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  1. Necro! In all seriousness though, I haven't made any progress in RM since my own project lost to faulty HDD a year ago... coupled with increase in worktime, it's hard to motivate myself to make anything afterwards. I am thinking on going back to RM though, got nagging ideas in my head About the % proc chance... I'm going to add it now. Edit: And updated. Check the download link in the first post.
  2. Yes, with custom eval it is possible.
  3. What are you trying to do?
  4. Shad3

    Symphony Battle Script (Throwing an Item/Bomb)

    Put the animation in the whole action section. <whole action> icon: user, item, rotate, 90, 24 icon throw user: target, item, 16, 24, wait icon: user, item. fade out, wait icon delete: user, item skill animation: wait </whole action> <target action> skill effect: whole move targets: backward </target action>
  5. That is... problematic. I (maybe) understand why Victor made the script like that, but still.... Try this snippet to hopefully fix it. module BattleManager # Alias Victor's BattleManager's turn_end class <<self; alias :turn_end_shd_ast :turn_end; end def self.turn_end SceneManager.scene.execute_end_skill unless scene_changing? turn_end_shd_ast end end class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base # Overwriting Auto Skill's turn_end def turn_end end end
  6. It is not too hard to add a percentage chance. Do remember though that these auto skills are triggered even when the action taken is nothing.
  7. Yes. Just delete the "!".
  8. It is possible. It is just that I am not very sure what is the decent method to implement that in the script. You can try this. Modify this #Perform attack lyt_dwsa_apply_item_effects(target, item) to this: #Perform attack target.add_state(101 + current_weapon) lyt_dwsa_apply_item_effects(target, item) target.remove_state(101 + current_weapon) The idea is to add a state to target that changes the damage output (using PDR perhaps). In this case, it will add state number 101 for the first weapon (as the first weapon's index is 0) and 102 for the secondary weapon.
  9. Shad3

    New idea instead of MP or SP.

    Oh, that. You can make the mp addition effect in the damage formula, although it is not pretty. Something like a.mp += 10; 0It should not be hard to make a script to do this automatically though.
  10. Shad3

    New idea instead of MP or SP.

    There's a notification? I never knew that....
  11. Weeelll, you should also test for multiple currencies, just in case.
  12. Well. In that line, change get_csca_current_currency to get_csca_cs_currency. Also, it's best to put this in a new script page below both scripts.
  13. Another case of incompatibility. class Window_VictorySpoils < Window_ItemList #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Overwriting so many.... make #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make(gold, drops) @gold = gold.collect { |key, val| [key, val] } @drops = drops refresh select(0) activate end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Overwrite make_item_list #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_item_list @data = [] + @gold items = {} weapons = {} armours = {} @goods = {} for item in @drops case item when RPG::Item items[item] = 0 if items[item].nil? items[item] += 1 when RPG::Weapon weapons[item] = 0 if weapons[item].nil? weapons[item] += 1 when RPG::Armor armours[item] = 0 if armours[item].nil? armours[item] += 1 end end items = items.sort { |a,b| a[0].id <=> b[0].id } weapons = weapons.sort { |a,b| a[0].id <=> b[0].id } armours = armours.sort { |a,b| a[0].id <=> b[0].id } for key in items; @goods[key[0]] = key[1]; @data.push(key[0]); end for key in weapons; @goods[key[0]] = key[1]; @data.push(key[0]); end for key in armours; @goods[key[0]] = key[1]; @data.push(key[0]); end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_item #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_item(index) item = @data[index] rect = item_rect(index) reset_font_settings if item.is_a?(Array) draw_gold(rect, *item) return end rect.width -= 4 draw_item_name(item, rect.x, rect.y, true, rect.width - 24) draw_item_number(rect, item) end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_gold #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_gold(rect, key, value) currency = $game_party.get_csca_current_currency(key) text = currency[:currency_unit] draw_currency_value(value, text, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, currency) end end
  14. Shad3

    Classic ATB - Enemy Gauge & Icon Issue.

    Oh well, seems that there is a hardcoded screen-z for battlers. We can try messing with Symphony's Sprite_Object. class Sprite_Object < Sprite_Base def update_position if @battler != nil self.mirror = mirror_battler? update_attachment(self.mirror) attach_x = self.mirror ? -@attach_x : @attach_x self.x = @battler.screen_x + attach_x + @offset_x self.y = @battler.screen_y + @attach_y + @offset_y + @arc_y #self.z = @battler.screen_z + @offset_z self.z = @battler.screen_z + @offset_z + 200 else self.x = @offset_x self.y = @offset_y #self.z = @offset_z self.z = @offset_z + 200 end end end
  15. Well, it is possible. Have you tried <end action skill> tag?