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  1. Yeah he definetly does use some unique tiles... and he is damn good at hiding things... a little hint... he has 4-5 hidden items (depends... one of them is questionable if it`s "hidden")... have fun searching for them... you will need some luck to get a few of them... believe me there... Have fun playing the demo... and the guard command is usefull once in a whyle... another little hint from my side xD
  2. 1/10 it´s impossible to play a mage class on normal (Does that mean I should play on easy? No thanks^^).... (sage/priest/mage) forcing someone to use a meele class (If there are several mage classes available) is absolute sh***. I tried everything used the potion at 20hp and I tried it several times... there is no way to beat the slimes with a mage class. You don`t have any spell at the beginning and your hits deal~4-7 damage at most. (Couldn`t even kill a single slime... and after seeing this I won`t play this game. If you make many classes available you must do at least a little balancing ) Nothing against hard... but against impossible and makeing mage classes unplayable. Won`t look at it again lol (The first game to make me give up...within 5-10 minutes lol it took at least twice the time to download it^^... new record sir xD) Just for the record I tried the Paladin as well... well at least one went down but I couldn`t kill the other one... Did you only play with, for an example, the Samurai and on easy? Whatever I will be away and browse trough the recourses searching for stuff see ya^^ But before I do that last feedback: Testplay with ALL your classes to a certain extent and give them, if necessary, spells at the beginning... doesn`t really matter if it`s something like a debuff and a buff which you have to use at the right moment...(Better make your own spells if you think the premade ones are insufficent!) as long as it`s BEATABLE! And if you have many classes it`s alright to make some easier and others heavier to play, you said that as well, but focusing on a single meele class is stupid if you have that many classes to choose from. I only wanted to see the story actually but if I am forced to play on easy, if there is a combat system, and with classes I don`t like then I am not even interested in the story since the combat is a crucial part in your game!
  3. Thereisnoname

    Pets and Summons

    Yes I did but my game does freeze completly^^ I am using VE Animated Battle (I am trying out a few things and yeah^^ Screw up as much as possible ) Doesn´t really matter what who or with which party I summon something it will stick the last actor (If I only have one it will stick to him and there would be two from them... but the game does freeze with a 100% Chance with my current settings... well maybe I screwed smth up like I seem to do with the Loop Animation but I don`t think so... I assigned a charset and stuff so yeah..^^) The summoning time doesn`t matter as well how it seems^^ And I tried both scripts as well and it`s located below Animated Battle and no change at all^^ Nah it just doesn`t work completly... doesn´t matter which one... If you summon something it crashes but if you have it in your script list (doesn`t matter were) the character will face "downside"(hope that`s the right word... uh he will look "south" down smth like that) after the second round^^
  4. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    @TheoAllen Yes I did use all of them... But I have to say using Solar Force & Flamecloak at the same time is overpowered if you are doing it right... Cause of that I didn´t really use it much tough... I kinda hesitated to use Corona Strike & Solar Force as I probably said already.... I like them but I like drawn out fights as well... (As long as the drawn out fights are not fights where you only have to use the "Enter Button"...^^ 3 times higher? oO Srsly? I thought you didn´t use criticals at all or only with an extremly LOW Chance for basic attacks... I only saw Solei once in a whyle using one but certainly not twice in a single fight...... I would say, if you don`t like much skills, replace a few with skills of similar value (damage output or status debuffs/buffs stuff like that) and if you would like to make more (I don`t have to say what I would prefer or? =P) then you should raise the lvl cap and exp and length from the dungeon...(or just increase xp slightly and add skills "regulary"^^) And yes... game balancing is a hassle... it`s a big and annoying deal in a game that does focus on fights...^^ And about the stock... normally I do but well... I sometimes forget about items if I have skills that should cure the thing as well as long as it´s not an emergency but I was stocked up...^^ at least 15 from each item and 30 potions from each smth like that +/- 5^^ And if the creator doesn´t know that himself... who knows?! This game... it has a life we don´t know about yet.... be aware.... johnny might be back... And sorry for not answering I was reading trough other stuff (completed ace scripts... man.. nice things there... have to try a few next month or in a few weeks...hopefully I can use them xD) and doing other stuff xD @SGITC dû Breuch (Pretty sure that`s a name from france^^) So you saw the power from those 2 guys as well... I don`t think flamecloak and spellshield is too strong together tough but it`s a mighty combination that`s true =P But later on it won`t be as overpowered as it is in the beginning^^ Nice one there =P Maybe gonna try it on the higher one on the next version^^ And I hope that it won´t screw me up too hard xD
