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  1. Titanhex

    Fishing Script

    Thanks for the error report. I'll be sure to look into it. Might take me a bit to fix it, but I'll give it a shot using the info you've given me.
  2. New PMs is fine. Adding them to the discussion from the side box, or putting them into the Additional Recipients line, results in the same outcome of the "User not existing"
  3. Hey I'm having a major issue with the forum. Whever I try to add people to a discussion, or invite people to a discussion, or compose a new discussion with multiple people in it, the forum tells me these people don't exist. USERS: Firen GaiaVellir Stryke I've had this issue before. What's wrong with the board?
  4. Ace Academy needs tutors. If you like helping people learn art/music/game design, please sign up! http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/24255-tutor-application/

  5. Ace Academy is in need of people to apply as "Teacher-Characters," It's more like playing the part of McGonall or Kakashi, and involves no need to teach RPG Maker.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kuronekox


      I had a feeling that was why no one wanted to apply to become a teacher..cause they don't wanna teach people how to use RPG Maker. lol

    3. MinisterJay


      Later on today, I just might officially apply hmmm. Lot of ministry stuff to do, but I may just have time :)


    4. Euphoria


      I just don't think I'd do well in a role playing environment :P

  6. Maps are limited at 500x500 In terms of pixels that's 16000x16000
  7. Titanhex

    Thex Character Creation

    Sadly, GameCreations is right. In order to make it show a specific face, you will need to use conditional branches. I doubt it would have been hard to add an option in the software to pick an actor face graphic, but the developers of RMVXA had oversighted it. It is doable with call script, but it's messy. I'm sure there's a few scripts out there that can handle this though, like modern_algebra's ATS.
  8. Some news: Application deadlines for Ace Academy have been extended to June 18th to allow us to better fill each house.

    1. RagingHobo


      What are the counts so far?

    2. Hirei


      Hm I might have to join this :)


  9. Ace Academy is on day 5 of enrollments. Check it out! People have been surprised a concept like this exists and they almost missed it.

  10. We're in Day 5 of Ace Academy student enrollments. Don't forget to submit, incase a change needs to be made! Enrollment ends June 9th @5PM MST. I'll try to upload a tutorial on filling out the app today.

  11. Titanhex

    Variable / Event help please!

    This one is pretty easy. Try either setting XP Difference to 0 at the start of the contents or setting the XP Difference variable instead of adding to it. The variable doesn't initialize back to 0. That's something you have to do. So, you have a residual number hanging around that XP Difference variable every time you use it.
  12. In 5 minutes (6PM MST) I will be hosting a livestream to teach the 3 fundamental mechanics of RPG Maker. Join me: www.twitch.tv/titanhex

    1. Kuronekox


      Thanks, it makes more sense now.

  13. I feel like the HP Avatars and Ace Academy Enrollment have a coincidental timing.

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    2. Titanhex


      Harry Potter.

    3. LordSquirrel
    4. Jonnie91


      It really is a coincidence :D It is kinda funny really...and actually the reason for the avatars is...for another reason ^_^

  14. Incase anyone didn't know, Student Applications for Ace Academy have opened. There's a week left, so no rush. Good luck!

  15. Student Enrollment for Ace Academy begins tomorrow. Hop on board and check it out if you haven't.

    1. NeverBetter


      What might this be?

    2. ShinGamix
    3. NeverBetter


      Slightly embarrased to say, but I don't meet the minimum requirements. I've only so far managed to make a small map, and that's about it. No dialouge or anything of that nature. I'm such a complete noob to it that I'm still not able to do much else other than lay down tiles and other things of that nature...

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