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    I like to write music and procrastinate 90% of my RM gam mak time away by redoing things over and over again in an infinite loop of despair and false happiness.
  1. Gorlami

    The Mnemosyne Derivative

    Lots of swearing and drug and sex references ahoy. You've been warned. I wrote the first two chapters for this after coming back to it after a year or so. It feels really, really good. It's looking like it's gonna end up as a multiple narrators with a very disjointed and confusing timeline. The setting was initially a really, really big deal for me until I realised recently that really, the setting is in these character's heads and it's very interesting to approach writing these characters with that in mind. So here are the first two opening chapters for two characters, Thomas & Art. 01: Thomas 01: Art
  2. @Harmp - throw in some more flowers and things and it'll really add to it. Here's a rest stop~
  3. @Lihinel - use the scatter brush mang. Get that snow tile you're using as a pattern, and scatter it around the path. It looks a bit like it's floating in mid air right now. Big ol' picture from me. This is a little campsite underneath a ruined overpass.
  4. @EvilPumpkin - I'd put more details on the ground. It looks a little bare right now. Trippy dream sequence map ahoy~
  5. @marie - I'd shift the target thing a little more to the right. It looks a bit off centre to me. I have not been playing Limbo, I promise.
  6. Gorlami

    Random Loot

    Apologies for the necro. Is there any chance of making this script compatible with Yanfly's event window? Rather than the message box appearing, can this script simply forgo that feature and revert to the default popup Yanfly's script uses to display a new item being received? As it currently stands nothing shows up on the popup when receiving a new item, regardless of the script's position in reference to the Yanfly one.
  7. I got a new PSN account for my US PS3, it's mckziggywigs, add me and PLAY GAM

  8. Gorlami

    Gamertags, PSN & Friend Codes

    I got a new PS3 in the US and my PSN is now mckziggywigs do it
  9. Gorlami

    The Mnemosyne Derivative

    Ah it's a shame it's not your thing, but thanks for reading! I will admit it's a pretty heavy area to get into, the whole 'this man isn't who he says he is and wants to kill himself and thinks life is worthless' narrator is a pretty tough one to follow sometimes. That and the subject matter isn't particularly cheery, haha. Thanks for the complement though~
  10. Welp, Ozymandias might have been the most upsetting episode of TV I've seen in a while

  11. Someone just tried to argue with me that Walter White is a sympathetic character. C'mon now.

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    2. Ocedic


      Haha, imagine waiting for over a year with that cliffhanger. =P

    3. Tharis


      yeah no joke, I still need to watch this season's episodes but I'm more inclined to wait until I can watch them all in quick sequence. As for Walter White being a Sympathetic character or not, it depends on how you view his situation. As soon as I started watching this show it reminded me of a Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde kind of struggle for the protagonist. I am sympathetic for Dr. Jekyll, but because he allows Mr. Hyde to take over I find whatever nobility he started with diminished to the...

    4. Tharis


      point where I can't like him anymore.

  12. I've been wanting to share this for a little while, but here's the first chapter of my finished dissertation (don't worry, uni's over now) that I'm planning on turning into a longer, more full work. Just wanted some opinions on it. It's a big ol' sci-fi existential stream of consciousness crazy read. That said it has swearing, drug references, sex references, suicidal references and just a genuinely 'ick' factor to it, so heed that in mind if you happen to be 11 (in which case what you doin' here). I'm also, when I have waaaay more free time and Onny's done, considering making this into a project, but that's a glimmer of a longshot right now. I can post more chapters if you happen to like it~ But yeah, let me know what you think, and enjoy! It's fairly lengthy at around 2600ish words, but if you fancy going into the mind of a rather depressing guy/environment, then have fun (I copy pastad from MS Word, so apologies if the formatting's a little wonky)
  13. @Shoya - I like it! Just be sure to add lots of detail, the rooms look a little big and with the size of the map as whole it might feel a little boring. @P3RRIN - I'd add lots of rocks in that lava, some bridges connecting everything too. Neat concept though. Ignore the map/rain for some reason, just testing out my messageback. I quite like it so far.
  14. Gorlami

    The Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games

    The Last of Us is the best game I've ever played. Still think Dark Souls is waaay better than Demon's is (I played DkS first) however.
  15. @ZombieBear - it's actually a partially flooded prison hallway, haha,
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