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  1. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Ehehe, You really give me too much credit! Sorry for the late reply, the last two weeks have been rather time-consuming indeed! Yeah, I feel like custom animations would have gone a long way, sadly I'm not really very good at those so perhaps for my next project (Or perhaps a remake if I get to that) It might be something worth looking into! I'm glad you did like it despite that little imperfection, I promise I'm still working on the game and am nearing the final stretch A few more areas, a few more rooms and I'll be done! I can't do the complicated visual stuff yet, but I have been playing around with the map-sprites more as seen in this video~
  2. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Ryvrdrgn and I went and set up a website for the game! Hopefully I'll be able to actually finish the game itself in the coming months~! http://laetitia-rpg.000webhostapp.com/
  3. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oh, Looks like the thread hasn't been locked again since the last update! I haven't shared any updates here since... the forums are kind of inactive! That said though I -HAVE- Been working on the game! The game now has a trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIiPvcKwndA As well as an updated demo which will (If nothing horrible happens) be compatible with the final version of the game so you can keep your old saves! (Sadly I can't promise this with 100% certainty since RPG maker can be wacky) Corruption of Laetitia - Demo 4C
  4. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I'm still going of course~! Not a lot to show here since the forum is pretty much dead. Merely bumping so the thread doesn't get locked again when I have a release~! Have some harpy gifs~
  5. KayakoChan

    Free Music Resource - Over 1500 Tracks

    These are some nice and inspiring songs indeed! I've been listening through the library and found some that might find their way in a project or two, If they do, is your username here the one by which I should credit you?~
  6. KayakoChan

    Shiny Pixelart from the shining Shin

    Uwah, so fancy~! That's definitely a lot more spiffy than I can produce! Sorry for the general deadness of this place~
  7. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I went back and fixed up the demo, the error that caused the occasional unusable saves should no longer exist! Since it's just a fix and not a completely new demo, the URL remains the same: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6w216eme8s1epj8/Corruption_of_Laetitia_-_Demo_4B.exe I'm still working on new maps and enemies for the game. Here's a picture of the currently in progress "Camp Akateko" in the Demonic home plane "The abyss" Most of the demon world will be Asian themed with the hopes I can include some interesting monsters from Japanese folklore without them feeling out of place.
  8. KayakoChan

    Touhou Tales: Spirit of Dark Memory

    Ufufu~ Welcome back~ And good luck on your project going forward again~
  9. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Phew, I am glad that worked out, I will hotfix the demo as soon as I can find a way to prevent the bug from ever occurring again. Until then, try to avoid saving in locations where your character is hidden under a cliff or wall as that seems to have a tiny chance of resulting in a wonky save like that~ Thank you for pointing this error out to me!♪
  10. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I can do that for you yes! It's an easy enough fix I could probably get with some script hacking in the load function. But for now this edited save should suffice~ Let me know if it works, I altered the save in a newer build so I am not sure what this will affect! Save02.rvdata2
  11. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Now that's an interesting bug indeed. How did you get stuck there? Did you walk through a certain wall or did you somehow just pop out from underneath it? I'll look into what could possibly cause that error right away!
  12. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thank you Nir~ Been making steady progress on my game, spriting new enemies has gone from a task that takes me a week to one that takes me a few hours, the result was this new mini-boss enemy that will be inhabiting the abyss:
  13. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Some of the people that played this game notified me that there were not enough chances to get to know the other main characters. I went back and added map "Skits" to help flesh them out to hopefully assist a little here! On-screen prompts based on your selected controller will inform you if you can trigger a conversation. Most of them come with decisions that affect your relationship with the involved characters. I hope this will solve one of the issues people had with my game, I will roll out these changes whenever I release the next version~!
  14. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    It's been a while, I let this thread die again didn't I? I have been working hard still though. Played through my game another two times to test the new balancing and made some minor tweaks (I still feel the mage route might be sightly overpowered, may have to up the risk there.) Finally got rid of all instances of RTP music used (Except two tracks from XP that I really love) Fixed an animation glitch after the Arowar conquest minigame Re-balanced some of the bosses to be a little stronger and not killed as easily in the mage route. Toned down a lot of the normal enemies as I was told they were still too tough. Increased exp gain from higher level monsters so grinding is no longer necessary. Re-balanced the cost of the Summon shade and Apocalypse spell. "Stairway to heaven" now counts as a side-quest for the "Devil is a part-timer" achievement. Added Bestiary entries for the Chemical ooze and Scrorpion monsters. I made a lot of progress beyond that of course. But This is just the patch notes for the demo. The download link remains the same http://www.mediafire.com/file/6w216eme8s1epj8/Corruption_of_Laetitia_-_Demo_4B.exe
  15. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Still working on the game every day, added two new areas since and new enemies including this.. thing The new demo has been updated with the following changes I made to the game: Boss: Purity Alpha, No longer uses "Mono Laser" twice in a row when enraged. Mana rage: Potency increased by 50%. Priestess: Raw ATK increased. Snake and Wisp enemy attack power nerfed. Cultist enemy attack power and defense buffed. New soul essence skills: Apocalypse: AOE damage based on your possessed soul power. Summon Shade stalker: summons a friendly but uncontrollable shade stalker into your party. Horrify: Cause non-boss enemies to flee. The download link remains the same