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About Me

~Welcome to the Sacred Grounds of the Elusive Gensokyo Cat~

Hi hi~ My name is Kotori-chan, your resident anime enthusiast/ yandere as well as the Gensokyo Cat of the forums~

Feel free to explore my home to see some interesting and not so interesting things about the Gensokyo Cat~


~Cat Locations~




*The Cat Lounge




Welcome to the Cat Lounge~

Here you will see a list of my favorite stuff meow ^~^

Favorite Animal


Favorite Color

Red, Black, and White

Favorite Type of Food

Japanese Food

Favorite Video Game

SMT Franchise and Final Fantasy

Favorite Video Game (Online)

Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends

Favorite RPG Maker Game

Corpse Party and Skyborn

Favorite Movie Genre

Horror Suspense, Drama, and Comedy

Favorite Movie

Disney Movies and Final Destination (all of them)

Favorite Actor/Actress

Paul Walker

Favorite Anime Genre

Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Drama, and Comedy

Favorite Anime Character

Lelouch Vi Britannia, Kanade Tachibana, Rikka Takanashi, and Asuna Yuuki

Favorite Anime

Code Geass

Favorite Game Genre


Favorite Game Character

Kuze Hibiki and Tatsuya Suou

Favorite Music Genre

Classical and J-Pop

Favorite Singer

Taylor Swift

Favorite Past Time

Reading, Playing Video Games, and Spriting

Favorite Person


Favorite Stuff Toy



*Cat Workshop



Hi hi welcome to the cat workshop where you can visit where Nekotori does her sprites~

I love to sprite meow~


I sprite, like ALOT, you can view some, yes, some.. at my Anime Sprite Resource Well: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22737-the-anime-sprite-resource-well/


Feel free to put these on your signatures to show your support~ Every banner I see makes me sooo happy since I know people are interested and supportive on what I do *_* 




You can also check Touhou Tales Spirit of Dark Memory made by me and Minerva-nee~




*Cat Canteen




Welcome to the cat canteen where you can see how Nekotori socializes with others meow~


Is Kotori-chan approachable?

Yes, yes she is~ As long as you respect her and always be nice to her meow~

Is she only available in the forums?

Yes, so far all other social information is strictly confidential~ But you can add her to PSN (her PSN ID is keiro26), Guild Wars 2 (She uses Nyanpyr), and League of Legends (IGN: KeIzAku)~

Who are her close friends in the forums?




*Cat Quarters






Welcome to the cat quarters where some interesting tidbits are happening~


Why are you calling LadyMinerva Minerva-nee? Is she your sister? Are you guys related?

No, we are not sisters by blood but we are sisters by heart (waah so cheesy meow xD) Ever since I joined the forums, Minerva-nee was one of the sole reasons I began to do stuff here. I stumbled upon her Touhou Tales game and was fascinated on how she works, it`s so shiny and well detailed especially the maps. I am not to knowledgable in Touhou at that time so I hesitated to offer my sprite work but in the end, her kind and elegant way of chatting with me successfully sealed the deal. I became her pixel artist ^~^ At first our chats are all about the sprites, it`s pure professional chats but later on it became a little bit loose. We quickly became friends and we started to use that very same PM conversation to talk about anime, games, Touhou, development, sprites, current happenings, events, Indie In A Week, and a lot lot more to the point that it exploded into a thousand replies xD We became so close that we are the stickiest buddies ever made in my book xD We are the closest friends I could describe to the point that we actually treat each other as sisters~ We are known as the Fantasy Duo and we will make history~ Meoowwww~

Fantasy Duo, is that the name of your game studio?

Kinda xD Since we don`t own a studio nor we are working professionally, we work on the Touhou Tales at a casual pace since it is one of our hobbies but the time to get it so serious is drawing near due to the ever increasing demand for the product xD It will be released free and full of love and dedication~

How about you Kotori, did you finish any games yet?

Sadly, nope, but who knows? That Indie in a Week 3 might spark something~ 




*Cat Super Secret No One Should Enter Area












Cat: What? You got scared of those meow? They don`t seem scary?


Yay~ You found a super cute cat~ ^~^





*Cat Shop





Welcome to the cat shop where all cat stuff is sold xD


Does Kotori-chan take requests and commission for her sprites?

Requests? It depends on the sprite~ I rarely take requests for now but do not fear, I will announce on my Anime Sprite Resource Well if I will reopen the Requests Section~


*Cat Crazy Corner



Welcome to the crazy corner where all things random is being asked xD Credits for the Do This Poll thread xD (http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22671-do-this-poll-tell-me-about-yourself/page-3)


What's your current eye colour?: Brown
What's your current hair colour?: Dark Brown, Like very very Dark Brown
Do you have any siblings?: Yes. A smaller brother
Do you live in a small town or big city?: Big and Crazy City
Are you employed? Where?: Yes, on a Japanese Restaurant
What gaming systems do you have?: PC, GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP, PSVita Slim, PS4, Wii U
What language sounds cool to you?: Japanese and Korean

What's your favourite food?: Ramen~ and Sushi~
What's your favourite drink?: Milk~
What's your favourite animal?: Cats~
What's your favourite candy?: Anything sweet and minty.
What's your favourite fruit?: Apple.
What was your favourite childhood cartoon?: Tom and Jerry, Powerpuff Girls, Looney Tunes
What do you like snacking on?: Cookies meow~
What anime art style do you admire??: Date A Live`s art style.
What are your hobbies beyond your RM skill?: Playing Video Games and Reading Novels

Can you swim?: Nope.
What's your favourite thing to cook?: Soups and Fried Rice
What's your favourite Jell-O flavour?: I dunno
What's your favourite hair colour?: Red
You enjoy the food most of what culture(s)?: Asian
What is/was your favourite subject(s) in high school?: Science
Would you rather live in a small town or big city?: Big city
Do you drink alcohol? If yes, what kind?: Once, and I will never ever try it again.
If you were angry at someone, you would: Smile.

What's something you're good at?: Drawing and Spriting
What's a character a flaw of yours?: Easily Depressed and Discouraged
What character trait do you admire most?: Honesty
Find a car you would want to be/ have: Ferrari~
You relax at home by: Chatting with Minerva-nee and playing with my cat Nyanpyr.
What's the best trait you have for your friend(s)?: Cuteness? xD
Have your ever stolen anything?: Yes. I stole lots of hearts and chocolates in the past few years of my highschool life.
What would you want to change about yourself?: Being a crybaby
What was the hardest year in your life?: Senior Year in High School


*Cat Museum



Here are the collection of my cat gifs xD






Okay, I read everything, Do I get a reward?




You get an additional dancing cat~ Yay~ Thank you for viewing my profile~ Feel free to talk to me (Drop a comment in my Profile Feed, PMs, Status Updates, Topics, and of course, in my Anime Sprite Resource Well~) 






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