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  1. My second project is chugging along well, Hope it will turn out cute! I'd love to put more work into my first but still waiting for my artist there~

  2. KayakoChan

    Hearts Like Clockwork (Featuring Kagamine Rin)

    Ehehe~ Thank you I'm sorry for the little joke at the end~ In a way I credited you because of it, Fufufu~! You technically ensured the game demo will be better for it~ Well, Time to work hard~
  3. Far in the future, a war between humans and machinery has left the island country of Japan isolated. Now, decades after the Japanese managed to reclaim their country and rebuild it, it seems normalcy has returned. Hearts Like Clockwork follows the young Rin Kagamine as her ordinary daily life is about to become a lot more interesting, ...And a lot more dangerous. In this game you play as Rin Kagamine, Crypton High School's first-year class president. On the day her life is about to change forever. The adventure she will be dragged into will require her wit, strength, charm, and a good number of friends if she hopes to make it out alive. Whether it's through friendship, Music, or brute force, Your actions may affect more lives than you initially thought. This game features: Original art by Melonie Moon An original story which responds to your choices and playstyle. Many familiar characters from the "Vocaloid" voice synthesizer franchise such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, and Megpoid Gumi. A world crafted with love. A brand new "Smartphone" system that collects information about the world you're inhabiting, and lets you call your friends if you happen to be lost. A subtle twist on the Classic RPG-styled combat. A simple friendship system, and innocent, pure youth romance (Note: at this time all romance options are girls) Many jokes and references to Vocaloid songs and lore within them, none of which you need to know to enjoy the game! Screenshots! The game comes with a difficulty selection! Luka's homeroom class Outside the school Time to teach this guy size doesn't matter! Credits: A game by KayakoAmaya(KayakoChan) Graphics: Custom scene art by MelonieMoon ( www.meloniemoon.com ) (Hopefully Soon to replace the facesets) Placeholder faces by Suzuya appon Some map resources by Celianna Extra trees and clutter from Whtdragon Menu layouts based off Moghunter Parallaxes, Sprites, and misc by KayakoAmaya Sound and music: Custom SFX mostly from Gravity Sound Music "Skeleton life" Off vocal by ラムネP Music "Regret message" off vocal by mothy Music "Spiralling Thoughts" by Scythuz Music "Orphan Trope" by OnslaughtSupply Song Clip "8 Hit" by じーざす ft Kagamine Rin Song Clip "Proof of Life" by Hitoshizuku P ft Kagamine Rin Song Clip "Last night, Good night" by kz ft Hatsune Miku Song Clip "Love is war" by Ryo ft Hatsune Miku Coding: Engine by Enterbrain/Kadokawa Combat, journal, and message system by Yanfly HUD/Menu system by Moghunter Mapzoom plugin by Masked Save system and title skip by HimeWorks/Tsukihime Parallax system by Galv Mouse pointer system by Quasi/Quxios The demo is currently about 80% done, Still needing a few more maps, the replacing of facesets (if lucky!) and a boss spriteset. Sadly I was convinced 40 minutes isn't enough for a demo or it would be done! Special thanks to ChibiEvil for that <3
  4. KayakoChan

