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    Writing from female perspective.

    As a storyteller, it's good to see the story in different perspective. As far as I concern, women minds aren't that hard to understand; they tend to make things more complex, and they aren't being complex at first place. My this argument is purely subjective, so take this with a grain of salt. See, even I as a male writer could make such writing hard to understand. So, don't feel discouraged, just do it anyway.
  2. Now where was I...

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    2. Rikifive


      In RPG Maker VX Ace Community. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Jeanne d'Ys

      Jeanne d'Ys

      *cue flashing lights and flashy logo animations*

    4. richter_h


      Ah, I see.

      This is supposed to be the place TheoAllen was talking about last year...


      Well hello there, fellas. It's been almost a year since my last visit.

  3. Back after lots of works to do. I heard TheoAllen will come back, as well as I'm opening sprite commissions in RMW. Dunno if I will open it here, too, but if you're curious enough here's the link http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/41135-richter-hs-sprite-shop/

  4. Currently opening sprite commission. Have no plan to open it here, too, but if you're interested enough, I'm all ears.

  5. Okay, it's been a while I stumble upon here again. Well, anyone interested in pixel art commission?

  6. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Better late than nothing... Well, fella, people know me as a game designer and currently level designer, but do you know that once I'm an artist, too? Indeed, I spent my spare time drawing things especially characters as I like designing and developing characters both for novel and for game. Basically I made my artworks on paper, notably copy paper and sketchbook, using assorted pencils primarily HB, 2B and 4B. And here are some I considered as my 'masterpieces', so relax and look around. The Three Feathers. Three cute girls embarked a perilous path and face the dangers to recover the land. Till I have enough skill points I want to develop them further... Meet (left to right) Vina, Laura and Frisia. Probably you've seen this one in my profile. This one is the latest 'masterpiece' I've made as 'official artwork' of Eremidia: Dungeon!, the project I'm working on. The Scout, The Drunkard and The Singer. The Eremidian Scout. Spent some time at rehearsal and I made this in roughly 30 mintues. Wandering Brawler, my early project before deciding to dip my own hands to Eremidia: Dungeon!... Well, inspired by a cover art of Gorillaz, I made this. Have you heard about Cecilia Fortuna, one of TheoAllen's well-developed OCs far before he made AED:ST? Here I made a shot of her, with a lolipop instead of Ignis Rod. I added glasses to her, and I fainted all-night afterwards. Not only the Cinder Mage, the Alchemage also got my attention. Here is Thuriri Mearue, the Alchemage of Arcadia and one of playable characters in Eremidia: Dungeon! Perhaps in this picture she depicted... 5 years older than the supposed 15 years old. Few of my works are refined and colored like this. Well, this is character I made, initially for Mark's Quest, a non-RM project. Aside of developing characters, I made fanart sometimes. Here is the Dwarven Sniper of DotA (if you played it you know about the old shorty dwarf with rifle), but I made it in girl version. Rarely I watch anime. Once I saw the Squid Girl, I got the feeling and decided to draw her. That was 2 years ago, anyway... Sorry if some are posted in mid-to-low quality. Recently I don't have access to scanners so desperately I must use ye olde webcam and resulting in serious quality issue. Hope you guys pleased with my works. More in my deviantArt account (http://foresteronly.deviantart.com). Don't hesitate to see more of my artworks from the Dark Age of mine (2009) to present. Cheers~
  7. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Bump for... what day is it? It's Maki day! My recent work that deserve to be shared here, too. I tried something new in this artwork; now I figured out better eye shapes and slowly I'm into proportional body build (I tend to make a rather deformed proportions before BTW) Still need some shading references and exercises, though... Will be back for some other stuffs around. Cheers~
  8. And then there is another mate who uses the identical stamp as mine and Theo. Search for the blue one :D

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    2. DrDhoom


      Very true indeed...

    3. Saltwater Croc

      Saltwater Croc

      I wonder who made 'em..

    4. richter_h


      Well, it was me who behind all these stamps, using pre-existing template as base. :D

      The pictures? I made most of them; some were made by my friends, including Theo himself.

  9. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Much obliged, House. Lately I focus on designing characters, so there are less artworks with interactions. I'd like to draw illustrations with brief story, like those in story books, and maybe I'll give it a try later. There are some illustrational artworks in my deviantArt account, including this one (it was made circa a couple of years ago, so it's a bit different with the most recent ones): Believe it or not, I still need to find my own pallettes--my set of color identity. And yeah, I tend to make the details in each characters, for they may have their own stories. For the costume details, well, it can't be helped; I love to make the each of the characters stands out
  10. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Bump to give some energetic atmosphere here. Fresh from the oven training camp! Here comes the Eremidian Dungeon Tour Guide, Alynn Sunburst (cmiiw about the name, since I don't know the exact surname of her) TheoAllen's favorite, to be honest, but still inferior to the greater orange out there. If you ever question why he's so addicted to orange, this one is one of the answers
  11. And now for the first time, my stamp is differently interesting for me.