  5. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    Well no since I never saw anyone silenced^^ I think I got lucky there.... I only saw a quit much stun from foes (How much stun chance does Thunderpillar have? 60%?) but no, I never saw a silence ability in your game^^ If you were to add that please make sure to balance it...^^ If the silence does effect everyone except for Stella it might be fatal if you made one that affects the whole team xD Oh and I don´t mean any magic stance... with stance i want to describe a state like your blackhole force and flamecloak... only a little bit different.. You see I mean that if she has stances that they have certain "strenghts" and each one has quit a weakness.. you could say a two-edged-sword... Not anything like "magic" it`s just like switching between and offensive and a defensive warrior... if you want to describe it that way... maybe I am just using the wrong word or you are thinking too much about magic^^ For example a state where her accuracy and crit is boosted BUT as an exchange the damage will be lowered... And the same in the opposite way... it has nothing to do with magic... like a swordsman can hold the sword differently and have an advantage in defense but a disadvantage in the offensive... And nice thinking there...^^ That might prove too make her powerful as well^^ (sadly for me... =P) Well she might still be a mage... I mean... how does she get unlimited bullets and granates without magic..?! Lunar might be a hidden expert with explosives and might be able to produce bullets out of nowhere... hmmm mysterys xD
  6. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    If it is only Solei you could actually use an ability like "Waterbreath" that he will use if solei casts flamecloak. (Water > Fire) And if you add stances to Stella then he could use some kind of Whirlwind that has a 50-75% chance to get rid of flamecloak (Wind can extinquish fire if it`s strong enough...^^) and interrupts Stella´s stance for sure (What could interrupt a special stance better then a whirlwind..?) No idea about the damage output tough...^^ Or just go with a special counter (as you suggested^^)... maybe a counter with something like forceshield (Like a weaker and smaller Dispel Wave) if he attacks with flamecloak and Stella with her damage stance or strong ability (if you give her smth like that^^). Well preferable would be a % Chance to counter since 100% would suck a lot but yeah your decision =P 20%? Thought it has 5-10%... I only stunned around 3 foes with the Stun granade in the whole game... didn`t use the boomerang much tough =P And btw... the boss does look much better now on the map^^ (looked at the thread^^)
  7. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    Hehehe that`s the curse that comes with beeing a game developer =P Maybe you could give her granates a debuff like "bleeding" causing damage based on her attack power over time....and slightly increasing the damage from her "bullet rain" so that it does at least as much as a normal attack maybe a bit more... and you could add a critical chance boost to her fast reload skill and a slight tp boost (like 3-4 AP per round) it`s only for 2 turns but that increase would make her extremly strong i guess... But I am not sure if that´s too much though... Something like that or give her a usefull single target spell except for hollow point that`s like Solei`s Solar Strike... Maybe Bullet Round shot 3 Bullets at a foe) or you could give her different mods like Solei one for accuracy but lower damage and one for slightly lower accuracy but higher damage... there are many ways too do such stuff^^ Fullmoon Light does that and the scrolls..? I never tried it with the scrolls but fullmoon light didn´t work when I tried it once.... I hope I am just remembering something wrong^^ And I might have been unlucky with the heal... I did spam it tough...^^ And I saw his dispell wave once or twice I think... but I don´t think he is using it regulary else I would remember it^^ But couldn´t you make a smaller version from the Dispell wave to get rid from Flamecloak whyle fighting him? Not as an event but as a actual turn would that be possible? Like this you could counter the Combo and decrease the damage extremly since flamecloak does increase the damage quit a bit... not sure how much but I guess around 30-50% Well maybe not^^ Maybe I am just noticing this things cause I tried some funny fighting tactics once in a whyle... like using different "stances" for a character... Offensive, Magic, Defense and average...(yeah 4 for 1 char for real but it`s hellish to balance I am sure you know why xD) but yeah who knows^^
  8. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    ...... Are you serious? That are basic combos... I figured out to switch between them as soon as I got this abilities XD The only hard thing is too time it right or too have enough AP (TP in default terms =P) for them.... and to buy Solei the time to do it and to set it up correctly since sometimes it does skip the attacks from Cyclon Flame if there is only 1 foe^^ So it does still depend on luck^^ Hard to USE them? No way....^^ Are they smashing the enter button whyle playing on the hard mod against the skyward king? Your game is hard (I am referring to the first room with the boots... damn hard since solei is the only one with damage against whatever was there and since lunar had to heal non stop) if you play on a higher mod but the combos are not... Awwww don`t break my awesome combo there.... xD And btw would it be possible to give Lunar/Solei a ability to get rid from Oblivion? Don`t think so but if there is no imbalance (yes I even know that it does reduce turns... foes do that to Solei as well -.-) on the skyward king he can more or less crush the party if you are out of reviving scrolls or if only Stella is left... (Useless xD)... Like 10% chance for it be removed if a party member is dead... like desperation or such a thing... just an idea from a guy that was annoyed by it xD Yay Lunar get`s his Portraits xD .....Stella you are still useless.^^
