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  1. slowly trying to get into ruby scripting, but since i been learning c# lately, a bunch of the ruby syntax always throws me off lol

  2. roccstar1oh1

    tiles Thoughts On My Version Of RTP

    I agree about the colour palette, I could easily grab colours from the RTP and use them in my tiles, I don't know why I haven't tried that haha but for me personally, I like rich saturated colours and the standard RTP seems a little too bland for me. This will indeed be a big project to incorporate my own tiles but as you stated, it would be a great learning experience. As for the cogs, I will indeed work on getting them to pop. Currently they are animated to spin so it looks a little different in game, but the left cog is still a bit dark. Thanks for the input.
  3. roccstar1oh1

    tiles Thoughts On My Version Of RTP

    I was just thinking about that barrel lol, should be an easy fix. Thanks. I don't think I will be selling these, if anything I'll be posting them for free for anyone to use.
  4. roccstar1oh1

    tiles Thoughts On My Version Of RTP

    So I noticed the other day that most of my asset creations (tilesets) don't quite fit with the standard RTP (as seen in the following image) ...and it was also pointed out to me that my style is more of a pixel art style, and the RTP seems to be digitally painted, which explains why they clash with one another. So to counter this, I have decided to maybe re-do most of the standard B and/or C Tiles in my style and would like your thoughts on the subject. Below is an example: ...do the pix-elated versions work better? Thanks for your input.
  5. roccstar1oh1

    Cait's Graphical World

    These are pretty awesome! I was looking for a reference for a pipe, I found one in your modern (dead city) tiles. Was trying to create my own but I wasn't having to much luck with the lighting. Thanks for posting!
  6. simple cog animation for some sort of steampunk theme. http://i.imgur.com/yQwR4du.gif

  7. After a long hiatus I have decided to jump back into tile making. I haven't done pixel art in over 5 months and I noticed I have adopted a different style somehow. http://i.imgur.com/PQR1pvn.png I don't think it fits in with the standard style. What do you think?

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    2. roccstar1oh1


      good observation, I haven't really thought about it until you mentioned it, makes sense. thanks for your input.

    3. grandmadeb


      Hi roccstar. Your stuff would look great with many of the new sets that are coming out though - lots of people like this kind of style. I'd keep developing it. =] Have you seen the pixel-style stuff being sold now? (Yours looks great.)

    4. roccstar1oh1


      no i haven't had a chance to check out any of the new packs being sold. I think I will continue with this, thanks for the compliment.

  8. roccstar1oh1

    Shark Pirates

    They look pretty good, don't know if you plan on adding depth with shadows and highlights as I've yet to see what kind of tiles you are using. Might be a good idea to try and animate the fin on their backs when they walk, could add a bit more depth to the animation. Even just a simple left and right movement could add a lot.
  9. roccstar1oh1

    How to make auto tiles?

    you will need to split your picture into a 16x16 grid. i only did the one corner, but if you see the pattern the other corners should be self explanatory.
  10. roccstar1oh1

    Roccstar's Art Journey

    Im not sure of the size of the mini, pixel wise it is 1536x2048. And the lady in black was the most recent, looks more developed cause I was using a reference photo, the other ones were just out of my head lol glad to know the proportions work well, took me almost 8+ hours to draw and color each one.
  11. roccstar1oh1

    problysimple "cut scene" help

    Also you should note that the move event command has the ability to move any event in that specific map, so you want people moving in the background, this can be achieved from you're one "cut scene" event.
  12. roccstar1oh1

    Roccstar's Art Journey

    Well, having only begun my journey into Digital Art back in October of 2014, I don't have many pieces but i thought i'd share my journey as i develop my skills further. I used to doodle a bit back in high school (nearly 10 years ago), but since then haven't picked up a pencil or paper. Watched a few tutorial vids on youtube about anatomy, color, etc.... And this is what i managed to come out with lol Don't have much patience when it comes to this stuff, so i'm surprised i even finished anything at all haha I use an iPad mini and a stylus, so it's nothing fancy. Haven't even delved into doing dynamic poses yet, not even sure i can do just standing poses very well yet Thanks for stopping by.
  13. roccstar1oh1

    Be able to save anywhere?

    I think giving the player the option would be a good idea, some may just want to play for the story or just as a casual type thing, while other players may look for a challenge. It's like a difficulty level in a way.
  14. Can anybody recommend some cool iOS apps or games?

    1. Nyapurgisnacht


      kairosoft games are weirdly fun and good time killers.

      Demon's Souls is free and pretty neat too :P

    2. Nyapurgisnacht


      OH and Siren Fantasia and Brain Wars, I almost forgot!

    3. roccstar1oh1


      cool, i'll look into them, all i got are some old puzzle type games, and frankly i'm sick of looking at them lol

  15. roccstar1oh1

    A Year In The Making #2 - Battler Design

    thanks, haven't really designed creatures before, i guess i'll have to wait and see what i come up with for say a boss fight or something like that. these here are just basic fantasy creatures lol and not very original... any ideas would be welcome.