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  1. Kio

    Hey! :D

    This is really hilarious to watch. XD
  2. Kio

    Dash Animation?

    Thank you so much! It works perfectly. ^^
  3. Kio

    Hey! :D

    aha! but what if i'm immune to poison? what then? ;D thanks for the warm welcome! and i don't mind strange people, pretty much everyone i know is a bit strange. XD
  4. Kio

    Music Feedback Thread

    Wow, I'm loving all the different songs here! :3 I don't really have much to offer in terms of critique though. I actually have three different songs to share, I hope that's okay. uwu Here's the first town theme. It's supposed to be a port town, but I don't really think I'm good at making town themes, I just wanted to make something that wouldn't get too repetitive. Here's the intro music for when you start a new game. I feel like the buildup might be a little too long, considering the song's really only going to be playing for a short amount of time. I guess if people would want to listen to it they could just sit and listen. XD This one is kind of a three-in-one type deal. Later in the game I'm going to be throwing in some survival-horror elements (at least I hope to), and of course I wanted to make some good intense music for it! The first theme is basically what plays when the enemy appears. The second is when it's actively searching for you, and the third is when it's chasing you. I feel like the anvil might be a little too loud but I'm not entirely sure, in-game it may blend in just fine.
  5. Kio

    Hey! :D

    Hi everyone! I'm Kio and I've been lurking the forums for a few days. I started working on a game using RPG Maker XP a little over a year ago before I ended up switching to Ace. (It's kind of funny because the only reason I bought Ace was because you can easily loop music.) I ended up getting inspired from a game called OFF (maybe you've heard of it?), mostly because it was made by one guy and I thought, "well gee if he can make a nifty game maybe i can too!" and it's all kind of downhill from there. :B I'm basically brand new to making games so I'm hoping maybe I could learn a thing or two here. I've been working with scripts (and by "working with" i mean "copypasting it into the editor and following the instructions" haha) but I really don't understand how they work. It'd be kind of neat if I was able to learn the basics so I'm not completely clueless when something messes up. ;u; I like a bunch of different types of games, but recently I've been into survival horror (Outlast is my favorite right now). Feel free to message me if you wanna talk or something. :> sorry if this post is too long i tend to ramble a lot oops
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