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    Between Asia and Australia, between Pacific ocean and Indian ocean.
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    Fresh ales, good games in pubs, and... either girls with glasses or the ginger girls. Combination of both is absolutely welcome.

    Ginger ale in a fair pub game sounds good, too.

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Greetings, fella.
I'm richter_h (call me Richter, or as most of my homeland fellas called me, H), Town Guard of Eremidia who also freelances himself as an author of Westerland Story book and currently retired from his job as a guardian of Princess Firstia.
My outfit as in Eremidia: Dungeon!, where I took my role as "Dungeon Tour Guide" and usually seen in tavern with a good tall glass of ale... along with Firstia, the trusty blade and a memento of the past job I've carried on.

My past? Once an adventurer, then settled in Eremidia for years and then granted a job as Town Guard from the Frog King himself. Seriously.

My proficiency is in exploration and development (may it be places, characters, or when it comes to be, goods and jewelries). IRL I'm a novice web developer and an aspiring artist even in fact I don't draw often...
Just one of my works. Based on Eremidia: Dungeon, too, where the Scout, the Drunkard and the Singer made their appearance.
Well, when realizing the Princess chose another guardian for herself and I got no job afterwards, I focused on building and exploring the wild, unexplored plains of Eremidia myself. Have met with many guys with many talents, and I decided to record them in one of my works, Eremidia: Dungeon!.
Of course, you can find me in the game, as a Town Guard, too.

Heck. There are many places to discover... But that's my job to write down what I've found along my way.
After all, nice to meet you, fella.

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