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  1. In this video, I give you the cheat codes for creating your own personalized final boss themes for your RPG game . Feel free to ask any questions!
  2. Schematist

    How to Create JRPG Battle Theme

    I am so glad I was able to be of some assitance King Madness! Even if I only helped a little, it puts a smile on my face. If you ever have a project you want to share with me, I will be more than willing to give it a listen with some light-hearted feedback to push you even further in the right direction . Cheers!
  3. How to Create an original JRPG battle theme for beginners!
  4. Another new FL studio RPG Music tutorial
  5. Schematist

    How to Make an RPG Field Theme Song

    FL Studio is not free, but there are some digital audio workstations that are free like Linux Multimedia Studio. There is a demo version of FL Studio if you want to try it though.
  6. Schematist

    Video Game Inspired Album *Released*

    Thank you for the feedback I am actually get the hang of whats new In FL Studio 11 now. We definitely should . Hopefully soon!
  7. I really wanted to create this video game inspired album for a while and now it is finally finished. I wanted to blend retro elements with some modern instrumentation. I hope you guys like it! Cheers Schematist https://schematist.bandcamp.com/album/neon-arcade
  8. Schematist

    What VST Plugins do you use?

    I love Massive,FM8,Zebra, and absynth, For 16 bit sounds I am not sure what to really go with though. That is really up to the the musician, but you should check these out.
  9. Schematist

    How to Make an RPG Boss Theme Song.

    So Glad I could help Theo. I found that a lot of great composers make such great and catchy instruments with a minimal amount of instruments so I wanted to give it a chance and show it to fellow enthusiast.
  10. One more tutorial coming right up! This is for the newcommers to game audio that are interested in learning how to create a boss theme.
  11. Schematist

    How to Make an RPG Field Theme Song

    Hey SoulPour I only used FL Studio in this video, but I did use additional plugins and VST's for the instruments that I used. You don't have to purchase any additional sounds if you don't want to, but the stock sounds that the FL Studio trial version comes with are very basic and they lack a realistic quality. Even so they are still good for practice. I made a few other tutorials on my youtube channel as well, I would recommend you check those out from the beginning to see if this makes more sense. If it still sounds a little too advanced, I would recommend checking out a youtube channel called FL Guru. They start from the very very beginning. I suppose my tutorials are for advanced beginners . Sorry for that. However, I will take what you said into consideration and see what I can do to possibly address that. No problem Nash! I can't wait to see what you come up with .
  12. Schematist

    How to Make an RPG Field Theme Song

    Glad to help AQIB! I am interested in seeing what you come up with so don't forget to send me a message when you are ready to share .
  13. Another RPG Music tutorial on creating an RPG Field Theme Song!
  14. Schematist

    Music Feedback Thread

    @Geluf… I can’t tell how much I was pleased when that bass kicked in at 56 seconds. It really brought a nice feeling of nostalgia to the classic RPG titles. It reminded me a lot of Chrono Trigger. This had a very nice explorative feeling all around as well! @Carfie... I am really digging your retro style. I just started getting into using 8 bit instruments as well, but I am not even close to this level yet. Reminds of the days of Nintendo when every game had one difficulty (HARD) I wanted to try combining 8bit instruments with some modern sounds to see what the end result would sound like. I had a lot of fun making this track and I think I might try to do more in this style. Feedback is always appreciated!
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