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  1. ^_^

    Variable-Based Strings

    Basically, I have managed to create a common event-based day and time system. Basically, I used variables like timeDay, timeMonth, etc. etc. so when: if timeDay >= 30, then timeMonth += 1 Something like that... I'm just wondering what will happen if I want to show what month it currently is during a message? Like, obviously, these variables store integers-----but month names like "January" is a string. And if I use normal conditional branches, it would be too long... Are there an plugins out there that when used in a message, it outputs "January" when timeMonth == 1, "February" when timeMonth == 2, etc. etc. I'm thinking of using a switch or using enum? But I don't really know where I'll start or what to do to make something like that works... Thanks~~
  2. ^_^

    Long Scenes

    To start with, I opened this nearly forgotten project of mine and then I noticed that the INTRODUCTION part was really long and me, myself, became bored... Now to my point/s: > What do you guys think about lengthy cutscenes and dialogues? > Any suggestions in spicing up the long cutscenes? Thanks
  3. ^_^

    Party TP

    Ooh! It works! Thanks Shiggy, it works like magic! I think this topic can now be closed... ^____^
  4. Oh Yeah!!! The School Year's nearing its end (that means... more time rpg making...) best of luck to y'all! And I hope for a wonderful summer... *grins*

    1. Crescent


      Too sad that my current class will end in May, I want to gamedev more! D=


      Hope you'll have awesome holidays! ^~^ Have fun!

    2. Rezanta


      Not that simple for me being a senior >.>

  5. The feeling when you forgot your password...

    1. Cadh20000


      Sooooo irritating...

    2. Loriesquare


      Happens to me often, because I usually leave my logins on Remember Me and I forget my password by not entering it enough times XD

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    Jack in!

    Bumpin' Here!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm the newest member here! I'm glad to meet y'all!