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  1. I have been using AwesomeCool's patch for Shaz mouse script and Yanfly battle engine ace, found here. Whenever I try to select an enemy with my cursor to attack it, I get the following error: Scrip 'EST - ENEMY POSITION' line 1039: NoMethodError occured. undefined method `sprite_effect_type=' for nil:NilClass I don't get any error while only using the keyboard, or by removing the script. Please help. Thank you!
  2. Oracle-Raven

    Change line break symbol from | to something else

    Yeah I have. Sadly it doesn't work.
  3. Sorry for not having posted in days, I wasn't expecting so many responses ^_^' Well the thing is, I'm able to make ESC call a common event whenever it's pressed. That way, I can make it open the menu screen, but I also want it to cancel options / close the menu screen. However, I just realized that whenever I press ESC to open the menu, it opens it up even when I've made it impossible, such as during cut-scenes, so it's not an ideal solution either. Hehehe, those are in fact the scripts that I use to make ESC (tied to the X button) call a common event. --- All right, well I feel like I should make things a bit clearer. In normal projects, you've got the confirm button (Enter, Space, Z key on keyboard) and the cancel+menu button (ESC, X key on keyboard, Num 0). The cancel+menu button can be used both to open the menu AND cancel options or close the menu. What I wish to obtain is a confirm button, a cancel-only button that doesn't bring up the menu, a menu-only button that doesn't cancel options or close the menu, and the cancel+menu button I'll tie to the ESC key. I know it sounds weird, but if you think about it, playing games on console such as Final Fantasy, the Menu and Cancel button are usually separate from one another. I have no problem separating them, but then it feels very weird not being able to do both with the ESC key. I realize this is such an odd request, and I feel like giving up if it's just too much of a hassle to implement.
  4. Thank you very much for your help! It's perfect! I love it.
  5. I'd rather be using icons. I apologize. I will not do it again.
  6. I removed that script already, and it'd be a big hassle for me to put it in again just to take a screenshot, but basically it messed up with the Item Encyclopedia script. I've been using the Item Encyclopedia script to provide lore about my game through item descriptions. Without Modern Algebra's script, the encyclopedia shows the items acquired by the player under four labels (Item, Weapon, Armor, Key Items), while my inventory menu shows a lot of different categories (Medicine, Food, Herbs, Combat, Crafting, etc.). The fact that the labels don't match is unfortunate, but it doesn't really bother me. However when I use Modern Algebra's script, since it messes with RPG::Item, RPG::Weapon and RPG::Armor that the Item Encyclopedia uses (at least I think that is the problem, I'm not very knowledgeable in RGSS3), it changes the labels of the encyclopedia from "Item, Weapon", "Armor", Key Items" to the labels I've been using in the Item Scene, which are "Medicine", "Food", "Herbs", "Combat", etc. But... that's cool, right? No, not really. Unfortunately, it only displays a limited amount of the labels inside the Encyclopedia. Some of them aren't shown at all, yet the player can still select them off-screen. That is the exact same problem I've been trying to avoid in the Item Scene in the first place, but this time it's in the Item Encyclopedia. The Modern Algebra script that removes this problem from the Item Scene is shoving it back right at the Encyclopedia script. Not only that, but Modern Algebra's script makes it so that the encyclopedia can't recognize a single item. The Encyclopedia script normally works by adding tags in the notebox of items in the data base to show a description of them, or exclude them from the encyclopedia. With Modern Algebra's script, nothing shows up in the encyclopedia for unknown reasons. Here, I have made a demo of my issue. http://www.mediafire.com/download/w06cv69hgrty4t6/Oracle-Raven.exe EDIT: Please press F5 as soon as the demo starts if it's not already in Full Screen.
  7. Or a script that allows you to use Message Window text Codes such as \i[x] to draw icon x at position of the text, inside other scripts where there is purple text you can edit, that could also be very nice.
  8. Oracle-Raven

    Stop showing non-sellable items from shops when selling items.

    Thanks very much! Works without a hitch.
  9. Thank you guys very much for your help, I'll look further into this matter.