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  1. I want to play a game where you play as the bad guy. Anyone made such a game in RPG Maker? toolazytogoogle

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    2. LadyMinerva


      I haven't found a lot too in VX or Ace. But out of like a million people using the maker, I'm guessing someone is having the same idea.

    3. The Dragon God
    4. Jonath4nC


      im kinda making one atm... will be a long while before a demo comes out... and its prob not ur tastes haha ...but here is the developement anyway - http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/24955-i-can-see-clearly-now-my-brain-has-gone/

  2. Kuronekox

    What do you HATE MOST when play a RPG game?

    When the enemies are too hard to kill, along with bosses. Whenever there's no clear in universe hint at where to go to next.
  3. There should be the ability in my game to use claws as a weapon. :P

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    2. Nekotori


      Is this for the nekos? Then I should update the sketches as soon as possible xD (Been a bit busy xD)

    3. Kuronekox


      Yes. What if I just wanted to make a few dungeons that had bosses and then the final boss though? Should they obtain the claw ability via a dungeon?

    4. Onomotopoeia


      Many ways to give the player a "claw ability". It could be automatically available at start; it could be dependent upon the hero level; it could be trainable from an NPC in your neko village; or it could theoretically even be learned from a consumable item (pop a skill-pill or read a skill book, maybe?).

  4. Kuronekox

    Ohai Everyone

    Hey there, welcome to the forum. I guess I'm the first here to post~ I also am working on a small game, but I'm kind of afraid due to the fact that I'm really iffy at mapping and it may look bad. D;
  5. Kuronekox

    Making a game that has very few cliches

    I knew they weren't bad things. I just hope people won't dislike the game for having some tropes in it or cliches.
  6. Kuronekox

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    I'd like to request a tune as well, please. i'm looking for a world map tune like this game has and something like this I'll credit you, of course and all my games are going to be free. Thanks. I don't need it ASAP, so take your time
  7. Kuronekox

    Music Loops & BGM Collection - Free Commercial Use

    Considering using some of these in my game. It's non-commercial, of course.
  8. Oh. I think they're looking into this still. It could also be a bug with the software itself too. I didn't know your situation and thought it was similar to Titans
  9. Kuronekox

    Project Anime: Colossal Combining of Animes

    Look here for anime sprites, but be sure to read the entire thread before using http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22737-the-anime-sprite-resource-well/ Edit: I've noticed a lot of people do the same thing as Darkanine said too, honestly. I remember seeing that fan game of Chrono Trigger before it got blasted down and it seemed pretty decent.
  10. Kuronekox

    Making a game that has very few cliches

    I'm about...average at the plot. Basically the plot starts out with the MCs 13th birthday. This is the day that most people are considered 'grown up' enough to go outside of the village walls. Well, one of the MCs friends is 14 and she has a year ahead of her. Another character serves as the eldest of the two and is going to be labeled the games help guide but she'd be helping the characters in universe with what to do.. She'd basically say what dungeon you need to go to and what the boss' type is. One of the bosses will be a sand snake / demon, another possibly a fire demon, and the final one being a mixture of the two... I am not sure if I'd want to base it on Japanese folklore since I know nothing about it on a decent level to write on it. The game isn't going to be long. It'd be around..2-4 hours or so. I'd just want a few dungeons, following the big bad of the game.
  11. Japan will try to stop anime and manga piracy, but ultimately (and obviously), their attempts will be completely futile.

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    2. Cait


      o.o That's why they have to make it worth your while to buy legit. They are focused on the right group, though. China.

    3. Faye V.

      Faye V.

      Sales going to decline? Good joke pal. It will never stop, at least not of piracy

    4. Kuronekox


      I'd honestly not really cry if Japan stopped airing anime and producing manga since most of it isn't good IMO anymore.

  12. When I get teased by the red laser pointing on the ground and wall and can never catch it. :(

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      *hides red light pen*

    3. Nekotori


      *Stares at Heartfeltcurse with a smile...

    4. Kayzee


      Sometimes I wonder why people are so amused by teasing poor cute kittys. Shame on you Heartfeltcurse... It is adorable though...

  13. Mhmm it has a preset for it too, right click when you have the events option on and go to quick event creation and you have 2 options, "Transfer..." or "Door..." I'll know you'll figure out the rest there. Yup, the blueprint of your village always go first. and I wish you good luck for that! Who knows? You might post a screenshot or two on the forums showing what you have. Ah, I was always curious if the inside of a home was designed on a brand new map.
  14. Maybe better off sending him/her a separate PM.
  15. Okay, thank you for posting that. If you wanna go to the inside of the house you'd just set an event or something to make it transfer you to [insert map name]? This is to what I am understanding anyway without reading much tutorials. Yes, a village that size looks fine enough to me. I'd have to worry bout decorating the village outside first, designing and mapping the houses, then the inside of said houses.