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  1. Having to redo alot of the map's on my game now.

    1. Chaosian


      ARGL FLARGL! Don't redo if you don't have to!

    2. Knighterius


      Haha I went onto my game yesterday and found out I deleted some maps for my future self to make for me. -.-

  2. If anyone here has played Bloodborne do you find it easier to play then Dark Soul's?

    1. sateda


      Heck no! I think its a lot harder! DArk souls is so much easier. But that's just me :/

    2. Yuugami


      I haven't played Bloodborne, but Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 aren't even close to Demon's Souls level of difficulty, so I can imagine.

    3. Yuugami


      Also, from what I did see, shields aren't really a thing, so the lack of reliable damage reduction and the focus on your dodging ability will definitely make it more challenging.

  3. Have had a request for sprites up since 27 February and have not got any help :( look's like my game is on hold for now.

    1. Necromedes


      Well, the reason for that is probably because sleeping/down sprites are a pain to make. I'm sorry to hear that no one has made them yet but compensation may help to speed the process up.

    2. Lyla


      Yikes, I feel your pain! Yeah, sometimes offering free demos, music samples, or services in return can help ... and of course currency helps.

    3. Necromedes


      Or souls...

      ... What?

  4. If anyone can do sprites I need this done http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/30519-overworld-sprites-request/ it's all I got left to do before I finish my demo if you can do it thank you very much.

  5. I might put a test of endurance tower in my game 150 floor's high level monster's with a boss every 15 floor's who be up for that?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DOOMGUY455


      I'am putting a 6 people party in my game so I'm going to give all the monster's a lot of hit point's.

    3. AnarchCassius


      Great idea but give it a storyline. This trope is often a little too transparent.

    4. DOOMGUY455


      I'll try too I might set it after the main story like Dragon's dogma did.

  6. What would you guy's say is the best size for a dungeon

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DOOMGUY455


      I might do multi room's.

    3. Kayzee


      Probably depends on how tedious it is to get through really.

    4. DOOMGUY455


      True but i mostly don't want people stuck in a dungeon for a hour getting nowhere and running in to the same enemie's over and over.

  7. New Final Fantasy Dissidia for console and PC please.

  8. Ultra nostalgia

    1. Necromedes


      When you hear this, prepare to have you #$% handed to you.

  9. I'd say my overworld map is about 65% to 70% done jut got to finish then do event's and link it to town's then i should be done finally on my demo.

    1. Chaosian


      Damn man, that's progress!

    2. DOOMGUY455


      I kinda had it all planned out and been working on it for a while

  10. Just heard the Cleric Beast theme for bloodborne i don't think i'm ready.

    1. RavenBlueIndigo


      The screech the Cleric Beast makes creeps me out, lol.

  11. Wll my overworld map is nearly done just got to do town's/city's and dungeon's then i'm done on my demo

  12. So many game's coming out i want to get plus a WII U i need a job.

  13. Working my game and having a huge nostalgia trip because of this song

  14. Why does lowering special effect audio for attack's take so long?

    1. Atleast6char


      I just downloaded a script that allowed me to lower SFX volume in it's entirety. Long as I kept it in mind, I could equalize all sounds from that point on easily.

    2. DOOMGUY455
  15. Well got my game in the showroom called Remnant of the lost war now to start making the demo

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