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  1. ***Paging Dr. Plague.   Paging Dr. Plague***


    ...  ... ... I had something to follow that with... ...


    ... ... damnit

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    2. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      Yes! It just got here today!

      And as much as I'd like to make you feel special by saying that was the reason I put the mask on, it wasn't. LOL I was being goofy and put the mask and the hat on when the coat got here and I tried it on. Took a pic to send to my husband. Noticed your post and was all "I just so happen to have the perfect photo for such an occasion. Post."

    3. lonequeso


      meh. Close enough :D Next time you take a photo like that I need you to do me a favor. Move the Joker over just a little bit more so half his face is n the shot. It would be so much creepier! ^_^

    4. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      Hahahaha! Will do!

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