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  1. It seems the download link for the full game leads to a home improvement site Do you have an alternate download available?
  2. grem333

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Hi! Great script! It's almost perfect for the rucksack in my Harvest Moon-style game. I was wondering if there was a way to disable discarding certain items. There are certain items, like tools, I don't want my character to get rid of by discarding from the item menu. Thanks for your help!
  3. grem333

    creating a weather channel

    That worked! Thanks! Wow, I was over-thinking it! The thread can be closed now.
  4. Hey all, I am having some trouble with weather... I'm making a harvest moon style game in which your player can watch TV every day to figure out what the weather will be the next day. Right now, I only have knowledge of the current day's weather, which is fine, but I also want to know the next day's weather. Currently, I have a "weather variable", which chooses a random number between 1 and 10 every night when the player goes to bed. If the number is between 1 and 6, the weather is normal. If the number is between 7 and 10, the weather is rain. This system is great for keeping track of the current day's weather, but I want the player to know tomorrow's weather. Is there some way to set the "next day's" weather when the player sleeps so I can make a weather channel? I have a hunch it will involve variables. I forgot to add, I have a parallel process event that runs on the outdoor maps so it knows what weather effect to implement, so I need a variable that keeps track of the current weather. So maybe when the player goes to bed, the "weather tomorrow" variable transfers to the "weather today" variable (which is implemented when the player wakes) and a new "tomorrow variable" gets chosen. Gosh, that was hard to explain! I'm going to try to fiddle with it some more in the meantime, but hopefully one of you guys has an idea of what I should do! Thanks!
  5. grem333

    Hello from Grem!

    I recently got into Rune Factory through RF4. It's the combination of my favorite genres and I love it! I'm also a big Pokemon fan- I grew up with those games! And I guess I should say I'm not a scriptor, but I try to make use of scripts that others have written! As long as they are understandable and easy to figure out. Thanks for the welcomes!
  6. grem333

    Hello from Grem!

    Hello all! I've been lurking here for a while now and I finally decided to make an account! I hope to eventually get feedback for a couple noncommercial games I'm making. I'm a graduate student, so I have very little time to develop my games, but I try to work on them at least a little bit everyday. I enjoy making harvest moon-type games (I'm trying to get a good functional farming system through events only because I have no scripting knowledge) and open-world type games where the player can choose to play in a variety of ways. Thanks for reading, and hello again! Grem333
  7. Great idea, using nightmares as inspiration for your game! I still remember the scariest nightmare I've ever had (from when I was around 10 years old). In the dream, I drove up to this huge mansion. I spent the majority of the dream wandering around. I met this young guy in one of the rooms and we went over to sit on one of those old-fashioned couches to talk. Behind the couch was a suit of armor holding an axe. Suddenly, the suit of armor started moving and chopped off the man's head as I was sitting right next to him. I started screaming, and my screams echoed to the second story of the mansion where I had not yet been. My "dream vision" swooped into a room where this creepy-looking woman that looked like DeeDee from Rugrats, except with green hair and light purple skin, jolted awake and started gliding down the spiral staircase and I just knew that she was evil and something bad was going to happen. And then I woke up. I had that dream maybe 3 times when I was younger. Scared me silly every single time.
  8. grem333

    Monster Encounters

    Here is a link to the monster encounter system I'm using: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/8763-on-map-enemy-encounter-systemfinished/ And, my bad, it says to credit Hanzo Kimura for the system. I just realized that now. I do like the idea of making the level of the monsters correpsond to your party (at least to an extent, because a level 90 slime would be weird IMO). But this might be the best option because I'm attempting to make an open-world game. And I will change the graphics from a generic blob to something a bit better haha
  9. grem333

    Monster Encounters

    Hello everyone! I'm going to use my first post to ask for some advice. For my game, I have a monster encounter system (set up using Adon237's version of Hanzo Kimura's On-Map Monster Encounter tutorial) because I personally do not like random encounters. Anyways, the number of monster character sets I have found is pretty limited, so I just wanted some advice from you guys. Currently, I have it set up so I use the same graphic for all monsters, so all monsters on the map look like a boring blob. I don't really like this, though, because you can't differentiate between low- and high-difficulty enemies unless you start the battle. I was also thinking about possibly recoloring the "blob monster" graphic, and setting specific colors to certain difficulties (like green = lower leveled monsters and blue = slightly more difficult monsters, etc). What are your opinions? Keep in mind that I have no artistic abilities whatsoever