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  1. I'm gonna be working on some more icons this week - any requests? :o

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    2. PhoenixSoul




      Ah well...I'll just scour the internet and do a bunch of image edits.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Lasagna.... donuts... peanut but- I mean COOKIES...  :)

    4. Takeo212


      How about some fish/meat/grain/food icons?

      Maybe some skill icons?

      How about some currency icons? Such as coins, coin purse, paper money, ect.


      My personal request(s) would be the food one though. I have a fishing/hunting kind of foraging in my game so a lack of food icons is rather boring.


      I'd be interested in armour types too. Some metal, some cloth, and some mixes, but only if your comfortable with them.

  2. Commercial use?

    No problem! Good luck with your game
  3. Commercial use?

    Yup! Any resources that come either with the engine or in official DLC are allowed for commercial use. As far as any strings attached... nothing out of the ordinary, really. Some creators may be particular about how they're listed in the credits, but that's about it. The resources you'll need to be wary of are free ones, typically. Some creators only allow for non-commercial use, or may require you to contact them for permission beforehand.
  4. Old -> New

    Haha, thanks guys! I like both sets for different reasons. I like that the newer ones are more true to the source material (and they don't involve any RTP edits), while I like the older ones because they remind me of the fun I had when I was still getting used to pixel art.
  5. Old -> New

    It's not the full set (it's not done yet!), but here's a look at my original Zelda icons for VX vs. my new ones for MV.

    © Amysaurus, 2017

  6. Finally on winter break. Ughhh, I'm so exhausted. : P

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I hope you get some well-deserved rest...

      Take care, okay?

    2. Kirimash


      Same as PhoenixSoul.

    3. Amysaurus


      Will do, thanks ^^

  7. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @PhoenixSoul Ah, can't say I have! I don't have much time for sewing outside of the summer ^^ Eeeek! School has been making me super stressed. The semester is almost over, though! I haven't been able to do a lot, but here's a set of Zelda icons I'm working on: and here's some character art I'm working on:
  8. BluMiu Art

    Oh wow - this is looking great so far! I think the lady in blue's left eye might be a bit high up, but the style and colors all turned out really well.
  9. rmmv Second Chance [In Development]

    @PhoenixSoul Thanks! And yeahhhh, I think the temperature flip-flopping so much lately has been getting to a lot of folks here haha. @ECG Wolf Thank you! It's been a lot of fun figuring out how the different scenarios are going to play out. @Cap_H Lol! Thanks, and will do, hehehe. I plan on making an RMN page once I get a little further along - I'd like to have a demo ready to go first. ^^
  10. rmmv Second Chance [In Development]

    Thanks! I have been 1000% swamped with schoolwork + illness, but thankfully I've been able to work on a few menu mockups during class:Here's a title screen I put together to work on idle/background animations: And here's a save select menu I made to work on menu designs: These most likely won't be the final versions, but I find it helpful to make a prototype before I commit to a design idea. All of the music is by the ever-awesome Clydous!
  11. Hi, my name is not dead and I'm very Amy.

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    2. Amysaurus


      Something something dinosaurs something something pixel art something something roar

    3. PhoenixSoul


      You're likely starving...

      Not just for sleep either.

    4. lonequeso


      Art school is very labor intensive. Now you can rest until finals :)

  12. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Thanks! Charcoal and ink are my favorite traditional medias, so I love when I get to use them in class ^^ I used compressed charcoal sticks for the larger, shaded areas (the labels are worn down, but probably 3B/2H) and then vine charcoal for the sketchier areas. There's also a bit of soft pastel and chalk for color, but not much. That last sketch was just a regular permanent marker, so nothing special.
  13. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    It's been a while! Here's some traditional artwork (each drawing took about 10-20 mins.): Here's some digital work as well:
  14. Second Chance

    Resources/Images from my project : P
  15. If nothing else, college has taught me that I love animating almost as much as I hate animating. ^^

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      As with most passions, it is indeed a love/hate relationship...


      But the real question is if it is still worthwhile, all anger aside...

    3. Amysaurus


      Ehh, can't say there's much anger, lol. Mostly "Oi! After Effects! Maya! Work with me!"

      It got much better once I figured out what I wanted to specialize in ^^

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Well, anger, frustration, ministration...synonymous...