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    'Ib'-like menu?

    I believe that the menu in ib was just a picture.
  2. Hello again c: I haven't got much to add this time only: - The transfer at the top of the staircase in the 1F passage is missing, the transfers on the edges work fine but the one in middle is gone, allowing me to walk all over the screen. and - The bottom of a wall in the area after climbing the stairs is passable. [The corner on the right, between the last two chandeliers.] - When you enter a map and press spacebar right away, you take a step forward (away from the door) and then are transported to the map you came from. (noticed this in the rooms on the top floor.) Haven't been fixed It's good that you added more save spots though c:
  3. TeaPatti


    Hello and welcome! I hope you'll enjoy being there! c:
  4. Hey there! I just finished playing the demo, it took me about 30 minutes c: The music and dark tint gave the game a really creepy atmosphere, so good job on that! I couldn't find many things on which you could improve on, so I'll just tell you the few that I found. - The game needs more saving points, I believe that there are only 3 so far. Especially when there are so many ways to die, I tend to want to save everytime I enter a new map. For example when exploring the west floor, you have to go all the way back to the main hall to save your progress. - The bottom of a wall in the area after climbing the stairs is passable. - When you enter a map and press spacebar right away, you take a step forward (away from the door) and then are transported to the map you came from. (noticed this in the rooms on the top floor.) Other than that the game was really nice! The maid's backstory seems very interesting, can't wait to hear the full story.
  5. There are so many RPG maker games that I'm looking forward to this year > u <

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    2. LordSquirrel


      What games are you looking forwards to?

    3. TeaPatti


      @Eviei that's true, though I also enjoy seeing the developments so it's not that big of a deal when it doesn't get finished c:


      @LordSquirrel Most of them are the ones that I found on tumblr and few on this site c:

      - pocket mirror

      - rest in peace

      - apple pie

      - midnight rendezvous

      - konstandin

      - Mica: Apoptosis

      These are the ones that are said to be released this year c:

      Also Dreaming Mary was released a few days ago ^u^

    4. Eviei


      I hope you can look forward to mine

  6. TeaPatti

    gallery Patti's Art

    aaaaa thank you very much ; u ; Thank you so much! ; w ; ah Thank you! I shall try to fix that when I have time ^ u ^ hmm I'm not sure, it's drawn with a pentablet on Paint Tool Sai, I didn't use the vectorlayers though c:
  7. I see! I will try that out once I need it C:
  8. TeaPatti

    Question for the artists here!

    yes I've tried it already! It has some very nice new features and the layout is basically the same c:
  9. TeaPatti

    gallery Patti's Art

    Thank you very much everyone! ; u ; @Kentard Thanks for the critique I'm sure it'll help me improve! @AJNR Yes this character is based of Alice in wonderland ; u ; and so is my 'dream game' that i'll get started on when I'm move experienced ; u ;
  10. TeaPatti

    Question for the artists here!

    Oh I see c: I use pretty detailed shading, so I'll need a bigger canvas than the standard RTP portraits ; o ; oh okay! Apparently there are a lot of different opinions about resizing it c: I've heard Paint Tool SAI is the best program for lineart, a lot of people start in SAI and continue the piece in Photoshop. I primarily use SAI, and run 5000x5000 +200dpi. It's treated more like a draft table so I can figure out space and all that jazz. After the image is finished, it's proportions can be adjusted (as a crop) to the layout you want (1:1, 8:12, 8:16, etc.) I never make any work that exercises dimensions above 1500x1500, so it's always resized to a much smaller size, depending upon what it's meant for, but usually consist of the lower one thousands. I use Paint Tool Sai as well! My standard canvas is abou 1200x1600 with the dpi set to 200 Clip Studio is developed by (some of) the same people as Paint Tool Sai. There's also a new version of Sai coming out! ^ u ^
  11. TeaPatti

    gallery Patti's Art

    My main gallery is on DeviantART: http://patti-tea.deviantart.com/ But I thought it'd be nice to have another gallery here in which I can post RPG-maker related art such as busts and sprites c: Please remember that this is a gallery and not a resource-showcase, so these images are not free to use! Art/CG:
  12. TeaPatti

    Question for the artists here!

    You can find my art on deviantart and tumblr, my username is Patti-tea on both sites ^ u ^
  13. TeaPatti

    save spot issues

    Could you give some screenshots of the event pages? It'll be a lot easier to tell what you're doing wrong when we can actually see it c:
  14. TeaPatti

    Question for the artists here!

    aa thank you so much for the info everyone! ; u ; This will all really help me a lot! ♥ ♥ ♥
  15. TeaPatti

    Question for the artists here!

    Okay! Thank you c: I think I understand c: So when you resize a big drawing with lots of details, a lot of those details will be too small on the end picture, and so it'll look bad/messy Okay! Photoshop is a very heavy program, it used to lag a lot on my old pc too ; o ; Ah I see c: thanks for the info! c: