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  1. Hiya. I'm new to RGSS and am having some trouble trying to get item info. I'm attempting to make a sort of HUD that displays HP, gold and weapon ammo. Only thing I haven't managed to do is ammo - the rest works great, but the text displayed that should give the number of ammo just stays as 0 all the time. Ideally I'd also like to get the ammo icon without having to specify the icon index, but rather get it based on whatever item is the ammo item. Hope that made sense?
  2. Been wanting to teach myself about scripting for a while, and after spending some time watching a couple of tutorial videos and quite a long time messing around in the editor, I've done something which I personally thought was quite cool. Not really unique or complicated, just something fairly simple that I thought would be cool to try and make. Edited the 'Status' window a bit. Moved a couple of things around and added gauges for TP and EXP (exp progress to next level). Then I realised that TP resets after each battle, so... yeah. Though if you have anything else in place that stops it resetting, this could be useful maybe? #--------------------------------------------------------------------------# ### Downwinds #### -- Created: 13/05/14#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# Status screen window that displays EXP progress to next level as a# gauge. Also allows TP to be displayed as a gauge if it is not reset# after battle.#--------------------------------------------------------------------------class Window_Status < Window_Selectable#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Object Initialization#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def initialize(actor)super(0, 0, Graphics.width, Graphics.height)@actor = actorrefreshactivateend#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Set Actor#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def actor=(actor)return if @actor == actor@actor = actorrefreshend#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Refresh#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def refreshcontents.cleardraw_block1 (line_height * 0)draw_horz_line(line_height * 4)draw_block3 (line_height * 5)draw_horz_line(line_height * 11)draw_block4 (line_height * 12)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Block 1#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_block1(y)draw_actor_face(@actor, 8, y)draw_basic_info(300, y)draw_actor_name(@actor, 136, y)draw_actor_level(@actor, 136, y + line_height * 1)draw_actor_class(@actor, 136, y+line_height*2)draw_actor_nickname(@actor, 136, y+line_height*3)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * EXP Gauge#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_actor_exp(actor, x, y, width = 124)@s1 = actor.exp-actor.exp_for_level(actor.level)@s2 = actor.exp_for_level(actor.level+1)-actor.exp_for_level(actor.level)def exp_rate@s2 > 0 ? @s1.to_f / @s2 : 0enddraw_gauge(x, y, width, exp_rate, mp_gauge_color1, mp_gauge_color2)change_color(system_color)draw_text(x, y, 30, line_height, "EXP")draw_current_and_max_values(x, y, width, @s1, @s2, mp_color(actor), normal_color)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Block 3#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_block3(y)draw_parameters(32, y)draw_equipments(288, y)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Block 4#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_block4(y)draw_description(4, y)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Horizontal Line#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_horz_line(y)line_y = y + line_height / 2 - 1contents.fill_rect(0, line_y, contents_width, 2, line_color)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Get Color of Horizontal Line#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def line_colorcolor = normal_colorcolor.alpha = 48colorend#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Basic Information#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_basic_info(x, y)draw_actor_hp(@actor, x, y + line_height * 0)draw_actor_mp(@actor, x, y + line_height * 1)draw_actor_tp(@actor, x, y + line_height * 2)draw_actor_exp(@actor, x, y + line_height * 3)end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Parameters#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_parameters(x, y)6.times {|i| draw_actor_param(@actor, x, y + line_height * i, i + 2) }end#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Equipment#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_equipments(x, y)@actor.equips.each_with_index do |item, i|draw_item_name(item, x, y + line_height * i)endend#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Draw Description#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def draw_description(x, y)change_color(system_color)draw_text(x, y, 50, line_height, "Bio:")draw_text_ex(x, y + line_height * 1, @actor.description)endend
  3. I'm aware. I am definitely going to change them to all be in the same art style eventually - at the moment, the only one I've drawn myself is Kian, and the others were made with a sort of character generator thing and I'm just using those images as placeholders until I do eventually draw them myself. And eh.. something I'm working on:
  4. I love dungeon puzzles. They really bring a place to life and give character to an otherwise empty shell. One puzzle element which is fairly simple to implement and can be used in loads of ways a switch (ie. a big red button. I'm not talking about switches and variables just yet). But what if you fancy being cruel and throwing in a few traps and tricks? Easily done, and I'll show you how. This is an area of a dungeon in my game. You can see I have three 'switch' events (the graphic of the little lever with the red handle) in the middle of the room. One of them unlocks the door between the two pillars, one does nothing, and the one on the right is a trap that will trigger spikes to come up from the floor under the player's feet. Depending on how confident you are with events, you can create a whole range of traps and effects from very simple to rather complex. So let's start from the very beginning and look at a basic switch event. I've asked the player if they want to pull the switch, and if they say 'yes', the 'move route' is just the handle on the switch being moved. You'll then want to turn on an actual conditional switch. It's also important to have 'direction fix on' for this. If you look at the sprite, rather than it changing directions like a normal sprite would, it instead shows different positions of the lever, which is what the move route in this event actually moves. So, do this, then create a blank event page with the condition of this switch being 'on'. Congrats - this is a basic switch. But it doesn't do anything yet... Let's say we want to have a door that only opens if the correct switch is pulled. On my door event in this cave, I have this... It checks if the left switch has been activated, and if so, automatically opens the door. After the door is opened, I used a self switch, which just leads to an event page where the door is open that acts just like a regular transfer event. So far so good, right? How about we mix it up a bit and try to trick the player. Let's make one of our switches activate a trap when it's pulled. This is similar to the door event, though it is located next to the switch, so that the player is standing on it. It autoruns when the appropriate switch is activated, runs through a sequence of events and then uses a self switch at the end. In this case, it's hard to see the graphic but it's of spikes coming from the floor. The move route makes the spikes appear, and I have the player lose some HP and show an animation. So these are some basic things you can do. But there's no limit, really. You can make all sorts of traps and events happen by having your character pull a switch. You could try making a trap that makes a monster appear and attack the player. You might want to have a switch that makes a cool item or a chest appear in the room, for example. However, if you do want to use traps, it's probably best to give the player some sort of warning or hint - because it's frustrating to be attacked without any warning.
  5. downwinds

