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  1. "When one Memory is tainted... it corrupts another... creating nothing but an never-ending Nightmare... " Gensokyo; (dubbed as the Land of Illusions or Land of Fantasy) is a large Island surrounded by many mountainous regions. Home to different populations, Rabbits and Humans make up a small part while the rest are populated with many different forms of Youkai; including spirits as well. With the creation of the Great Hakurei Border, very little people of the Outside world would know the location of Gensokyo as it stands in a veil after the Great War that met it's end... cutting off any forms of contact with this form of society. Even with the Great Hakurei Border, some Youkai and Humans would leave or accidentally come here without knowing it is there, many of the human population are because of people who were captured during the war; those who have fought in the war; and those who come to seek shelter and escape from many influences of the Outside world. Because of it's isolation, many of Gensokyo's culture are little influence of modern Japan, many of the spiritual practices, certain items such as tea leaves; and old style food items in Gensokyo would show that old and traditional Japan still lingers here... despite the modern technology era slowly coming into Gensokyo. Today, Gensokyo is still cut off from almost many influences, maintaining it's traditional arts and style to the coming years ahead. Many months have passed since the Incidents of the Cherry Blossom and that of the Scarlet Mist... Today marks the first day of Spring and the whole land of Gensokyo would soon bloom back to it's former self. Many of the residents of Gensokyo would rest and relax, knowing that it would be a peaceful day to start a new year. However many of them still are careful; as the war between the Humans and the Youkai still lingers, even when the Great Hakurei Border was created. The tension still grows, but it remains docile as many wish to run their lives normally. Reimu Hakurei; the maiden of the Hakurei Shrine would prepare an upcoming festivity later in the day to mark the first day of Spring in Gensokyo. It was not long after that Reimu and eventually that many others experience a strange aura of uneasiness around Gensokyo... Something was wrong... It wouldn't be soon that this will spread throughout... On the night of the festivity, nearly everyone attends, despite the restless aura, everyone continues to have a good time to celebrate the first day of spring. Later on, many people have come to terms that something was not right, the feeling of dread spreads within the Shrine, without knowing that they will meet something... that Gensokyo will never forget.... Tensions still linger between the Youkai and Humans over the past 1,200 years as countless battles/wars between the two ravages the land of Gensokyo and that of the Outside World. Many years before 1885 A.D., The Youkai have invaded the very borders of Japan; destroying many Human settlements to hurting many of the citizens of the Outside World. The Humans retaliated however, defeating many of the Youkai that invaded their land. But the Youkai were relentless.... many have come back; raiding many settlements before destroying them for food and supplies; and the Humans alike. It was not long until the Japan military was able to pinpoint the location of where the Youkai have come from.... Many planes flew to Gensokyo, sending down airstrikes hoping to weaken the strength of the aggressive Youkai. But it didn't... it made things a lot worse. The Youkai began using their prisoners as a shield to warn the borders of Japan. Many have been killed during the airstrikes while the Youkai are able to replenish their forces. The Humans would counter this by sending many people to Gensokyo to exorcise and exterminate them. While this has been affecting the Outside world, other than the Youkai, many of the local residents in Gensokyo are also in danger of getting killed... As countless wars continue to ravage between the lands, it was not until the final battle where rumours of an item in Gensokyo that grants immortality would bring the war to a nightmarish end... 1885 A.D. The Great Hakurei Border was created to stop the Humans from marching further and to also stop many of the Youkai from invading, as an attempt to stop the tensions between the Humans and Youkai... The Hakurei Border would create a veil to isolate itself from the Outside world; to never let them find Gensokyo ever again, trapping anything that was within Gensokyo.... Has the war ended? For now.... as this marks Year 0.... These are the current characters you'll be teaming up in the World of Gensokyo. As the project progresses, more and more characters will be added to this page and unlocked to increase your party's power and toward Victory! Each character have unique attacks and personalities that allows many opportunities in battle! Read the descriptions left to right to the corresponding character. Reimu Hakurei - Age: At least 15 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Auras, High Intuition, Fighting, Summoning Godly powers; Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine; located very far east of Gensokyo near a mountainous region. Being the sole shrine maiden other than Sanae, Reimu