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  1. You could use multiple combo tools.
  2. Dymdez

    Music freebies you may have missed out on!

    Scythuz thank you! You always have great stuff in the staff releases!
  3. Yeah, you put User Graphic = custom $Axe
  4. I gave you the answer. User Graphic = custom $customgraphic That will replace the Sprite if you use the custom tag. I've done it a billion times. You can just set the custom tag to just the weapon swinging (no Sprite). There, done.
  5. It doesn't make any sense but I think I know what you mean...you can do it with the following note tag User Graphic = custom $graphicname
  6. Sixth, couldn't it also be a problem with tool invoke skill if he's using a weapon?
  7. No both of the tools complete note tags you posted only a tiny portion of them
  8. Ok. copy and paste the note tag from the tool you used in the demo here and also copy and paste the tool from your project that won't work here. Let's compare the two.
  9. Dymdez

    Sugar Sweet

    Holy hell on a Popsicle this game looks absurdly beautiful
  10. Well what I mean by that is the default animations in the database are all much larger (literally bigger) than what you would use because they're meant for a different battle scene. If you look Falcao added a bunch of new animations which are really just resized (they start with "--") and those definitely work. Maybe you're using a database default animation as opposed to a properly sized one and that's why it's not working?
  11. I would check to see if it doesn't work with any animation. Maybe the default database animations don't work with it because they're too big, try the ABS animations and see if those work. If it works in the demo, take the same setup from the demo (enemy note tags, animation used, etc) and recreate it in your project. If it still doesn't work, then we need to see everything involved, which can get tricky but is doable
  12. I remember have a ton of issues with that note tag, I could only get it to work with enemy objects. Does your problem occur in the demo?
  13. Yes, Sixth wrote a script for that, ask him permission to use it!
  14. A good mage always has a light source: http://imgur.com/a/n9o13

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