    How to build a jeweled cave

    No need to credit me - I just took a harp sprite from the icon set. My spriting skills are rather limited and I doubt I could make a character playing the harp.
  6. downwinds

    RPG Maker newbie hopes to learn the ropes

    Cool. Makes me feel old now that I can remember getting Ruby as soon as it came out and being amazed at the graphics.
  7. downwinds

    Mapping Styles

    Nah I agree too. I do sometimes attempt arty stuff and spriting, but there's no way I can make anything as complex as a landscape from scratch and make it look as good as it could be if I used tiles. I dunno if anyone but me agrees with this point either - since the movement is restricted to a square grid, it just seems logical to me that the environment should be made using a square grid - then it's easy to see where you can and can't move.
  8. downwinds

    How to build a jeweled cave

    I went ahead and did this: (I guess this is the sorta look you were trying to create?) Hope you don't mind - just sometimes I can't explain as well using words. I also realised that the tiles you were trying to use as a floor were meant to be wall tiles. Yeah I can see how it can be confusing if you're not used to it. And uh... I thought perhaps this might be helpful? :
  9. downwinds

    RPG Maker newbie hopes to learn the ropes

    I never watched much of the show after the Johto part. I only really liked it when I was a kid. But I still do and always have loved the games a lot. (also R/S remakes are happening!! XD)
  10. downwinds

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Looking better already! Still though, I think you should put 'roof' tiles over the interior walls too. At the moment, it kinda looks as if the top part of the 'house' is sitting on a ledge and is higher up than the lower part.
  11. @Nicke - really like that a lot. Can't think of what it reminds me of, but I love dungeon puzzles that really bring the environment to life. @Mr.Detective - I wouldn't have noticed anything 'odd' about the text at all, and I definitely wouldn't add unnecessary text just to make it 'look better'. @SGITC - that looks really cool, especially for just eventing. I hope to put a system similar to that in my game. Here's mine.. unfinished but it's bugging the hell outta me. I can't stop thinking that there looks something 'off' about those cliffs, but I can't pick it out.. :/ I've checked over and over that the heights are consistent.
  12. downwinds

    RPG Maker newbie hopes to learn the ropes

    Heya. Your idea sounds rather unique and interesting, and I'm a big fan of Pokemon myself. It's a game I grew up playing and has probably inspired me a lot.
  13. downwinds

    Mapping Styles

    I did teach myself how to parallax map, but I found it didn't really have much of an impact on my maps, since I can easily clump stuff together and edit tilesets to get the same effect as I got through parallax. I guess parallax is better if you're more of an artist (hint: I am not), and can make really nice looking environments without having to rely on tiles.
  14. downwinds

    What makes a good crafting system?

    Thanks And yeah, I decided I am gonna try and make it open world as much as possible. So open-world, kinda fantasy-ish I guess? One thing I liked about Skyrim was when you'd randomly find alchemy tables in dungeons so you could make potions on the spot. I'll probably include things like that if it seems appropriate to the location.
  15. downwinds

    How to build a jeweled cave

    Link works for me, so I dunno what's up with that.. :/ I know it's an unfinished map, but do you realise you've only used wall tiles and no roof tiles? It doesn't really look 'in perspective', if that makese sense? And that a couple of the rocks you are using, you've only put down the top tile of a two-tile tall rock? :/ *sorry, I feel like I'm being picky here but I'm trying to help and offer advice, since I kinda really like making maps *