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  1. Luna Lelou

    Fomar0153 - Cook Skill Drop Armor not Item

    Ugh, I wrote "armor" instead of "armors" when I first tried it. Thank you, problem solved!
  2. Luna Lelou

    [REQUEST] Behind View Battle or "Pokemon View"

    Umm.. maybe this comes near of what you want: http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT09.html It shows an image everytime an actor has it's turn. But this would mean, they would only appear just then, and won't be constant, or pop up if they are attacked or something. o: Still, I hope this may help you. (You have to download the big demo, just sort the script out, if you need any help because of the language or stuff, I can help you, even if I'm not portugese. )
  3. Oh, I don't think I can figure a way out to have it different for each actor, I'm sorry! :c But anyway, good luck with finding a solution!
  4. That should probably work without a script. I think, when you set up an item, like the potion, just add a common event that will always put 1+ for the variable. If you don't know how to do that, I can explain it to you more precisly.
  5. Luna Lelou

    Menu made ​​with images

    Haha, you're welcome.
  6. Luna Lelou

    Skill where affect changes by enemy ID

    This should cover your "Scan-Skill". o: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6192-scan-enemy/
  7. Luna Lelou

    Skill Order like Final Fantasy IX

    That sounds like an easy change then: just draw all the skills in the window and then only show the ones that the actor has learned. It would be a strictly window-based modification, which is better in terms of compatibility (unless you have plenty of scripts that also modify the skill window). Soo, does that mean you could do something like that? o:
  8. Luna Lelou

    Skill Order like Final Fantasy IX

    Nah, that won't do the trick. Because those empty spaces are like "reserved" spaces for the skills you learn later on. So if you would have 20 skills, and you would learn the 20st skill, you must scroll all the way down to the 20st place, because there would be the skill. I hope it's understandable. o:
  9. Luna Lelou

    Menu made ​​with images

    Hey, what about this one from Atelier ? http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Menu/ACE_Menu15.html It has a lot of picture related stuff, hope this could help you.
  10. Luna Lelou

    Fomar0153 - Cook Skill Setup

    So, I think somehow my own percentage set didn't worked. I changed the normal percentage to 80%, to try it out, and then it worked somehow. o: But I just thought, when it doesn't work, it would like say "The enemy still has too much HP." what would be quite useful. But thanks anyway, I think this solved the "Problem".
  11. Luna Lelou

    Game over if everyone is stoned or dead+stoned

    Thank you for that! It worked.
  12. This script is very awesome! But I have a problem, I can't mirror the right picture. I set it to "true" but it doesn't work. The left side mirror effect works fine for me. Anyone who can help me?
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