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  1. kawaii

    Overlay Mapping

    Demo and newest version of this script here
  2. kawaii

    Overlay Mapping

    Below materials and above main.
  3. kawaii

    Debug Frameskip

    This script is too short, simple and useful. Keep your good work Theo.
  4. Nice, I think you are a good mapper. I hope it'll release soon... @Theo: If I'm not wrong then he/she uses Symphony Battle. Maybe.
  5. kawaii

    Theo - Difficulty Settings

    B/c your scripts really simple and useful, it's very helpful with me... and the most important is my English isn't good then I rarely to comment.
  6. Change this value to 50 # Z coordinate of the Effect's Surface Surface_Z = 180
  7. Haha, I know why, because you set common event 1 like that: when you get the latern,switch HasLatern ON, then common event 1 will run and set the weather effect is snow, but it's autorun, if you don't remove or do anything to disappear it so the game will freeze.
  8. Again, thanks for the help - but doing exactly what you suggested made no difference. Any other ideas?? Have I somehow broken the universe? Can you upload your demo? I'll try to fix this bug...
  9. Ok, try it: In Event 9: Remove line from 4 to 9 in script call In Event 14: Add comment [light 3] (config in script) in above of event after that, show text: "Ah, a latern! This could be helpful. And add script to set latern for player: l = $game_map.lantern l.change_owner($game_player) l.set_graphic("torch_m") l.set_opacity(180,30) l.show After that, use control self switch to A (not need control switch)
  10. Use it to set latern for player. And you don't need set latern for event. Just add comment: [light 3] l = $game_map.lantern l.change_owner($game_player) l.set_graphic("torch_m") l.set_opacity(180,30) l.show Sorry my english isn't good.
  11. kawaii

    Ocarina of Time Script

    So awesome, I think I can make some puzzle with it.
  12. kawaii

    Problem with Overlay Mapping - Yami

    Thank you, it's work. Arigatouuuuuuuuuuuuuu