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  1. Kentard, while I agree it's similar to scrolling through multiple posts it is however more organized. I thought about the drop lists, but then that negated many different kinds of genres so It seemed simpler to use explinations. Like I said before It is more organized even though it is a bit of reading. Effectively, instead of searching the text post for popular genres that people may like to find they didn't say one or you missed it is harder than reading a bit of words in a column you know will have the answer.
  2. So I figured instead of having 10 different people post different or possibly the same question and having it get answered with a bunch of comments. It would be much easier to have a poll set up to receive and document these particular answers. I have set up a Poll or form via Google documents, asking a variety of question that may help many people decide what kind of game they may wish to produce. Assuming we get enough responses it would be extremely helpful to many people. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xX7sVwlT2EUQjni10mHPp_pyT43DV1GKPkyZ9AnrxB8/viewform There are 12 questions. 1 question if forum name (Optional) 10 questions are required questions 1 question is anything extra you feel like adding If there's any important questions you feel should be added let me know and I'll add them in. If you wish to review the responses given the link below will bring you to the responses. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0As94gBFKqP1jdFdEbU93WF95MVNKdjVxVWtBYUtBLVE&usp=sharing