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    Ginger ale in a fair pub game sounds good, too.

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  1. And then there is another mate who uses the identical stamp as mine and Theo. Search for the blue one :D

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    2. richter_h


      First, those can be used as Seal of Approval, which is their main purpose.

      Secondly, those are good as a profile picture. Theo and I use those since 2013 as our profile picture, and now DrDhoom joins the party.

      And last but not least, those are neat as collectible stuffs. This edition (5th edition, a.k.a. Muses Edition) should have 9 variants.

    3. DrDhoom


      You make it sounds really cool =))

    4. richter_h


      Much appreciated. Well, the stamps are cool, right?

      Every stamp has its own personality and reflects its bearer's, I can say.

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