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  1. I'm suddenly sadly frustrated that I can't find a way to script a Playtest mode that will show me the Map, Event, and Tab currently running so I know where to look for my mistakes.


    sad day, best I can do is plug a bunch of variables and hope for the best.

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    2. Kayzee


      Are you using VX Ace by any chance? I donno about MV or MZ, but in VX Ace one of the reasons there is no test mode that does this is because the event interpreter doesn't keep track of where the event it is running is coming from. Also events don't actually keep track of the page number they are using.


      That said, it's still possible! Here is a little script for VX Ace to print the map/id/page to the console when an event starts (only works for map events though):


      if $TEST
        class Game_Event < Game_Character
          alias_method :start_debug_base, :start
          def start
            pagenum = @event.pages.find_index(@page)
            pagenum += 1 if pagenum
            puts "Event Start - Map: "+@map_id.to_s+" Id: "+@id.to_s+" Page: "+pagenum.to_s
        class Game_Interpreter
          alias_method :command_118_debug_base, :command_118
          def command_118
            puts "Event Label - " + @params[0]
          alias_method :command_119_debug_base, :command_119
          def command_119
            puts "Event Label Jump - " + @params[0]



      I wrote it just now! As a extra bonus it also prints stuff when it finds a label or a label jump so you know what the last label used is. Helpful!


      Oh yeah, and to enable the console make sure the 'show console' option in the 'game' menu has a little check by it. I find it super useful!

    3. Zvart


      You are wonderful! Thank you.


      Mind if I modify it a bit so it works even outside of Playtest mode? I'm thinking about when sending it out to Playtesters, since there's a LOT of dialogue options. Knowing where they found a particular thing would be nice

    4. Kayzee


      You can do whatever you like with it really... I don't believe in restricting what people can do with my scripts. :3

  2. Oof, been a few months, but I got a couple manager things done for this! New link available Added a few sections, working on the final level and balanced a few bosses! Also included a story mode by popular demand of other playtesters.
  3. Urg, scriiiiipts

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Believe me, I know. Difficult to manage. Sometimes impossible at the devs' skill level.

  4. Ah geez I hope this isn't the double posting problem since its a new issue. So I'm using Yanfly's Input Combo Skills and for the most part its fine, but I found that if I set up a combo skill to hit Multiple Enemies (where all previous skills only hit one), it will only activate on one target. I've tried to isolate in the script where the problem could be coming from, but I'm not entirely sure where target initialization is in your script. I did find where Yanfly does their's, though. class Game_Action #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # new method: set_input_combo_skill #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def set_input_combo_skill(skill_id) set_skill(skill_id) @target_index = subject.current_action.target_index @input_combo_skill = true end end Is there a possible solution for this, or should I simply put the All Enemies attack as an active skill instead of a combo skill?


    on the plus side i'm REALLY excited with how the Puppet and Mangle turned out. I think I'll throw 'em into the Resource topics after I'm done.

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    2. Kayzee


      Honestly just about every kind of creative activity can be a lot of work if you ask me.

    3. RetroExcellent


      It is a lot of work, but it can really be so rewarding too!

    4. Zvart


      Indeed, I'm super happy with how Mangle turned out!!

  6. Finally back home and getting settled in. Probably gunna be playing RPG Maker games for videos at some point.


    'cause its time to try and finish this stupid game of mine. 

    1. PhoenixSoul


      That's the spirit.

      As Larry the Cable Guy would say... "Git 'er dun!" lmfao

  7. Zvart

    Certain Order Puzzle

    Variables would be good. But switches might be better if you are looking to change the graphic afterwards. Set up Switches for each Correct Doll "First" "Second" "Third" so on. Then you'd want to run a conditional branch with each one, checking if the previous switch was activated. The Sixth doll checks: If Switch: Fifth is ON Switch: Sixth = ON else Incorrect Switch: First = OFF Switch: Second = OFF Switch: Third = OFF Switch: Fourth = OFF Which then should reset the puzzle for you.
  8. I've never run into this problem before, but I'm having issues getting events to move during a cutscene. This is the ONLY time I'm having this problem. All other things are moving. The event that RUNS the scene moves fine at the start. And here's the map set up, color coded with above for your convenience. The tileset is appropriately set up with the star at the top of Tab B. But in the end, during playtest... No one's moved. Again, this is the only map that is having this problem. Is it because I put the self switches in the beginning of the move routes? It's the only thing I can think of. (The self switches being what causes everyone to appear)
  9. Syntax is dumb sometimes, but if I can manage to run everything on Self Switches instead of a new global switch for Every. Little. Thing.