    A Rat's Journey - Homeward

    Congratulations on your release~ Despite the few tiny issues I found I had fun playing your game! It was cute and quirky for sure, I hope the feedback I gave you in private helped, and that your future projects turn out well! I do recommend this game for those looking for a short and charming little experience!
  5. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    The cult is something I should probably add more depth to in the future, yes. I will probably add a book or a semi-random story event somewhere to try and expand on it. Probably the Ilvine caverns or temple. Edit: And done, it will be released with the next big version.
  6. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Sadly I can't fix the problem on the TRPG sections, Reloading the map causes everything to stop functioning or crash the game entirely so I had to exclude those maps from the fix. Only way I could fix it would be to disallow saving there. But since they tend to be rather long that's not something I would like to do. As far as I know it's -really- hard to get into a no-win scenario due to the bug unless you really go out of your way to do so (The only way being driving your tank underneath that building which is far removed from the route you actually have to go) When the big patch day comes I'll see if I can turn those three battles into parallax maps without too many issues.
  7. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Ahn, That won't be necessary, my artist gave me permission to keep the new artworks in, and the old ones were just placeholders anyway~
  8. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Thank you, I felt that if I was going to force a transition anyway I better fill it up with something at least! That was a bug I definitely didn't anticipate but should have seen coming, I'll fix it quickly!
  9. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    I got permission from my artist to include the few artworks that have been redone as a sort of 'sneak preview' So that's one less worry. Beyond that though... Spent all day today implementing a somewhat dirty fix for this bug and testing if it didn't break anything else... I am pretty certain it has simply due to how complicated the game is already. I also noticed it didn't occur as much if you shut the game down using the ingame commands. And a lot more if you used F12 to reset. Right now when you load a save it will transfer you to a separate map before reloading the one you were in at the old position. From what I tested it doesn't cause additional bugs. But it can result in enemies being on top of you when you save on their start position. It seems to fix the problem at least. hopefully the side effects aren't as extreme as the old issues. I am compressing and uploading the fixes now! I'm completely worn out X3
  10. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Empty pages are related to the separate routes, due to the way I set them up (A huge list of conditional branches and the like) the pages can be collected out of order and some casn't be collected at all if you go a different route. It's a bit confusing but I really know no way to fix it without removing page numbering altogether which.. gets even more confusing. Edit: I looked up the issue with page 30, it indeed can occur based on certain choices due to a typo. It will be fixed in the next version: I would do that with having both versions, but the artist I am working with would rather I don't reveal too much of the art before it is all finished.(I got permission to include one of the images) Which a bit of a bummer since that means I can't use it for promotional material and the like... But I'd like to adhere to his wishes since this is the only artist that agreed to work for me out of many, the only thing I could do is have a version where all the art is ripped out and replaced by blank images since for most of them I don't have the old artworks due to my backup storage device getting damaged. And the current release of the project had everything compressed and locked away. Maybe that is the option I have to go with. But I will see once I talked to the artist. I will quickly make a branching version without the new scenes that don't have any art yet as I don't want to spoil them before they get it. I may end up doing the save point system. Though I'm certain I'm going to catch flak for that. And it will likely create a host of new bugs. It's really just the last way I know to get rid of the overhead tiles bug since it only occurs when you save. Edit2: The people I asked about the bug say that it's really not something I should fix if the fix removes the ability to save everywhere, Completely remaking the game is also not an option considering 4+ years went into making it and I know the few people that wanted to play it have already played it. It's unlikely I can gather the willpower to finish that gargantuan task with that in mind. (Not to mention the remake would have to be entirely parallax mapped to have the same effect, which takes way longer. Would lag more. And have a terrifyingly huge filesize.) I will talk to my artist and ask for permission to patch the game including the updated art they did so far. If not I will remove the updated art and replace them with obvious placeholders.
  11. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    There is a fair bit of leeway to becoming pure again. In one of my playthroughs I was able to get back to 30 corruption (The requirement for the uppermost floor in the tower) before going to the second world. The trials themselves also lower your corruption slightly!
  12. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Sadly that depth map bug is a known issue which can only be fixed in two ways, One being remaking the entire game without the feature. The other being making saving only possible in certain areas that don't use the script.Thus forcing me to add save points which people also don't seem to like. All I managed to do so far is making it so that you shouldn't get stuck anymore. I used a broken script and no one seems able to fix it. As for the title, I should be able to fix that, I probably misspelled something!
  13. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    A lot of these, except the tavernkeep one, were intentional and shouldn't cause issues as long as one of the scripts doesn't glitch, (One that allows the player to walk underneath walls)now I know that the chance exists that it does though a lot of things that weren't issues before suddenly are. Meaning I have a lot of extra work to do. I hope I can fix them all. Regardless, while I made the fixes, I can't upload any patches for the coming time as I am in the middle of two versions and the old version is lost due to data corruption. The new one relies on the progress with my artist as a lot of scenes look really weird now, So I hope there won't be more game-breakers.
  14. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oof, Yeah, I should really do more playthroughs of my game on the evil route and such... the problem is, I hate doing the evil things in my game... Y-Y So I tend to try if they work initially and just reload. Fixes should have been made again! (And again my last post was somehow not saved. Not sure what the hell is wrong here.)
  15. KayakoChan

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Ah, seems that's another thing I may have broken when fixing another bug. I will get on fixing that tomorrow! Hopefully this time without breaking something else. The game has become so huge and unstable~ Sorry for the trouble~! Edit: the version on the Mediafire (And probably Itch.io... never certain with that place.) should have the issue fixed. Exiting and re-entering the ruined city should remedy the current issues. Note that I have to rush to work now so I can't test it... busy life.