  12. richter_h

    Spectre's Art and Shameless Advertising

    Such pose... You surely put efforts on Geraldine. Impressive, indeed. Say, Spectre, how do you get pose references? I found lots of interesting poses in most of your works, mostly the dynamic ones.
  13. richter_h

    Nya Attempting Art?!

    Agreed with House. The rest are good, too, but the Red Eye and the Town on Fire are exceptional; the first is so intimidating and bold (not to mention the color of choice that also made its way to be the title: red), while the last has more depth and feels that I can feel even in second glance. ...although I can't tell the differences between the lamplights and the smoke at the first sight. It's a bit too abstract for me Also, I can see the difference of boldness between them; especially the Idol, it has almost no weight in line whatsoever if compared with the rest especially the Eye. Well, try to mess with bold lines later. And hey, have my kookies. Cheers~
  14. Red isn't my color, but recently my thoughts are full of it. Between scarlet and crimson, I was.

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    2. TheoAllen


      Is that a coincidence? I guess not

    3. richter_h


      Aw. Didn't see that comin'...

      First, my younger me. Now, my stamp?

    4. DrDhoom


      lol... i know where this is going

  15. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Much obliged, fella. And I here to bump this thread and introduce a mash-up character I've made recently. There are two characters actually but I just finished one of them. Unless for TheoAllen, let this be mystery huehuehuehue... The Eremidian Railswoman of tomorrow, here today. Introducing Loretta McGraves, the railswoman of Eremidia. A steampunk-ish design but I tend to not adding so much gizmos--but there is an automated gadget with her. That's all for now. Expect my other piece of works posted here, too. Cheers~
  16. My art gallery updated. It feels like "my skillz sharpened."... but I believe I still need more improvement!

    1. Alufey


      Art is a study, as long as you have fun, thats what matters most of all. You can always gather more reference material and practice. Just remember to be kind to yourself, you got this far.

    2. richter_h


      Thanks, Alufey. You're right--it's fun that matters.

    3. Alufey


      You are most certainly welcome. Happiness and fun for all! :D

  17. richter_h

    richter_h's Gallery

    Now it's the time! Aluna, hold my beer. And here are my newest swag material exercise results. Mostly just mere messed sketches so I bring the finest into the house. Some are in cellphone camera quality, so plese bear with it. Ryuna Shureia. If you ever played Eremidia: Dungeon! you may be ended up hanging around with this blue-haired glutton dragon girl. Now in ponytail flavor. I rarely make doodle of my friends, but when I do, I draw the girls. My writing fuel when writing essays last week: Coffee, pasta, eggplant dishes, and this one. Meet Essay-chan, my writing guidance which distracts me often rather than helping me writing down the stuffs. Oddly, my gaming interests are mostly adventure, sidescrolling and some bits of puzzle instead of RPG, but I ended up stumbling upon RPGs and even made one. Here is one of my favorite characters--Richter Belmont--from my favorite game title, Castlevania. My nickname is derived from this badass. One of commissions last week, and the commission holder permitted me to share this work. Shiroyasha (from Mondaiji. I forgot the full title) And last, but not least, meet Charlotte again, but with a new looks (she now wears pants, although technically it's her boyfriend's underwear) and such pose that will remind us to a certain anime character who wears blue seifuku and yellow bands. Now, without booze. Phew. That's all for now, folks. Tell me what did you think about my works. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Cheers~
  18. Guess people here know http://puu.sh/gqZbb.png http://puu.sh/gqcYX.png more than I do...

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    2. richter_h


      I ship the Sun and the Star, as everyone does.

      Keep my secret: I pretend to not remember Lunar, despite the sprite is almost done


      Also, expect their appearance in Eremidia: Dungeon! Act 2

    3. Nekotori


      *Dies in excitement* Act 2?! O_O

    4. richter_h


      I tend to not tell it outside RMID and I didn't promise it, but the rest of Skyward Temple story will be told in Dungeon!

      And of course, the trio will be playable. That's why I make the sprites of them

  19. Ended up designing characters to fill the Seer roles. Should I show it here?

  20. I found myself among daily routine, tasks, own project and forecoming job. Never been as hectic as this year

  21. And the best part of localizing this game, some of local contents can be inserted... mildly. I'm getting into this local fun

  22. I believe that I have an 'inner beast' inside my body. It's growling and roaring occasionally... and more when I'm hungry.

    1. SinfulBeauty


      You better feed it before it breaks from it's cage! lol

    2. Chaosian


      Unless that beast craves human flesh. In that case, a broken cage might attract the cops faster.

    3. richter_h


      And yet I need to tame it without any food. Now, whenever I roar, it sounds like the inner beast's.

  23. "Some people said history repeats itself. It would be exactly true, if the time weren't always moving forward. It once had a beginning, and it will have an end, stretching the circle of history into a spiral. Every turn, action or event is repetition of what had happened before, yet it isn't exactly the same." That was what I've learned from Hammerfight game. Good game, enriched with robust way of storytelling and physic madness!

  24. And this weekend... I'd like to spread the love with my own way :3

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