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  1. Darkwes


    Maybe this topic has what you're looking for: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/14566-zelda-hearts-system/?hl=%2Bheart+%2Bhealth
  2. You can probably achieve what you want with this script: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/extra-param-formulas/
  3. Darkwes

    Songs in the Dark

    Another old song I was messing with. Uploaded it on soundcloud and youtube (with a drawing I did a while ago) https://soundcloud.com/darkwes/illusion
  4. You should import it as a parallax image instead.
  5. Are you asking this? http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/24560-how-to-keep-multiple-window-skins/
  6. Darkwes

    Displaying Variables as Text in Messages

    This actually blew my mind, I never thought you could store strings into variables.
  7. Darkwes

    Displaying Variables as Text in Messages

    This can be easily done without additional scripts. Just make a new blank actor, lets say actor 10, name him 'he', and if the player chooses to play as female, rename the actor 10 (not the hero) to 'she'. On the text message insert \n[10] and voila...
  8. Darkwes

    Street traffic?

    Yes, it is possible. They will be regular events in parallel process (or 1 parallel process controlling all of them). But isn't going to be so easy to set a bunch of cars moving around and not glitching on each other or on the player if he chooses to cross the street
  9. Darkwes

    Set TP Limit to 999 for Custom TP Level Up Formula

    change the Max TP (Game Battler Base line 494~496) to something like this: def max_tp if self.atk / 2 <= 999 return self.atk / 2 else return 999 end end
  10. Darkwes

    Title screen with events

    Input trigger and button press aren't exactly the same thing. Change the conditional branch, instead of using the "Button __ is being pressed", check script, add "Input.trigger?(:__)" and see if it works.
  11. Darkwes

    Quick general question

    If you're asking if it is 'legal' to use those resources, the answer is no. But you'll hardly be sued by any of the creators of those stuff if you not doing a commercial game, not promoting it on a huge indie gaming site and, obviously, not claiming these resources your own.
  12. Darkwes

    Facing Diagonal In Conditional Branch

    This might work: ------- *Edit.: nevermind just read again and you said facing, I understood another thing. Also, you should post the movement script you're using. ------- EDIT: Ok, THIS might work: $game_player.direction == x and ($game_player.direction == y) change x and y for the directions: 4 = left 8 = up 6 = right 2 = down I didn't tested with your script though.
  13. Darkwes

    Abandoned house

    Thank you for sharing your perspective and opinions, it is certainly useful. I'm still kinda trying to figure out how I will do this and I didn't even started yet =s My game is kinda frozen at the moment because I need a few maps in order to progress, but I'm a terrible mapper, so any ideas and hints are appreciated.
  14. Darkwes

    Check current map?

    1 - No. If it is going to run on every map you don't really need to call it every time. You can just set it as Parallel Process (activated by a switch). But that will depends on how this works, if the picture will be shown the whole time and such. 2 - No. You don't need to set an else statement. Just set various conditional branches, one for each value and assign them the same picture ID (so they overwrite each other when you change to another map). There is no need to put one conditional branch inside the other.
  15. Darkwes

    Check current map?

    Map Display Name and Map ID are different things. What you asked you can do with the method I said, using a conditional branch to show different pictures.