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  1. Anghammarad


    Thanks for the help, took me some fidgeting but i got it working . Though I think Eric never wants to see another map EVER again (after failing to pick it up like 500 times ) Again thanks a bunch! Sry for the non existent tags, overlokked them
  2. Fiddling with events can be soo much fun XD

    1. kayden997
    2. Cait


      o.o I wish I had that enthusiasm about events, but I feel the same way about graphics.

  3. Anghammarad

    Hello guys!

    Thanks for the welcome =)
  4. Anghammarad

    Hello guys!

    Hi folks, my name is Anghammarad (not irl), I´m a chemical engineer from Austria and just recently started to use the RPG Maker VXAce light (2 days to be exact). I ´stumbled´ across RPG Maker some time ago when a friend showed me "The Crooked Man" and really got me fascinated at what amazing games this engine was capable of making! I just recently started my first project, which is currently not more than a loitering simulator with 3 maps XD Can´t wait to get better acquainted with this amazing Software and awesome community =).
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