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  1. I'm gonna be working on some more icons this week - any requests? :o

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    2. PhoenixSoul




      Ah well...I'll just scour the internet and do a bunch of image edits.

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      Lasagna.... donuts... peanut but- I mean COOKIES...  :)

    4. Takeo212


      How about some fish/meat/grain/food icons?

      Maybe some skill icons?

      How about some currency icons? Such as coins, coin purse, paper money, ect.


      My personal request(s) would be the food one though. I have a fishing/hunting kind of foraging in my game so a lack of food icons is rather boring.


      I'd be interested in armour types too. Some metal, some cloth, and some mixes, but only if your comfortable with them.

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