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    Now that I think about it you are correct. I will try that later. Thanks for the idea Masked Man. I wish we could convert this script: http://rmrk.net/inde...ic,48152.0.html To bad I have no java knowledge..
  2. Eyehavey0u


    Can someone please attempt to make a script for MV like in Suikoden where the blacksmith needs a certain hammer to upgrade a weapon and can upgrade to a certain level. And when the weapons levels up it changes attack power, weapon level and weapon name. Kinda like what Theo did with his Blacksmith for VX ACE. http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,48152.0.html
  3. I get this error message: Help me please...
  4. The problem is that the skill stays as used and it doesn't go back to being able to use once it reached the usage limit...
  5. Eyehavey0u

    Crystal Engine – Equipment Weight

    Omg just what I requested for a few month ago! Awesome Noel. Im going to try this out and let you know what I think
  6. Eyehavey0u

    Stat & Level Limiter

    Your script would had been so much cooler if you would allow the users to add notetags in order to start with an actor or class with an hp, atk, def, etc over 9,999.
  7. Thank you so much EST! That was definitely the solution, and you're right I don't need that set to true in this game I'm making, but its great that you're fixing it. Thank you again for the help, I really appreciate it!
  8. Hey EST, I just tried removing every script except for Yanfly Engine Ace - Class System v1.10, Yanfly Engine Ace - Class Specifics v1.00, and your script. I also tried putting your script at the bottom of every script while they were in the game and while I removed them all. I still get that line 353 error. I will upload a file of my game with all the scripts enacted. When trying the demo make sure to equip Yuu with the saberfish sub-class. Then use the item in the chest to recover the MP/EN, and then go talk to red robot. When you're in the battle use the move in the action commad entitled 25mm Machigun. The enemy has 1 hp so it will be easier to see the problem with a one-hit kill. Thank you so much for helping! P.S Sorry couldn't get the file size lower than 10mb DEMO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vq4w6u3f80zl1s/BD%20game.rar
  9. I keep getting an error everytime I finish a battle. I'm assuming it has something to do with the exp because it crashes right after the battle is over, and i think line 353 has something to do with exp. I even tried removing almost every script and this 353 error keeps appearing after every battle. My purpose for using this script is for two reasons: Keeping the sub-class at level 1, and allowing the sub-class to use skills. EST, please help!
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