  9. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    Hahahaha it heavily depens on how you play them xD Lunar indeed does more damage then the others with his normal attack, but his offensive SKILLS are limited telekinesis and fireball and that`s it and because he is the healer he will rarely attack... he has other skills to use on the team xD But Solei can match his normal attack if he does have the Strengh Gem.... but since he has a high damage if you use his combo`s correctly his offensive is WAY higher then Lunar & Stella`s together... the highest damage i did with him in a round was....~1200 +/- on the skyward king maybe higher... get imbalance working on him afterwards use flamecloak and afterwards if you have two turns again use Solar Strike and Cyclon Flame (and get lucky with at least 3 strikes against him) and it does at least that much... if you have corona flame even more... you can get AP easily with the potions... Well yes she focus on attacking a group as you said, but the problem is that she just doesn´t do much... next to no damage on the group... and the stun doesn´t hit very often, except for flash bang and that is just a bought turn that rarely does something except for the last boss where it might safe you from the little foes... but that`s all she is good for... And I somehow noticed it that you prefer Solei... he is the only one with abilities where a picture will be displayed if they are used =P And alright I am gonna wait no Problem there xD
  10. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    Hmm... might be the case that you mentioned it.. if you did I am sorry and I take it back that you don`t say why they want it xD And how could they even think that Stella is better then Solei? oO They must screw up pretty hard like using flamecloak against this fire demon boss thing or only smashing the enter button against the skyward kingy (btw... he is a blue dragon.. not a green one =P)... he is way stronger then the rest from the group in the offence oO He does more then Lunar and Stellar together if you give him the boots oO I thought that he was a bit overpowered^^ Combining his forms WILL overpower almost any foe if he works together with the healer... Stella is the extra... completly useless oO Even her lvl 15 ability is weak oO Well Lunar is in the middle... his offensive abilities are as high as stellar`s even a bit higher how I play them but he is mostly used for healing and buffing and since that`s very important... so yeah it`s normal that nobody does complain^^ If you were to train him to lvl 15 he would beat Stellar & Solei in a 2 : 1 because of that overpowered Lightform...^^ What? I missed ~half from the secrets...? You gotta be kidding me.... well i can understand if I haven`t found any in floor 4.1-3 since I just wanted to get out... but floor 5.1-3? I thought there weren`t any.... Gonna play trough it the next weekend again... can´t let that slide... xD It´s your first game`? Pretty nice for that^^ I am gonna start to make one again later again.... not yet xD Maybe in a few months again... But really... I am extremly bad with it so yeah^^ I don`t expect much^^
  11. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    The thing I really liked was the fact that Solei had more "moods/forms" like Blackforce and Flamecloak and that they actually affect a few from his skills (actually nearly all of them^^)... and your "hidden" rooms... except for the one without artifact... made me run around for nothing =P And about Stella... she is even worse in the late game... even after giving her artefacts that support her damage.. I even gave her the juwel that gives +10 strengh (it says 7 but that`s a mistake) and the shoes for a second turn and Solei did still more damage then her oO But I like useless Archertypes anyway... I only like it to see them die so it worked out for me XD I found quit a few rooms but if i remember right i found nothing in floor 4.1-3 except for flay... was there a hidden room? I am not sure what I had since it was quit a whyle ago but I know that i finished it on the second mood/mod? (Dunno the right word sorry normal I guess) playtime ~2h - 2h30min... I found ~6-7 artifacts if i remember right... and 10+ deaths (at least 8 from stella.. did you do something that they focus her or was i just lucky?) And I am impressed that you made such a script on your own... I for my part have trouble only using a sideview script xD Did you draw all of that youself? oO I can`t even draw a human that looks humanlike... Well the face is nice but I personally think she does look pretty young like that^^ I thought that she was Luna`s kid or something at the beginning for a second that followed him just for the sake of it XD And you don´t need to be an expert writer... but at least saying why they want it what it can do and stuff is not much to ask... but hey i shouldn`t talk i never finished making a game yet since I am too bad for the easy stuff and since I refuse to make one without a sideview battle system xD There I go again^^ But whatever doesn`t matter since dungeon crawler doesn`t focus on the story (normally xD)^^ (And since I am trying to make a english one with my lacking english skills in that language...^^) All in all it`s pretty good and the "bad" english is as funny as many from your dialogues =P It`s a pretty good game if you like short games... I for my part prefer long games with a story^^ (RPG`s^^ but Dungeon Crawlers aren´t that but either^^) Oh and sorry about the mess I dare too call a comment... I am too lazzy to organize it right now
  12. Thereisnoname

    Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (+ TSBS Version 1.4!)

