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    Game Development, Character Design, Story Design, Concept Art. Those are my strengths, my weakness is dialogue. I watch anime, I'm a PS3er. I'm also a Furry and Cosplay admirer. I'm a Brony. I work with several other Indie companies and have a strong influence that allows me to make connections. I want to learn scripting. I have a rolemodel yet I'm like a hero to my closet friends.

    I also love horror games, particularly zombie games, and I prefer zombie movies over slasher films though I'd watch those too!

    Creator of The Dragon Divine Chronicles, Meka Isan ( Mecha Legacy ), The Blade Goddess Chronicles. My current project is TBGC:Origins!

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  1. The Dragon God

    VRG: Next Step in Game Evolution?

    Hello Dear Readers, First off thank you for making my Blog interesting, with such insightful and compelling thoughts. As always, everyone is welcome to speak here and freely address their opinions. Remember, you are the reason I write, this is the virtual slate to write thy words, to voice thou perspective! ( yes, I do talk this way, and no, I am not old ). So down to business. I have always been a notable talker on various game communities and I enjoy our conversations! So now, simple question, what do you think about virtual reality gaming. It is obvious this is our industry's next step. Is it too soon, will the world enjoy diving their minds into unknown worlds? Also please know, I am very very passionate about games, I do not under any circumstances believe "games are just games", that phrase people use is invalid. This phrase only applies to board games, video games are much more sophisticated. These are worlds my friends, worlds, living worlds of various cultures, it's no longer just a game. It is life virtualized!
  2. https://animatedbattlers.wordpress.com/ Try Holder's website, he has sprites, enemies you can use.
  3. The Dragon God

    Tileset Transparency issue!

    It seems to me your trying to mix tiles into other tilesets that it originally wasn't in. When you do this, it may come off as appearing bad. Like a angle here or there that appears that shouldn't be there. For example, on a map I made of a snow town, I tried using the snow rooftops ( this by the way is the exterior tileset I am talking about ),anyway there was a collusion, or mess up where the game would not allow me to add chimneys because the game thinks I placed no roof. I eventually tricked the game and got this resolved. Anyway, where are you trying to put those lockers? On a wall I assume? When making new maps, you can go to your Editor, on the left side of your screen, there's always a list of new and old maps you've created. Go there and click on the maps you want to design, a pop up would appear if you left click those maps and it will allow you to change each map's properties, meaning you can change each tileset a map uses individually. Otherwise go to your Database, in the game Editor and undo any changes you've made to each tileset. Also perhaps a picture of the map or maps your trying to do this stuff on would help me pinpoint the issues. When you use tiles, they are designed to fit and be used for specific tilesets. So for example, using say a cliff tile in a Interior map would not work. Also messing up your tilesets on your game database also could effect the way it appears in your game maps. As for the transparency issue, that door is drawn to fit on an exterior map, say the outside of a building; used as an entrance. Whereas that locker has a transparent background, meaning it is drawn to fit in an interior map, like someone's house. When you put it in a house or building, it will appear in-game blended into0 the wall. Now if the wall you used has a wooden appearance, then this throws off the overall image because the locker is metal. So use the locker on a map where you have metal walls. Hopefully this helps.
  4. The Dragon God

    Hello! Welcome to my blog!

    Where's this Blog ye spoketh of?
  5. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    I heard Kickstarter is not good to use for they have some weird @#$ set-up for payment or some contract. I am thinking of using Indiegogo.
  6. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    WTH! Requirements now to DLC! This is outrageous! making me buy some other DLC just to be able to use the one DLC I originally wanted. Barbaric!
  7. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    Hmm, very interesting. Good valid points and great insight! I still prefer to play the games, maybe to find a glimmer of hope from that one rare gem that shines bright. Idk that's just me lol
  8. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    Wth! Darn you Sqaure Enix. I didn't know they release a remake period for FF7, I know everyone would be excited for that, it was the most desired remake out of the FF series. Actually I have a Dragon Quest game for DS (Original), and it is actually a good game but the character models were done by Akira Toriyama (DBZ FTW!!). I actually want to get Bravely Default, thank you for remaining me! Well, now that we get right into it lol, dam those guys at E3! all they care about is money. That's why I became a indie game dev, to revive RPGs! And hopefully my game will fulfiil that!
  9. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    Good points, I have no ground to argue nor would I. But even though i love Skyrim, is nearly the same formula as it's older incarnations. But my enemy is Square Enix with the Final Fantasy series. Now I admit, i have not played any demo for FF15, but they only seem to care for graphics since, FF10 arguably. I welcome RPG elements in other genres, as long as it is done well, I would dare say it would make FPSs better. Omg have you seen the stories they have for COD? I prefer Battlefield any day even IF their stories are no better, at least they make the gameplay awesome!
  10. The Dragon God

    Creativity, Where art thou in Games!

    Your free in MY Blog to speak your mind and so far I am impressed! Very good insight and suggestions!
  11. The Dragon God

    Female Commanders, Soldiers, and General Actors

    Excellent work on the sprites Noellechan! Keep up the good work!
  12. The Dragon God

    Jubilee Royale

    Congrats on getting this awesome game into the Showroom! This game I will support and play when it comes out.
  13. The Dragon God

    Sugar Sweet

    Wow, to be honest, I didn't know you were making a game nor already had one out. Congrats on your success and dreams! I apologize for not knowing, having no internet at home took me out the loop. Anyway, this sounds like an awesome game! OMG the art is absolutely amazing, I am loving that style, looks like paintings! I am totally supporting this game! Besides I need some humor in my life! The story is interesting so I'll play for that as well!
  14. The Maiden of the Wind is a goddess, because her maps are divine! I'm caught in the wind, and her skills are razor sharp!

  15. The Dragon God

    Clothing - Female Characters

    Oh thank you everyone for taking the time to check out my thoughts!
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