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  1. My second project is chugging along well, Hope it will turn out cute! I'd love to put more work into my first but still waiting for my artist there~

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    2. KayakoChan


      Ehehe, I haven't bought games on steam for years... Still have a backlog there~

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Well, most of the games I have I got because of Humble Bundle, but there are a few I bought myself.
      I also have several GoG games that I haven't played, either because I just haven't had the time, or they won't run on my current hardware. Actually, I have several Steam games that also don't run on my current hardware...

    4. KayakoChan


      Ehehehe~ I know a fair number of people with that problem~ If not for my injuries I'd probably be suffering it myself by now~ At the very least not being able to use your hands much helps save money~