is often called upon many times to investigate activities and incidents that happens throughout Gensokyo. Reimu is described as an easy-going, optimistic, dutiful, and curious person; sometimes to a larger extent. Se's often sympathetic to other people, sometimes her rivals. The Hakurei Shrine today is the popular locale for many residents of Gensokyo. Marisa Kirisame - Age: At least 16 years-old Abilities: High-level Magic A Human Magician and a very close friend of Reimu. She is often described as a straight-forward and a very self-confident person who often loves to get into trouble just of curiosity. Despite that, Marisa is a very determined hard worker; trying to equal her magic skills similar to that of Reimu's. You will often see Reimu and Marisa together throughout their times together. Alice Margatroid - Age: Unknown, Possibly young as a Youkai Abilities: Magic, Puppetry Proficiency A Magician capable of using dolls to aid her in battle. Alice lives alongside with Marisa as neighbours in the Forest of Magic. However, she spends most of her time alone making dolls as a hobby; which limits her relationship to mostly Marisa and Reimu (though Alice harbours more feelings to Marisa). Alice relies on her dolls to attack for her, which makes her to be more strategic than relying on full power magic or danmaku. Aya Shameimaru - Age: Over 1000 years-old, possibly around the same age as Yukari Abilities: Sharp Vision and hearing from great distances, Manipulation of Wind A Crow Tengu who is very known as Gensokyo's local Newspaper writer who often writes news story with exaggerating details. Despite that, Aya is very strong with her abilities, stronger than she realizes, most of the time she would "accidentally win" when she tries to find a news story. Aya calls her local newspaper to many of the residents of Gensokyo; Bunbunmaru Newspaper. Hong Meiling - Age: Unknown Abilities: Chinese Martial Arts, Manipulation of Qi A Youkai, part gatekeeper and gardener who patrols the gate of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is very known for her mastery in the martial arts. Despite her skills, The Scarlet Devil Mansion is often quiet without incident; in which most cases she would fall asleep and let many residents of Gensokyo pass without worry. Very little info is found about her origin. Sakuya Izayoi - Age: Appears to be around 16-20 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Time and Space, Knife Proficiency Chief Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who works for her mistress, Remilia Scarlet. Her true power is manipulating time. She would throw knives mid-air as time stops which then aims and flies directly at her targets. She would often stop time to finish cleaning many of the areas of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; despite having fairy maids around to work. Patchouli Knowledge - Age: Around 100 years-old Abilities: Magic, highly skilled in Elemental Magic A very smart magician from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Patchouli spends most of her time in the Voile Library (main library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion) reading and writing out many magic books. Her skill in elemental magic makes her capable of casting powerful magic in multiples. However, her poor health along with Asthma, Anemia, there are chances she may not be able to recite spells at times. Remilia Scarlet - Age: Around to be 500 years-old Abilities: Manipulation of Fate Owner and Head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion; Mistress of Sakuya and Meiling; and the older sister and guardian of Flandre Scarlet. Though her appearance is often childlike and her behaviour as well, her fearsome magical attacks are known throughout Gensokyo as the "Scarlet Devil" . Like many vampires she is very sensitive to light and weakens if she is exposed, to which most of the time she stays inside the mansion that has few windows. Yuyuko Saigyouji - Age: Deceased but Immortal (Existed for at least 1,000 years) Abilities: Manipulation of Death, Ability to control Departed souls The Ghost princess of Hakugyokurou, but was once a human being. Her death from suicide would let her body to place a seal on the Saigyou Ayakashi, a dangerous youkai cherry blossom tree that would kill innocent humans. Despite this, Yuyuko's personality is very friendly and good-humoured among many residents of Gensokyo who knows her. Unlike many ghosts, her spirit resembles a human body of which she can freely move around Gensokyo. Youmu Konpaku - Age: Possibly to be under 60 years-old Abilities: Sword-fighting, concentration, super-speed A person with a mixed breed of part Human, part phantom who attends the gardens of Hakugyokurou. Youmu has a straightforward and focused personality, which compliments her very skills in sword-fighting; learned from her former teacher and former gardener, Youki Konpaku. She works and follow orders from Yuyuko Saigyouji as best as she can; mostly spending her time in the garden tending them with care. Yukari Yakumo - Age: 1,200 years-old, possibly older than Gensokyo's history Abilities: Manipulation of Boundaries Yukari Yakumo is a youkai of boundaries. One of the most powerful Youkai to live in Gensokyo; along with others (Suika and Yuyuko). Most of the time, she spends at her home