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  1. Shi-an

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Oh my goodness this project is still going oooooonnnnn!!! It was years ago now that I last played but I remember enjoying the demo. I should totally take my project out of hiatus too... maybe... I will play the demo again when I have time, or should I wait for the next update?
  2. Shi-an

    Ruined Future: The Bad Ending

    Hello, I tried out a little bit of the game. I wanted to mention that the start of the game is way too grindy. The amount of experience you gain is too low relative to how hard it is. I know now that I played through it that you just need a bunch of potions to survive until you get more characters in your party, but even that requires some grinding to get the potions from drops/buying. Grinding this early in the game would be a huge turn-off for a lot of people (especially since it's just attack, attack, heal, repeat), when they really want to get into the story/exploring the world. I did like the direction you took with the knights of the round table, I have only a passing knowledge but some of the names are familiar. Also the music was very exciting and dynamic. Anyway good job and good luck in the future with your project!
  3. When I read point and click I thought Myst, so I was surprised to see the standard rpg maker format. Will be interesting to see how it pans out!
  4. Shi-an

    Linking events to time/tics.

    Vlue's day/night script is gold and will Solve all your problems. http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/6145-advanced-game-time/ There should be instructions about how to use a script conditional branch for specific times. You could technically also do this with a parallel process increasing a variable by say one per second, but vlue's script is easier.
  5. I guess I should just add a disclaimer that I am by no means a pro game-tester, and I played the game over-critically because that's how I'd want people on this forum to play any games I post, as I believe it's more helpful at the cost of being a bit nitpicky. That doesn't mean anything I say is right, only that it's how I felt at the time and you might want to take it into account. Looking forward to the next demo/final version.
  6. - Actually it's more Risalia itself that has rushed pacing. This could just be because it's still in development. - The problem is that the sit down sessions are a data dump and feel forced. It's BAM! A bunch of talking and information and when it's your first time playing it can be hard to digest it all. It needs to be broken up in one way or another, whether it be moving the characters (e.g. character walks a few steps away before saying something important for dramatic effect) changing sprites or faces, bubbles, descriptions or statements like "pass me the salt", sound effects, just something to make it so it's not just reading a wall of text. Actually this is something I have to be careful of too and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to realise this with your game. - You could still use an image same as the background to fix the text box problem in battles. Having such a blatant bug just makes the game all of a sudden look unprofessional, especially so early in the game too. Up to you. - So long as Soanna doesn't recover as much ch it's good. - It could just be me with the loading problem. I get an error buzzer then can't do anything else. Maybe see if someone else gets the same error. - I don't know who the Thieves guild PR guy even is. Is it the boss guy in the underground tunnel? The problem is I don't quite know who the relevant parties are, or who is in which party. I think the situation is that the thieves had one of their members killed and so now they're killing everyone and the nobles and guards have placed a lockdown, but it was kind of hard getting to that conclusion. I don't really know how to make it better now that I know what it is, I'd recommend getting more feedback from other people.
  7. I tried out the demo, and all in all it was pretty good. The music was brilliant, the story was interesting enough, the pacing was good for most of the game (although not so much towards the end to be honest, I thought it went a bit too fast). I do like the direction you've taken of putting a stronger focus on the characters and getting to know them gradually, and also the characters questioning the morality of some of the things they do without giving a straight up solution of what is right or wrong. At times the little insights into the characters' pasts and personality were smooth and natural, other times not so much. This worked best when talking to the various NPCs and seeing how the characters reacted, whilst the "sit down and talk about ourselves" sessions felt forced and like a bit of a data dump. The combat system was average, not bad but nothing to write home about. I'm interested in finding out why exactly Riev is a wanted man and why and how Gia is cursed, so you have achieved what I believe is your primary objective, that is to create interesting and attractive characters. I will be keeping an eye on this game and wish you the best of luck! Some nitpicks below: Bugs Suggestions Good stuff
  8. As someone who is clueless about ruby or whatever I can say that if a script doesn't do what I want it to, I move to the next one or give up on the feature. In the end it's your own script. Unless you charge actual money for access to it you don't "owe" the users anything. But from a user's point of view, there's a blurry line between how much time and effort we're willing to make tinkering with the script relative to how much we want the feature. So an important thing to consider is what is so special about your script that we use it instead of others that do the same or similar things.
  9. Shi-an

    Sugar Sweet

    The eyes... are... mesmerising...
  10. Shi-an

    Corruption of Laetitia

    No need to push yourself. Nobody will hate you for letting a project die because of your health (I would be disappointed if it died from lack of passion, but again no hate there.)
  11. Shi-an

    Corruption of Laetitia

    Unfortunate to hear that the game production is slowing down and why it's slowing down. Still wish you the best of luck and fingers crossed that the game moves forward!
  12. I really liked this game. The story was interesting and well-paced and the gameboyfying of the RTP was a good design choice and very nice. I'm also not sure if it was intended but I really liked how you made guard an actually useful skill to use in the right situation, because in that boss fight when the boss increases their defence, you're better off casting that "enemies are more likely to attack me" skill and then guarding your way through it than just attacking. Was this really done in a week? It seems hard to believe.
  13. You could sort of consider it in the same way as extras on a DVD. Sure, you might like the movie, but that doesn't mean you want to watch the director's commentary and deleted scenes. But some people do and that's why they're there. Whilst I agree that it should be optional, putting it in a game and making it clear to the player that it's optional, world-building info is difficult without making it meta. The ideal thing would be something like coming back to NPCs in previous towns and getting different dialogue that gives additional info. It's easy for the player to catch on that they can do this to get extra info, whilst knowing it's not vital. Alternatively you could have another-medium extra, like releasing a side-story as a comic or even another short game.
  14. Shi-an

    Commercial vs Non Commercial

    Does donations count as commercial is definitely a grey area, that is further complicated by differences in international copyright law etc. However, I would put donations as leaning towards commercial moreso than non-commercial. At the very least it would be its own category where neither the rules for commercial nor non-commercial exclusively apply. - Regardless of whether you end up with a loss, you are still gaining monetary compensation for your work. With the potential to make a profit, and if you actually do make a profit, anyone willing to sue you would have a pretty good case. A very important distinction in some places for the difference between a taxable business/hobby can be whether there is a real, or even just intent to make a profit. - Content creators may have their own views. Whilst they may never allow commercial use of their content, they might allow a donation system. Likewise they may be entirely against all monetary compensation, including through donations. They may even have extra restrictions they wish to implement (e.g. they only allow income from ad revenue to allow lets-players to receive money for their videos, or maybe it's free to edit non-commercial but commercially no editing.) - Even if you explicitly state that all donations go to future projects, that's still creating revenue that otherwise would not have existed. The short answer is it's really up to the content creator to decide whether a non-commercial restriction for their content is breached when donations are allowed. My advice would be is to avoid any future problems, send each creator an email asking for permission to receive donations for your game with their content.
  15. Hello, I'm not sure if you're still working on this project but I thought I'd just give a few comments. The story idea is INCREDIBLY interesting. The idea of some people who escaped a plague having to go back to the place they escaped from lends itself to all kinds of interesting stories and events etc... but when I actually played the game the story doesn't seem to make much use of these opportunities. I guess I was expecting more hate from the inhabitants of the world below, the miasma to be a much bigger problem, something along those lines. The way the story goes is up to you though. I also had a bit of a problem with the pacing of the game. I feel like everything goes a bit too fast and a bit more fleshing out would work well. Graphics are definitely the highlight. I was honestly surprised (in a good way) when I saw the "dragon" graphic complete with moving fire. Good luck with it all!
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