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  1. I know which ones you mean but I still need something kind of more simple.
  2. Well there are 2 things that I am looking for: 1) An item menu in which you click and you have only one option and there you have all your inventory: items,key,wep,armor, etc. All in one window. 2) A simple item combining system, either in the same or in another window, but inside the menu, something like you select item 1 from the inventory, choose an option like "combine" then select item 2 and then that makes item 3. And IF possible, to choose whether the items used are destroyed or not. Something simple, I guess with notetags like : item1,item2 and destroy = true/false or sort of. Thanks in advance, Zoecyta.
  3. Strafe movement

    Thank you very much Soulpour ! Just what I needed BTW, is there a way so whenever the player enables the strafe some text or minipop up, says something like "strafe on" or so ?
  4. Strafe movement

    to enable / disable the strafe option.
  5. Strafe movement

    I guess it's not hard to make but sadly I still have no idea on scripting dev: is there any script that would allow the player to strafe? Hopefully with toggle option. Thanks in advance, Zoecyta.
  6. Well the game looks promising so far What I like: BGM 2 Battle systems Characters Some cool stuff like card master. What I dislike: Mapping 8 direction My recommendation is well edit tilesets and make maps not so big with empty spaces. The ABS & Turn battles are good, keep em. BGM aswell, really liked it. The 8 direction system would seem nice only if you had the sprites for it, else remove it. Overall, keep on with the project, you can achieve something nice and interesting with what you are showing, just needs a bit more polishing.
  7. Sup there

    haha nice to hear that and yes, its well translated thanks for the welcome
  8. Sup there

    Yo, just wanted to say hi to everyone as in this past week I've started using RMACE and been using this forum for all kind of supports. At the moment I am working in a Resident Evil project which will combine ABS & survival horror, trying to maintain as possible the original resident evil theme and atmosphere and adding some cool stuff. I am from Argentina so u can talk to me in spanish or english and well, that's all I guess
  9. Character Effects

    no, the intensity is for the "blackness" of the shadow... mmmm is there a way to increase the shadow distance? for example I make one event in the middle of a 30x30 map and the shadow distance is 15 ?
  10. Character Effects

    mmmm what I tried to say is that well, with the script, you make an event in the map and put with scriptcall the coords for differents lightsource to make shadow etc. That's ok, but, what I asked, it's if there's a way so u make like 1 only place in the map that produces a "lightsource" for the whole map, so there's always a shadow beneath the character. It would be like a constant shadow script if you get me. Is it possible with this ?
  11. Region Effects

    Somehow I managed to make it work... It had conflict with the "Lantern" like effect, not the flashlight one (this one had 0 issues). I changed the variable of the default lantern so instead of the lantern variable the flashlight one would be activated, although maintaining the Lantern effect. Gladly worked.
  12. Region Effects

    Really nice script man. I am using Khas awesome light effects aswell, and for example if I use the lantern function, the sound/animation for the tiles such as bush shake etc won't work. any idea?
  13. Working on RE project !

  14. Character Effects

    Really nice script man. A question, is there a way to set it up so the whole map is a lightsource, and only the character has shadow all the time ?
  15. Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    I have an issue with the guns/projectile. I see there's is a "Through = true/false" notetag to make the projectile go through walls etc. I don't want it to go through walls, so I turn it to false, but if I do so, when I shoot directly to an enemy, the bullet wont hit him, instead the bullet stays stucked next to the enemy. Tried by adding THROUGH ON in the enemies' route but of course its crap because that would make the enemy go through walls aswell lol so... 1) How to make the bullet impassable through walls but passable through enemies at the same time (not the pierce) ? 2) Also another question, where in the script or wherever are the lines to add different ammo and change the ammo of the weapon? nevermind got it.