sleeping all day and enjoy most of her life there. Although she rarely leaves home, she is often acquainted with Suika and Yuyuko including those who maintain the border of Gensokyo; mainly Reimu. Though she is often flaky and unreliable all the time, when the safety or security of Gensokyo is at stake, she will do whatever it takes to get involved. Cirno - Age: Implied to be 60 years, however childish in Youkai terms Abilities: Manipulation of anything that is cold Cirno is a Youkai Ice fairy who mostly spends her time in the Misty Lake. Comparing to average fairies that live throughout Gensokyo, she is considered to be the strongest of them all with her ice attacks and skills. Often, she loses to those she challenges to the residents of Gensokyo. Cirno's personality is childish, rather incompetent, and aggressive; attacking anyone who she thinks as an enemy without thinking twice of the odds. Here are some screenies of the project! It's not much but many many more will be added once the demo progresses! For now these are test videos for now just to show we're getting some things done. But it's better than screenies no? We'll include some very soundtracks used in the Touhou project that you will not find anywhere, it took some time to find the very ones that are fitting to the story and battle. More to come after a few works! Explore the open world of Gensokyo anytime anywhere! As you venture through your story, many challenges are ahead to test your skills, These challenges include story-changing sub scenarios, quests, finding vistas, and testing your battle skills against formidable foes in many skill challenges hidden around Gensokyo, from land sea, and air... including the underworld.... Don't always rely on pure power to defeat your foes! The Enemies in Gensokyo are relentless, they will do whatever it takes to get you into tough situations. Enemies will also remain strong as you get stronger, be careful not to let your guard down at all costs, you won't turn back once it's done! The ultimate difficulty of Touhou, unlocked after the main story which unlocks extra content for you to finish up! More locations are revealed, Time won't stop in battle, enemies gain new skills, and nothing will stop these new enemies to try to take you down. Nothing is safe, nothing will be easy, survival and strategy is the only key to victory.... If you like being a berserker that relies on heavy damage, a tank that can take damages for your allies, or a healer that can help your allies survive. You can build the stats of your characters any you like. Instead of weapons and armor granting you stats, you will be getting Jewels; upgrade components that grant bonus stats to your characters, in which you can remove them anytime you want. To achieve the jewels you would like, you can find them hidden around Gensokyo, or... create them by crafting them! No random encounters, enemies will freely roam around the areas where you cross, but they won't stand there all the time! Unique map encounter AI will make sure that you are careful at all times. From disappearing to appearing, while some chase you if you get within their range, and some... do nothing at all but just walk or stand! The primary sources of power and the main form of attacks of the Touhou Realm. Every character have unique powerful Spell and Skill cards to use in their time of need. Each have different effects and abilities that can turn the tide in battle to ensure your advantage or your victory. Be sure to use them at the right time however or else face the long cooldowns! We did our best to make this Touhou project as custom as possible! From RTP Parallax mapping, custom Touhou portraits, to custom Touhou menus and UI, We hope to give you players a different experience to our first time fanmade Touhou RPG project! We thank the following people below! Without their scripts and resources, we wouldn't have this project! Donate your free support to Reimu Hakurei and the Touhou project! We don't accept money, we accept free hugs though~ If you like to support us, use this banner below! Even though this project is still in a work in progress, the amount of support we can get from you will help us keep going no matter what~ Even so, we'll do our best to give you guys a great experience~ Thank you for your time to look at our project, we'll see you next time on the next update~ ^-^
  2. My goodness, it has been a very long time I've came back here It's nice to see the familiar faces and new ones of this community~ To those who don't know me, I'm the Ghost Mistress of Hakugyokurou~ Alright... I'm LadyMinerva or Minerva for short x3 I've been a member of this community for almost 3 years~ (or longer) I'm experienced in designing and parallax mapping in the basic RM so far. I do have a current project here on the community that was a while back, but I've been on hiatus and a couple of life problems have happened so I needed some time away to regain my strength :3 Now I'm back and continuing where I left off and I hope to start a fresh new start with everyone here~ To be honest, from the very start; I have never made a formal introduction here so I'm like "why not? I got to start somewhere right?" xD Once again, it is nice to come back to the community and I hope everyone can accept a Ghostly Mistress here and again~
  3. LadyMinerva