    Lunar: ~18+ Solei: ~14-15 Stella: ~11-12 Your Facesets are alright... Changing them would mess the chars up a bit I think... except for Stellar in my own opinion she completly looks like a little child... and she is behaving like one (and fairly useless xD except for the stun and throwing bottles.. ) Your battlesystem is really good... I like it^^ Story: Weeeeeell not much there if you were too ask me^^ There are a few jokes and stuff but there is no real story... we don`t know WHY they need the relic... (If you mentioned it, it has been a whyle since I played your game for the last time) but yeah... what should I say it`s a dungeon crawler and not a rpg so that`s fine^^ And if you were too continue the story with the same chars I would recommend to give them a higher starting lvl.. hey they already fought with quit a few monsters so yeah^^ Even tough you could say they lost their powers... this one is getting old^^ They wouldn`t lose all their power... if they had... they couldn´t even be able walk anymore since they need some "power" to do so as well XD
  13. Did that in the morning... well I have a report to make: Endless Dragon Petal: Inventory (I can get you 99 if you want to as well...) : Looks like that is some kind of bug if you use the waypoint... but it occured without that as well... you must have some kind of mistake with the timer or self switch if you use one of them... or the switch triggered by using a waypoint or the bed if you did smth like that... It disappears if you leave the map but sometimes it comes back... And this: Not sure if that`s something you planed but...: You can use this to create secrets xD Well took me 1h and 30min (in the morning good that i don`t sleep much like that I could go trough that^^) again... so have fun xD
  14. I thought I told you to take your time Mister Zeno I am saying that because I remember quit a few things about your demo... this things should be quit uncommon for a game that was this long in the making but somehow they seem to have taken quit a likeing to your game if you understand what I want to say with that But I will look out for it But as I said you might have to wait for a detailed feedback for a bit
  15. No but I used an older one where I was about to go in to the cave to test it cause i didn`t want to lvl up again... maybe that was the cause if it is I am sorry^^ (I had a few prepared saves for this things... I saved at all the key points to be able to replay them faster well good to know that it might not work as I had thought it would :/ *My fault it works (well I can enter the town again... i won`t try more xD)... I accidently used the one that overwrote my lvl 15 char*) If it was: Great Job on fixing it and you can blame my lazziness XD I am not going to try it *again* cause I am waiting for the next version and as you said it`s boring with only this much skills going trough it again and again^^ Yeah new classes XD Will I be able to skill Jason as a spellblade(Want to combine some kind of warrior (Preferable an offensive one that won`t die after a single hit and a "Dark" Mage[status debuffs and a bit dark magic would be funny with him]) later on? I mean he has as much basic magic as basic strengh how it looks like so i think it might be possible... And no problem^^ Right now I can do it and that game looks like a nice one if it would be "polished" and it would be better if more would do that since I am the only person right now that gives much feedback and I have my own opinion how a game should be whyle another one has another opinion^^ But yeah I am going to test all of them^^ But I might have to slow down a bit soon with it and might not finish it at the same day (I have other stuff to do as well xD). And might I ask you for something? Because you gave as a reward that`s hardly of any use if transferred characters cause this kind of disturbance (or just bad luck ) then it would be nice if you would make a "training area" where we can fight bosses or just try out different spells and things that won`t be accessable later on maybe or in a different way. But whatever you do take your time even if much is already finished^^