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  1. FrogBlots

    DeviantART? :3

    I suppose it would be good to place my deviantart here, so here it is! To be fair I update my art blog more often, but you'll find plenty of stuff here too. (It's been almost two months since an update, though.)
  2. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    Ah, I get it now. I think I do anyway. Thanks for the explanation! I'll keep that in mind when I'm dealing with similar codes.
  3. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    Aha! Thank you for showing me how to fix my problem. It works perfectly now. Again, this is a great script, and I appreciate the work you put into making it for me. I know I keep saying it, but if I can repay you for your kindness let me know.
  4. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    I thank you for being so helpful and incredibly patient with me. Even doing all that you instructed, I think I must be missing something important, since I just can't seem to get the skill to function properly. I'll provide as much visuals as I can in an effort to rectify my mistake. Here is my dummy enemy. I put the item in his drops, because I wasn't sure if it was necessary or not. The steals were there to test skills for the thief class. This is the skill in its current form: Here is the class I made to use the ability: And here are the settings of the code as they are now: I tried to give the enemy the ability too, because I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by 'applied on', and I also attempted to give it the tag and got no results. If you can tell me where I went wrong it would help a lot, and thanks again for making this wonderful script.
  5. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the help. I still feel I must be doing something wrong, as I still can't get the skill to work in playtesting even with 100% accuracy, so I think I may be missing a step in all this. Do any components need a notetag besides the skill itself? Sorry for all the questions. I make sure to try figuring it out on my own first.
  6. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    I'm sorry for the lack of clarity. I meant if the poacher kills the enemy themself, but this is absolutely perfect! Thank you so, so much for the assistance, and if I could repay you in any way, let me know. EDIT: Quick question: am I able to add more item ID # so more items could be stolen? If not it's fine. I am just curious. I also seem to be having a difficult time making the move function in playtesting. I pasted the script and applied the ID # to the line that said Poach_Item = n. I also added <poach> to the skill notetag, and even gave the enemy the item to be safe. Is there something else I need to change?
  7. FrogBlots

    A Poaching Skill? [HELP]

    I would like it to be exclusive to one class, yes. If at all possible, I'd like the success to be on a killing blow, but if that's too difficult to ask then a percentage of error is more than fine. Haha, yeah. I don't know why I thought it would work. Further proof I'm a true beginner at this sort of thing.