    It has been a loonngg while~

    Oh no worries, Cirno is your favourite character if I still remember~ It's never too late~ The real party is the forums after all; working all day and night xD
  4. LadyMinerva

    It has been a loonngg while~

    *notices this after a month; gg Min* I feel I had this conversation before xD Waaahhh, I was so busy with things i never got back to check xD Yessss, my favourite Cirno- no wait my fairy is still around~
  5. It's my birthday today~ ^~^ But It snowed a lot so this will be a quiet Christmas this year for me.


    Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance to everyone~

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Well, Happy Birthday, Happy Yule, and New Luna.


      No snow here, but it is balls-to-the-wall cold...


      I'll be keeping my wool blanket at the ready...

    2. Crescent


      happy birthday :)

    3. lonequeso


      Happy Birthday!

  6. LadyMinerva

    Returning from hibernation

    Allie!! I missed you so much~ *tackles with hugs* I'm glad to see you back here as well xD How have you been?
  7. LadyMinerva

    It has been a loonngg while~

    Awwwww~ I missed you too Raymi x3 How is my Pikachu doing? Thank you Crescent, It's nice to see you again~
  8. LadyMinerva

    It has been a loonngg while~

    Thank you guys xD I see the forums have changed a LOT the last time I came here. I trust everyone will show me how it's done again when the time comes~ @Meep007 *Nibbling on a oatmeal muffin* Uhhhh, what muffins? xD
  9. LadyMinerva

    A Killozapian Entry

    Racism and discrimination has been a big problem since the start. Even with solutions being presented onto the table, some people won't move on and forget the past events that have happened to them, thus they bring this to the new generation of people as well. Even with isolationism, that still won't stop the racism and discrimination that is still happening inside the country itself. It really does disgust me to see the younger generation (at least some) are acting like this because they get influenced too easily with modernism and the events mentioned up above. I'm quite worried where the world will go myself :3
  10. It's been quite some time I ever left something in our Touhou Project x3 Well, let's get back to it shall we? *Ahem* Hullo hullo everyone~ Welcome back to another entry of Minerva's Touhou Diary This entry we're just going to talk about our very old project and what's going to happen to it in the future. I haven't left any updates in our project in a while up to the point where it was inactive xD But fear not, We're not abandoning this project, all the work and effort that we put into it so far will not go to waste for all you Touhou people out there! A lot of things has happened with me and my partner in crime over the last few months so our progression towards the Touhou project grinded into a halt. We didn't have much to show as well since it's just mapping and creating the proper assets over the past few months, pretty much we've been trying to get some good ideas implemented into it :3 So hopefully with the New Year of 2017, we can get something actually going~ So just to summarize, this project is quietly being worked on. I'm really sorry to everyone who has waited so long for at least a demo, I did promise a demo over the past 2 years or so but as we learn the fundamentals of RPG-making, we had to change our ways to where we needed to learn what game making was all about. I'll admit, when I wanted to get the demo out as soon as possible when I released the game page (which was like since 2012 xD), I was not thinking of the important aspects and I did rushed a bit with the project. With so many positive promises from many people, it was really heart warming to see what I've been doing before was making people happy to see it, I was like "I'm going to do better!" So here I am along with my personal pixel artist who offered her kitty services to me to speed up the project progression, we're really trying our best to make a good Touhou fanmade project x3 In all honesty, I really can't say for sure when and if we'll ever get a demo out for you guys to try since we're constantly learning, not to mention life has hit us with school and work so we're busy at the moment :3 I just hope that those who saw this project since the very beginning, hopefully you guys are still waiting x3 All the time and effort will not be wasted, I promise to you Sadly I wish I have something update worthy to tell to our supporters, but for now, we're going to work on it quietly and keep the suspense in all due time xD But once we do, I'm going to open the project page once again and it'll be back to the life it has since those very 4 years~ That will be it for this diary page of my book, the Touhou project will not be abandoned, we will spend our time and effort for a very long time to give out our very first project for you guys to enjoy ^~^ So once again, see you guys on a very later entry of my diary! If you have any questions regarding the future of Touhou Tales, you can always leave something here xD
  11. LadyMinerva

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    Sadly I didn't have time either :3 Maybe I'll just make it as a gift and post it later on. Good luck to all the other entries, it was really fun and motivating to see the many works here x3
  12. I've been trying to look for good specs for a new gaming tower PC later on. I'm not much of a computer person, so I need a little advice x3

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    2. Wingflame


      assuming you have a case and you dont wanna spend too much on a fan , noctua nh d14 is pretty good you can look that up :3

    3. LadyMinerva


      Well I don't mind spending a bit, I really invested on getting a Tower Gaming PC for the time being :) Ahh yes I heard of that :) I'll be sure to check it out x3

    4. Chaximel


      @LadyMinerva - What resolution do you intend to play in though? The 1080 is absolutely overkill for 1080p but it might be useful in double-triple monitor setup and if playing above 1080p.

