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  1. BlackLiquidSrw

    Wooden Ocean

    Can we have some kind of thing whether it be a manual or in game list that tells us what the status effects do? There's a lot to keep track of. Also, when you try to exit the map, it just keeps bringing you back to the menu again.
  2. BlackLiquidSrw

    Wooden Ocean

    Ok, turns out that my global rpg maker sound was muted, problem solved. I am enjoying it so far. -Element selection would probably work better as a highlight menu like the difficulty. -Humor's good, if a bit too obvious. -Combat feels nice but you should probably find a better battle theme, the current one really doesn't fit the mood. -Lighting could maybe be a bit less dark. It would help if you had a lantern or something like that. -The puppet's cast one spell and then try to fight with no mana. I would suggest giving them a way to drain mana or more all together.
  3. BlackLiquidSrw

    Wooden Ocean

    I'll certainly take a look *EDIT* There is no sound whatsoever. My volume is working and the master volume was at 100% Also, how do you save?
  4. BlackLiquidSrw

    "Erithian Tale" 1 year anniversary logo. (Willing to pay)

    Eh, I know someone who can, i'll try asking them(reupload your signature images by the way...)
    1. Alphys Hedge
    2. Chaosian


      I can see it. Some sound effects, and I think you're set.

    3. Rikifive


      Yup, some polishing and you're good to go.

    1. Robin-Lightning


      It's really really really really really really really ADORABLE!!!!

    2. Point08


      That is one of the cutest thing I've ever seen! On a cuteness scale of 0-10, this scores puppy.

    3. Whiona


      Wow, that looks great! Nicely done.

    1. Cadh20000


      You and Rikifive working together? Or 2 different though similar projects?

    2. JRolik


      So adorable :D It makes me wanna make a project that could use it. But I can't :/

    3. BlackLiquidSrw


      I'm not working with Rikifive although it is a good idea to share this with him.

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