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    Amysaurus reacted to Mr. Moneybags for a blog entry, I Dream of Silhouettes :: Synopsis   

    Cold, injured, and battered, Iris lay on the side of the forests river. Iris is a young child from a lost home, sexually assaulted, beaten, and neglected had seen things no child at this age should have to see. A group of radicals had slaughtered and burned the only people she could remember, she was the only orphan at St. Elias’ that escaped. As she awoke from being unconscious, she is hovered over by a figure, a stag the color of snow; however how could she see something so breathtaking when she is blind? Iris was born blind, she was dropped off on the doorsteps of St. Elias’ Orphanage; as she was a part of the community that was useless. Iris’ mother left her with the only thing she could feel connected with, a necklace with an ‘M’ engraved. Who is ‘M’? She feels as if this stag is her guardian and names him Michael after this letter, Michael tries to lead her as a guide to a place she could only feel safe as she felt when she was in her mother's arms. During the nights as she lay her head down, she could only dream what she could picture in her head, silhouettes; one in particular holding her as the gunshots rang, piercing through her delicate eardrums. As the hot, red glow spread, of what she could only feel was the flames that encased the distance, the one who held her wept. Who was the weeping savior, why did she only remember this memory before the orphanage, and how can she find out who they were?


    By: Emily J.

    So beyond the synopsis, I Dream of Silhouettes revolves around two characters, Iris, who is blind, and Micheal, a stag who Iris stumbles upon. The society in which Iris lives looks down on and executes the disfigured and dysfunctional. So with Iris being blind, she was abandoned at an orphanage outside of the city, as to avoid infanticide.
    I can't give much else away, but I can say that this game has a heavy story based around friendship, family, hope, and sacrifice. It comes full with an Action System in which the characters can fight and perform actions throughout the map as to make interacting with the multitude of puzzles and enemies simpler. It comes with full voice acting, custom menus, and custom graphics. The game will NOT be RTP based.

    This game is created by the "Quad Squad", a close group of friends who are skilled and talented.

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    Amysaurus reacted to LordSquirrel for a blog entry, Boredom #7   
    And so it returns. In all of it's boring glory.

    Obligatory snarky comment and farewell to the readers who bother to go this far.
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