaced Gaia's generic "Tornado" skill with a new one "Dance of Death". Made it so that if you skip the first tactical battle you are offered the tutorial again later. Fixed spelling errors. Added rare consumable: bombs Updated the CG for being defeated by Malayna and Rilliane being tackled by a goo girl to their definitive ones. Fixed a bug that could occur if you razed the first big city but weren't otherwise 'pure evil' up to that point. Fixed a possible lock if Rilliane got knocked out in the second battle against Alastar while you were friends with her. Added a number of extra NPC reactions to events in the game. Fixed Riliane not updating graphics when equipped with the Leekblade All in all it's just another brick in the wall. The update is available at both MediaFire And Itch.io
  14. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)

    Thank you~ It's going to require a lot of hard work but it's worth it~
  15. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I'm afraid this update is taking a while. The artist I hired is pretty great but not the fastest. I am hoping to be able to release the definitive version with all the fixes and improvements before the end of this year, but given it takes 2 months per drawing I can't promise even that. I'm sorry for the long wait. I haven't dropped the game!
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