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  1. Ohhh you're back :D

    1. Raizen


      Kind of xD, trying to come back!

  2. Raizen

    Lune Item Weight

    def self.weight_formula(at) at * 5 + 50 end " Is this not right? My carry limit for my party keeps showing up as 0 and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help me out? I'm not very good at scripting things but I'm trying to get better for my game's sake. That should be right, not sure why it is still showing 0 :/, do you have a demo for me to see xD?
  3. Yeah that's something I should make it different.. It should be once actually xD, I have to change that. That's pretty simple, you mean on the game? when you are playing already? Its because I used exactly the same class as the one to choose the cards(lazy programming style xD), It should be pretty easy if someone or me, to make another scene based on that one to make those changes Well... that's ok to add also, but I'll need to add some code xD, my lack of time is so big It does store many variables, I probably didn't put them all on the comments, with that you can make items to call those variables and stuff like that, if you need a certain variable just tell which xD. You mean, not show the ???? , I don't know, I'll need to check on the code to see if its easy, probably it is xD, and yes it probably would be slightly better that way. that is something that will need to code, I'll need to make a new variable to store that information and display it... I don't think that change I'll do anytime soon . Can you explain me that xD? Sorry for not being here too often, lately I'm really timeless , but I am keeping track of the suggestion you and others do, so I hopefully will improve the script xD< thanks friend for the advices.
  4. yep... Unless you get some permission from them to use it commercially... But you can try to get trying to contact them... Nothing's impossible
  5. Raizen

    Akea Battle Order

    Oh, that shouldn't happen D:, are you using any script that changes how battlers work xD? I'll see if I did something wrong, but it should get the number of actors above 4 members >_>
  6. Yep, his popup is changing something on the added states that I don't really understand why this is happening >_>, I'll need to check ou more later, it wasn't as easy as the other script to adapt D:.
  7. Raizen

    Akea Animated Battle Hud

    Yep exactly what BruceLeeFan said x), I'll need to check out yanfly's part of the code that codes the windows and see if its easy to get that out for you
  8. Raizen

    Akea Battle Camera

    Oh, just for saying since I downloaded the demo, put mine below Victor's Sant scripts, the camera is just doing the zoom and is not moving because of the order of the scripts x)
  9. Raizen

    Akea Battle Camera

    First get this script xD, http://pastebin.com/75gTR156 I added the target function to Victor's Battle also, this is really easy to add in other battles, but since its kind of specific I did it for you and those who use Victor's Animated Battle x). then I put this configuration on Victor's Animated Battle # Movement to target <action: move to target, reset> wait: targets, movement; move: self, move to; script: SceneManager.scene.akea_camera(0); direction: self, subjects; jump: self, move, height 7; pose: self, row advance, all frames, wait 4, loop; wait: self, movement; script: SceneManager.scene.akea_camera(1); </action> Put the script I put it here, and change just those lines that you'll get to see the script in action
  10. Raizen

    Akea Battle Camera

    Hmm... that is kinda what I would have thought also. I've tried everything I could think of but still doesn't seem to work. Perhaps I'm just not doing it right. Would you mind seeing if you can get it to work with the demo attached below? Akea Battle Camera with Victor's Animated Battle Engine: Demo (Not working) I checked here xD, its because the script call he makes is on a different class, but No problem Just put it like this for example script: SceneManager.scene.akea_camera(0); I'll add these comments on the script also, It might be good xD. And it works oks , the target problem I'll try to find a way to make it compatible with other battle systems like Victor's xD
  11. Raizen

    Akea Battle Camera

    For what I saw on his manual, just use this notetag on item/skill script: akea_camera(n); And exchange the n for the id configured on my script x). If you do test it, tell me if it works fine with his battle script(just the target function won't work )
  12. A lot of updates added! Check out the pastebin log for new stuffs and whatever I decided to add or correct on the system just saying for the ones using the system if you do want to update the version. http://pastebin.com/Ex1erFFr
  13. Hey friend! That's a pretty hard script to do, being the first script xD, so nice work! I think you can make this gallery script much better if you do want to , I'll give some advices, you can just skip the spoiler if you don't want to read xD, or read it if you don't bother someone giving advices.
  14. As long as he has the effect x) Which also means that if he enters the battle affected by that it will continue, and it can go as long as the whole battle if he does not recover that state
  15. Raizen

    Akea Active Time Battle

    oh, don't put + and - on the notetag xD, I made it to be in %. Example. <atb_change 50> will go 50% the speed, so 2x slower. <atb_change 200> will go 200% the speed, so 2x faster. And it stacks, if you have... <atb_change 50> on a weapon, and <atb_change 200> on an armor, it will go the same speed as without both, as if you have. <atb_change 50> and another <atb_change 50> it will go 4x slower. So the 20% penalty, will just be. <atb_change 80> Oh and the formula, put this instead, the way it was before, it wouldn't stack the effects. def self.atb_formula(subject) mult = 100.0 if subject.actor? note = /<atb_change *(\d+)?>/i subject.equips.each{|equip| mult = $1.to_i * mult/100 if equip && equip.note =~ note } end (30 + subject.param(6)/5) * (mult/100) end
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