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  1. Short: I'm seeking a conversion for Yanfly's Active Chain Skills and Input Combo Skills scripts from VX Ace to MV format for the benefit of the community as a whole. Long: This script would enable skills which, when performed in battle, would call for multiple options of player input to be immediately followed up with another skill in either method described below. The imperative function is that players are given a choice of multiple skills to chain or combo to as befitting the situation. Chain skills play out individually each time one is selected from the choices provided, and are chained from the skill immediately preceding it. Combo skills are selected when the initial trigger skill is performed, then play out in turn. If a specific combination of skills is played out in order, a finisher skill may be triggered to then be performed. Possible parameters include the limit of chain and combo lengths, time limits on input, and whether skills must be learned to be chained or combo-ed to. As the available buttons in MV differs from VX Ace, I think that a new set of inputs must be relied upon. VX Ace previously used QWASD (LRXYZ). While the following solution would reduce the available options by one, the arrow keys might be a better substitute. Perhaps combining the left and right keys to the same option would also suit the plugin better, reducing the potential options to three in this case. As to the logistics of how many inputs and what buttons are appropriate, particularly with gamepad support, this can be left up to the coder's expertise, although I feel a recommendation of a minimum of three inputs is preferable. This script should be made freely available to all RPG Maker MV users, hobbyists and developers alike.
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    eventing Intermediate/Advanced Game Variables

    How can we declare matrices?
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    VE - Anti Lag

    You'll also receive a lot of lag from having a large number of party members at once. Over a hundred party members can cause a serious wait every time you want to open the party menu, which spells trouble for games based on Megami Tensei or Pokemon where players are intended to recruit many monsters.
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