  13. LadyMinerva

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    Ooh, that's not a bad idea x3 I was watching some kitten videos the other day and it really made think of how a musical theme would go when you would see them. I think of something cute and cuddly and how fast kittens would usually move, thinking of a little fast paced, relaxing theme? :3 Either way, I can see where you're going at, I will see what I can do then... hopefully xD
  14. LadyMinerva

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    @KilloZapit I would love to hear your theme someday As for me, it's been a long time I've ever done a song, so let's see what I can create, maybe just for fun for now x3 Many luck to all of anyone that comes xD
  15. LadyMinerva

    Kotori's Mini Cat Contest

    Ughhhh, this is so temping to create something... I really wonder what a Neko theme song would sound like x3 It has to have that cat-chy and purr-fect tune to it xD *thought bubble*
  16. *peeks out of the Hakurei Shrine* My goodness, it's been a long time I came back here.*stretches* How has everyone been doing the past month? x3

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    2. LadyMinerva


      We have been chatting together so we're always on tab with each other you know? x3

    3. LadyMinerva


      We still have our Touhou project to keep up as well.

    4. Rikifive


      Long time indeed.

      Welcome back to the herd then! x3

  17. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Touhou is going to be affected by the copyright attack? xD

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    2. TBWCS


      Great! I am actually also making a Touhou fangame, which of course is a bullet hell shooter. However, due to that we wanted to make something original, we were planning to ditch the idea that Touhou charas are used :/

    3. LadyMinerva


      Oh that is very cool ^~^ We're also going to put some bullet hell in our project as well xD

    4. TBWCS


      It's not on RPG Maker though :( It's hard to make something like a bullet hell in RPGM. By the way I saw this Touhou fangame that's an RPG, it's really cool. I believe that is at itself a fan game and there was no strike on their part.

  18. Now it is time for me and Kotori-chan to get serious on our project~ We will do our very best to make it a very great game for everyone~ Hopefully xD

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    2. Rikifive


      Finally! Good luck! x3

    3. DrassRay-Jacob


      You can do eeeeet!!!

    4. Yuugami


      Good luck, good luck!


      We believe that you will make Touhou great again.

  19. LadyMinerva

    VX Ace Survey!

    Survey saaayssss..... *ding* I'm done mines
  20. I wonder if the perspective is okay or a little wonky xD http://i.imgur.com/zBmPSLV.png

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    2. LadyMinerva


      It's my first time creating waterfall jumping puzzle maps so this is going to be fun :)

    3. Tsukihime


      When I zoom it out like this, it's easier to see http://imgur.com/dX5U8pf

    4. Chadzter01


      The perspective looks good to me! =3

  21. Now that I got my computer back, I can work on the Touhou project once more :) So... anything I missed? :3

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    2. DrassRay-Jacob


      I've been so busy, I'm missing a lot myself!

    3. Chadzter01


      Hi! Welcome back! =3

    4. Rikifive


      Yeah, there was one attack you've missed, the second one enemy just evaded. =3

      Welcome back! =3

  22. LadyMinerva

    sneak sneak peek peek

    A combination of cats, rabbits, people and... a cat person(?) xD *ahem* I really love it ^~^
  23. LadyMinerva

    Sugar Sweet

    So this was the little lack of motivation you told me earlier I'm really sorry to hear it Tsarmina-chan, but I'm hopeful everything will go well *hugs* Looking at your project will strive us to do greater things with our project, so keep at it ^~^ I bet everyone will be looking forward to playing the very sweet demo you'll have xD We're supporting you all the way~ After the support you showed us for our project, no doubt I'm here to support the project you have Keep inspiring us~
  24. Another factor I think is the Luck Parameter :3 Luck is a pretty odd stat but I think it also determines the chance the stat will not be applied. Having a high luck stat will increase the chances of the stat being not applied even if it is at 100% That's my opinion though without seeing any screenies of it.
  25. LadyMinerva

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Oohhhh, I must get Kotori-chan to commission sprites for me- Oh wait xD This really does sound like a fun idea But I'm swamped with our big project :3 I'm going to keep an eye on this though~
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