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  1. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    School has been driving me nuts lately, so stress-relief doodles are a must:
  2. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Here are some process shots from me shading this tree:
  3. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    I decided to be a good Amy and put together an imgur album for some of my work samples
  4. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    I've been reworking my project's opening sequence that I made last fall, which (besides fixing the animation), mostly involves recreating a lot of scaled up sprites to be higher res:
  5. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Here's a look at the city map I'm still chipping away at (It's big!): And here's a WIP of my main character's updated walk cycle, since I really wasn't happy with the old one:
  6. Eeeesh, midterms hit me like a train! Good thing spring break starts after tomorrow :D

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Hang in there, love. Only one semester left.

    2. Amysaurus


      Haha, yup! My professor said I don't have to go to my last class, so spring break intensifies

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Sweet! Enjoy!

  7. Easy stuff - as an actual person, I make the choice to play whichever games appeal to me in some way. The effect is that I enjoy more of the games I play. I'm never going to tell someone their game is bad because they use RTP/pre-made assets, because I don't know that to be the case. It's just that I'm not not going to play something that doesn't appeal to me, and you can't expect anyone else to. It's just as Tarq says - if your game isn't getting the attention you want, you'll have to decide if it's more important to you to change the project to appeal to your target audience, or to finish the project for yourself. There's no right or wrong choice in that regard.
  8. To me, buying a game with RTP graphics is like buying a game with pre-made Unity assets: very unlikely to happen. A major turn-off for me, and I think a lot of others as well, is that RM games get very same-y very quickly. When I'm seeing the same style of maps, sprites, and battle systems over and over, there's a point where a twist on gameplay or a neat story just aren't enough to keep me invested. Personally, the RM games that really stick with me are the ones that go out of their way not to look like one, whether that's through changing the art style, or using a setting/scenario other than generic fantasy, generic sci-fi, or lololol it's a meme game.
  9. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @PhoenixSoul I'm gonna have to make a matching planter sometime, haha. I'll put one of my real cacti in. @Takeo212 Ahh, she's not based on me (I wish I was that tan....), but her placeholder name is Stella. And sure - I'll post some animated sprites once I've gotten a few ready to go. Right now I'm focusing on getting some static ones made for each character. @ShinNessTen Yup!
  10. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @Takeo212 It's hard to use hands when you don't have any! I ended up keeping the changes to Grace's hair, but making her eyes lower again. I didn't mind either look, but I think it matches her portrait better this way. I also added a couple of new characters:
  11. Just signed up for my last semester of college last night! =D

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Will you be going for a Master's Degree? Or is a Bachelor's enough for ya?

    3. Amysaurus


      I don't think I'll be going for one unless I end up with a job that's willing to help me pay for it. I've already paid off my student loans - I don't want more haha. 

    4. PhoenixSoul


      NO ONE wants student loans, ever. lol


      To the IRS, that's free money that they never really earned...

  12. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @PhoenixSoul Thanks! This month I'm planning to get some base sprites done to match all of my portraits so far. To start off, I went ahead and made my first sprites less angry, lol.
  13. Game Idea!

    I'm loving this concept so far! I'm really happy to see more people going with modern settings.
  14. Ughhhh my sleep schedule has been so garbage lately. :(

    1. Rikifive


      I perfectly know that feel...

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Same here, same here. I can't even nap without it being a full-blown five plus hours before I awaken...

    3. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Here too, I only got sleep 4 hour/night, and I had head ache at morning.

  15. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @Shaddow Thank you so much!! <3 I'd love to check out your work sometime! @Jonath4nC Thank you!! I'll have to see about making some more videos like that. Good luck on your game! Here's a bunch of recent stuff, because I'm bad at updating (I updated the main post as well ^^). As far as the portraits go, the images on the left side were made by Nirwanda as a starting point for me. The only exception to that is the cat girl - that's my own sketch haha.