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  1. I've been wondering if you'd change your pic to something more plague-y. Is that the drawing that inspired the costume? 

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    2. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      Hahaha! I would honestly never want to do commissions for something like that. Doing that for myself is one thing. Doing that for nameless people on the web and trying to figure out accurate fit is a whole other thing. And worse, it's one thing to edit a digital drawing; a whole other thing to edit fabric.


      I certainly appreciate the compliment and vote of confidence though!

    3. lonequeso


      I give credit where it's due ^_^


      In that case, just promote the drawing ;) 

    4. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      I may have to once I finish it! All my personal art has been thrown on the back burner while I finish up commissions.

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