    Then I think we're good.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      One bit of advice: The message script, if configured incorrectly, it will affect the battle windows.

    3. Zvart


      I'll keep that in mind, thank you.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      You're very welcome, dear.

      I will say that there is a possibility that my experience with said script might of been because I had many other scripts in place that may of had a hand in interfering. Even still, I didn't want to throw caution to the wind.

  10. Shadow of Doubt: A YouTuber Fan Game Join Ani, an awkward and scared fan of YouTube, as she tries to figure out where she ended up, and why two of her favorite Let's Players are stuck with her. Experience all the trappings of a standard fan game! Channel references no one else will get! Levels based on games Let's Players made videos of! Gratuitous fangirling! With all the flags of a Work In Progress! Placeholder art, that looks like a child scribbled on the wall! Stock sounds and music! In game notes for future sprite creation! Unedited tilesets!! As well as countless scripts so many have used before! Take a dive and see what you find! Feedback and constructive criticism are in desperate need! The file attached is a Play Test Version. If you want to assist in further fine tuning, it lets you skip sections! Credits: Scripters Neon Black, Yanfly, DoubleX, Yami, Galv, Himeworks, Vlue, Syvkal, Racheal, Napoleon, TheoAllen, Rinobi, pencilcase27, Modern Algebra, Sixth, AdiktuzMika, Jet10985, EST, Shaz, Cacao, Khas, AABattery, DocTodd, Calestian, DP3, GreatRedSpirit, Casper Gaming, Fomar0153, Mithran, Zvart Art Zvart, LooseLeaf Generator, The Half-Kaiser Project, Celianna, Comedic Soldiers, GrandmaDeb, Champion Wulf, Gui Download the Extractable Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqwwi8by4na52rs/Shadow of Doubt Alpha 0.7.2.exe?dl=0
  11. Hrm. I'm not sure at what point I should consider my game playable for RPG Maker Central.


    I still have three levels to make, but they are also the levels that will take the most time to make. Should I put up the game for playtesting for the first four levels? Or wait until I finish the next two, so I just have the last one to update?

    1. Kayzee


      I say at least send what you have so far to some people, see if there are any unnoticed kinks you can work out while you work on the rest.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Demo release? Absolutely! See if there's other things to look at before the final release.

    3. Zvart


      Well, you nerds convinced me. Just waitin' on the approval.

  12. Yeah. I couldn't figure out where to change it for the two, but I went with a different solution. I just divided up my Random Skill Invoke into two skills - one for enemies and one for allies. Something tells me it might be too complicated to try and solve the compatibility issue. Ah well, great script, it did exactly what I needed
  13. It's like.

    I know WHAT'S wrong.

    But I have no idea HOW its wrong.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Ruby can be a cruel mistress at times, and definitely spoiled rotten to boot, throwing tantrums at the slightest inconsistency, even if you see no inconsistencies at all, lol

    3. Kayzee


      Hey, Ruby is a nice sensible girl! She tries her best, she really does! At least she tries to tell you when she doesn't understand what to do. She isn't just throwing tantrums, she is trying to help! Ever try programing in assembly? If you did you would be grateful for Ruby trying at all and not just willfully barging on ahead. :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Assembly language is a bulldozer. lol
      When Ruby is not making a fuss over something that doesn't make sense, she does things wonderfully whilst toggling her shoe on her toes with her legs crossed...

  14. Don't know if this is still looked at, but I noticed a weird interaction with this and Yanfly's Random Skill Invoke When I have both scripts active, Random Skill Invoke will ONLY activate on enemies, even if the skill it's invoke is Allies targeting. I'd be willing to make my own compatibility snippet, but I don't know where to even begin looking for where the skill invoke is getting mixed up.
  15. Solve one problem and another shows up.



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    2. Kayzee


      Well, what don't you like about it exactly? I am curious. I haven't really worked with Javascript that much, but it seems mostly okay to me. I wouldn't call it my preferred language, but is it really all that bad? I think the biggest problem I see with Javascript is just that using a prototype-based object system is really unusual and I think not many people really understand how it works, and you can do all sorts of odd things that don't quite make sense in most computer languages. Like functions being objects you can set to a variable like any other object.


      Then again, I am a computer science nerd, so I probably pick up on the reasons for a lot of the details that most people find nonsensical and overly complex anyway.

    3. Dark Influence

      Dark Influence

      I'm honestly not sure what my issue with Javascript is, it's just something that I always end up having to deal with whenever I try to work with that language, which is what makes me want to avoid it.

    4. Kayzee


      Hehe, I getcha. We all have things like that don't we?

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